Wizard 224

Chapter 224 Shinji and the female dwarf, the night of their encounter

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 It’s been a week since Shinji and Emily started helping Alvin with his training.

 Alvin has been struggling to establish his own fighting style against the magic swordsman and struggling with the coordination between Shinji and Emily.

 Even so, Shinji felt that he had improved a lot compared to the beginning, and Alvin felt that he had a good feeling about it.

 (However, we can’t keep practicing against the dragonmen forever, can we? The only dragon with horns is Himeno-san, and most of them are humans)

 It is quite rare for a human to work as a magic swordsman.

 Although, there is a human being with an abundance of magical power and output and learn magic while training their body as a swordsman. But, even if they make that much effort, the Dragonmen with horns have higher original physical ability and more magic power.

 It was obvious that they were no match with the dragonmen.

 If that is the case, it is better to hone one skill and specialize in it.

 If they cannot do something themselves, they should rely on their friends, unite as a party, and fight not as individuals but as a group. That is the way humans fight.

 This time, because of the one-on-one nature of the tournament, Alvin had to work extra hard, which was a pain in Shinji’s ass.

 (Once he learns how to handle it, should he go back to pure sword practice with Emily?…… Or should he take the time to learn how to deal with Himeno-san, who comes up to the top in almost every case?……)

 The knights who will make up the bulk of the tournament aren’t expecting the Dragonmen with the Horn to be there, and the countermeasures may not be enough.

 (If Himeno-san was wandering around town, word of mouth would spread, but if it was right before the tournament, they wouldn’t have time to practice countermeasures. ……)

 While Shinji was alone and thinking, he went into his favorite tavern.

 There are times when Shinji just wants to have a drink by himself.

 This tavern is one of his favorite spots, and he doesn’t even tell anyone at the party about it.

 Shinji sat down at the empty counter.


 The master of the tavern, a white-haired old gentleman, welcomes Shinji, and placing a small plate of roasted nuts on the counter.

 ”I’ll have an ale for now”

 ”Very well……”

 The ale arrived just as Shinji had ordered.

 ”Thank you for waiting…….”

 ”Thank you. Master, there’s an unusual person here today”

 As the restaurant is usually quiet, Shinji sips from his seat in the corner. Shinji can hear the sound of sobbing coming from a seat in the corner of the restaurant, and when he whispered to the master, he nodded curiously.

 ”She seems to have been reminded of something sad”

 ”Is that why there are no other customers……?”

 The calm atmosphere of the restaurant has become bitterly unpleasant. It’s not a very relaxing atmosphere to enjoy a drink. But the master kept his normal smile.

 ”Because she’s the first one here today”

 ”I see……”

 Shinji looked at the owner of the sobbing voice, wondering if he should just have one drink and leave.

 The person sitting at the table was a dwarf woman.

 She has a petite but toned body with a flawless figure, healthy light brown skin, and the kind of gray hair that female dwarves are most particular about, well-groomed and beautiful, with her long hair braided behind her head.

 He could tell at a glance that the female dwarf, dressed in an off-the-shoulder navel-length shirt and pumpkin pants, was quite drunk, and from the large number of empty bottles on the desk, he could tell that the bottles were enough for several people to drunk but she was drink it alone.

 On her right ring finger, where she was holding the glass, there was a ring indicating that she was married, which also indicated that she was a married woman.

 Shinji who sees her, changed his mind, said a few words to the master, grabbed a mug of ale, left his seat and approached the female dwarf’s seat.

 ”Onee-san, you’re drinking a lot”

 ”Ugh……. What?…… What dae you waant……?”

 The woman dwarf’s eyes were wet with tears, but even in her drunken state there was a strong light of reason in them. Still, grief and drunkenness have lowered her resistance to magic.

 ”I came here to drink alone, but it bothered me that Onee-san was crying all the time. Do you want me to listen to you complain? There are some things you want to say to someone, right?”

 ”……Well. Ye, tak’ a seat”

 The female dwarf had been drinking alone and wanted to vent her pent-up frustrations somewhere. She didn’t realize that Shinji’s good-natured smile and hypnotic magic had induced her to think that it was okay to complain to him, so she suggested that he take the seat opposite her.

 ”Thank you. So, what’s going on?”

 Shinji sits down and holds out a mug of ale. The female dwarf lightly bumped her glass and began to complain.

* * *

 ”Efter all, it juist about breests! If he lik’ big breasts so much, he shouldn’t have married me in th’ first place!!”

 The female dwarf howled as she slapped the desk with her palm.

 Once she started complaining to Shinji, she couldn’t stop and her tone changed from sadness to anger.

 ”I see. So that’s why Durin-san came alone”

 ”Yes! ’twas juist a spur o’ th’ moment thing, that’s all”

 The female dwarf’s name was Durin. She told him that she was the clerk at a blacksmithing workshop in the town of Oeste, and that her husband was the owner.

 If it was a normal year, the couple would come to Medio a few days before the tournament, but this year, Durin had come to the city alone.

 The reason for this was that her husband had been caught cheating by her, and she was enraged when she found out that he had been having physical relations with a girl with large breasts.

 So, Durin got on a carriage to deliver weapons to the city and ran away from home, leaving behind a letter, she said.

 ”There’s na wey I can dress up in a workshop! Still, how come he huvin an affair wit’ that young woman with big breests? If I hud th’ time, A’d dress up more!”

 ”Ah…… Durin-san’s devotion is a pattern that you are starting to deserve”

 Durin was angry with her husband for cheating on her, even though she had kept her appearance to a minimum and worked hard to help him with his work.

 ”That’s why I ran away from hame. I mist tell him, how come he shuid grateful to me. Because I hud done all th’ work from th’ hoosework to th’ accounting. Furthermore, A’m going to stretch mah wings in th’ city”

 However, it doesn’t mean that she is completely neglected. She had contacted her parents, who lived in Oeste, and asked them to help her out depending on her husband’s attitude.

 ”What exactly do you mean by “stretch your wings”?”

 ”Well, A’ve bin trying to…… dress up ‘n’ stuff”

 Durin’s temper was growing as she continued to complain.

 Only a little, so little that it could be described as demonic. The feeling of being in the back of your mind is growing, and without realizing it is because of the hypnotic magic of the man sitting in front of her, she says it out loud.

 ”But he cheated oan mah back……”

 If she was really a sensible person, she would have rebuked him. However, the man sitting in front of Durin is a contractor of Succubus.

 ”Would you like to try an affair?”


 Durin’s eyes blinked.

 ”It’s some kind of fate that we met like this. Memories of a single night, a way to revenge your husband……. Would you like to try it?”

 Durin knew that this was a bad idea.

 However, in addition to the grievances she had vented, the desire to return blame to her husband, the naive notion that it could only be done once, and the sense of fate she felt at the meeting and the invitation as if it were a story…… Shinji’s hypnotic magic guided her thoughts.

 Durin had no option of refusing the invitation.

 ”……Yeah, let’s do it……”

 Shinji chuckled inwardly at Durin’s muttering.


 Dwarf-chan and Durin-chan

 Tried to use a Kansai dialect accent with the first person being “Uchi”.

 Dwarf men value their beards and women value their hair.

 They have small but toned bodies, and are very skilled with their hands, especially in smithing.

 Durin-chan has been judged as a married woman by her ring.

 She became Shinji’s target!

 She had fallen to a wicked man.

 Note: I tried to use a little Scottish accent to translate Kansai Dialect, if it’s good I will use it on the future chapter….

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