Wizard 225

Chapter 225 Durin’s Cheating Sex

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 Shinji and Durin leave from the tavern at different times and meet up outside the tavern.

 As they walked down the street, Shinji pulled her hand and she sobered up a bit. She asked herself if she really wanted to have an affair, but she finally walked into a room at the inn without shaking Shinji’s hand.

 ”Na, na~……Are you sure ye waant to do this ……?”

 ”It’s a little late for that, isn’t it? Are you getting scared?”

 Shinji laughed at Durin’s hesitation on the side of the bed. Durin was annoyed by the slight provocation and shook her head.

 ”No. But it was an ill idea ……”

 ”It was your husband who cheated on you first, wasn’t it? The husband is the one who cheated on his wife, who has beautiful hair like Durin’s. He is the one who is at fault”

 Shinji continued as if to say to himself.

 ”Your husband has been having fun with his cheating partner many times. Are you going to let him get away with this? If Durin has an affair in secret, it will be mutual. Doesn’t that also lower your pent-up frustration?”

 She couldn’t take her eyes off the man who was so accurately expressing the emotions that Durin had been suppressing. His sweet whispers were alluring.

 ”I too will take what happened tonight to my grave. If Durin-san and I don’t tell anyone, they won’t find out…… And…”


 Durin lowered her gaze along with Shinji lowered his gaze as well. Durin sees Shinji’s p*nis which was so big that she could see it on his pants.

 ”I can’t take it anymore, Durin-san is so attractive”

 His words touched Durin’s heart, as she had been cheated on and her dignity as a woman had been violated. The fact that the man in front of her was lusting after her gave her one last push, and she chose to fall into bed with him.

 ”……Then, come here…….”

 Shinji covers Durin as he invites her on the bed.

 ”Don’t kiss ma lips, okay?”

 ”I understand…….”

 ”Ahhhh ♡ That doesn’t mean ye can kiss mah ear…….”

 Shinji’s lips touched Durin’s ear and he kissed his way down to her neck. His hands climbed up, touching the skin from her exposed belly, and slipped under her shirt.

 He rubbed the slight bulge with the palms of his hands and cast an estrus spell to increase Durin’s sensitivity.

 ”Mah breest are so small, it’s no fun……”

 ”Not at all. Because, look……”

 ”Hyaaan ♡”

 A cute voice escaped from Durin’s mouth when her nipples were lightly flicked with his fingertips.

 ”Aren’t you sensitive?”

 ”S, stupid…. ♡ I just surprised…… ♡ Nn, ah ♡”

 He praised her small, complex breasts as he carefully caressed them. When she thought about it, her husband had never touched her breasts for such a long time.

 The way Shinji sucked on the nipple that overflowed from the shirt which had been pulled down told Durin that he was not only complimenting her, but rather he was really complimenting her breasts.

 ”Ah ♡ Ah…… ♡ Pleasee sook mah breast harder♡”

 Shinji took turns sucking on her nipples, sometimes biting and pinching them, just as Durin wanted. Durin was so turned on by the intensive caressing of her breasts that she was lost in the pleasure Shinji was giving her.

 Also, as Durin’s body twisted, her legs absently stroked Shinji’s groin area and touched his hardening p*nis.

 ”Na, na~…… ♡ Next, it’s mah turn……?”


 Shinji took his mouth away from the breast when he saw what Durin wanted as she stroked his p*nis with her leg. And then, Shinji got down on his knees and pulled down his pants and underwear, revealing his stiffly erect p*nis.

 His size took Durin’s breath away, but at the same time, she found it fascinating. Her body, rutted by the caresses of her breasts, longs for a man.

 ”It’s bigger than mah husband…… ♡ Chu~ ♡ I’ll make yer feel gud ♡” (*Note: my husband -> Danna)

 ”Oh…… You’re so good…….”

 Durin welcomes Shinji’s p*nis into her mouth without hesitation and begins to suck on it, making a sizzling sound.

 It’s the kind of loving blowjob that should only be given to a loving husband. But, Durin does it to the first man she meets today.

 It was her way of thanking him for caressing her complex breasts and giving him the best she could.

 ”Juru ♡ Chu ♡ Nmu ♡ Jupu ♡ Nn…… Hah…… ♡ It’s too big, Am’ tired…… ♡”

 ”That felt good, thank you”

 After Durin, who was sucking on it with an upward glance, removed her mouth from the p*nis and smiled bitterly. Shinji pushed Durin down on the bed as he continued to work on her.

 In front of Durin’s eyes, Shinji puts on the contraceptive.

 Durin’s hesitation is erased by the foreplay. As Durin spreads her legs to give Shinji access to her aroused body, Shinji’s p*nis is placed in her secret area.

 The entrance to her vagina, which had been heated by blowjobs and estrus magic, was so loosened up that she thought it had just been caressed.

 ”Ye can insert it ♡ Nn, it’s comin’……♡”

 Shinji’s p*nis advanced into Durin’s vagina. It’s penetrated without difficulty until about halfway through, when it suddenly became too narrow for Shinji. Even so, he pushed his p*nis deep into her vagina and inserted it all the way.

 ”Th’ tightness is amazing……, but it’s strangely comfy……♡”

 ”I’m glad you like it…….”

 Shinji smiled at Durin’s debauched expression. He feels more excited and aroused by the fact that Durin’s vagina is tightening up to learn Shinji’s shape instead of her husband’s.

 ”Fah ♡ Ann ♡ Na wey ♡ What is this…. ♡ This is amazing ♡ Mah voice is sae loud…… ♡”

 Shinji started to move his hips slowly.

 The movement of his hips gradually became faster and faster, and he repeatedly made pistoning motions as if he was thrusting deep into her vagina. It didn’t take long before Durin’s mouth was moaning and she was at the mercy of the pleasure.

 ”Does it feel good?”

 ”Un ♡ Nn ♡ I didnae know ♡ It felt so good to be poked ‘n’ prodded ♡”

 Shinji’s gaze met Durin’s as she placed her hand on Shinji’s shoulder.

 ”You don’t need to hold back then”

 ”Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Stupid ♡ You’re tae violent ♡ Ah ♡ Cumming ♡ A’m cumming ♡”

 Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡

 Shinji put his hands on the bed and increased his pace. His skillful use of his hips made Durin realize that Shinji had been taking it easy on her until now.

 Unable to escape from his adventurer’s trained body, Durin gripped Shinji’s shoulders firmly and turned her face up.

 It was a great feeling to ejaculate while gazing at the face of another woman who had been debauched by pleasure.

 Almost at the same time as Durin’s climax, Shinji also ejaculated.

 He pulled out his p*nis, which had spewed out a large amount of semen, and removed his contraceptive. In front of Durin’s limp body, he threw the contraceptive device full of semen.

 When the contraceptive fell on the side of Durin’s face, the thick male odor indicated that Shinji had released a large amount of semen, and Durin felt the pleasure of being a female and regained her confidence as a woman.

 She knew that she was not a pathetic woman who was being cheated on, but a woman who could charm a man and milk him of his semen.

 After a few minutes, Durin turned his attention back to Shinji, who was in the process of attaching the next contraceptive to his unwilted p*nis.

 ”Let’s still have some fun, shall we?”

 ”Ye’ve already cum wance, but ye can still dae it……?”

 It was unbelievable to Durin, whose experience with men was with his own husband, who had ejaculated once and that was it. Durin who had just climaxed and had no strength could not resist Shinji that was coming down on her again.

 ”Auu ♡ Wait ♡ I don’t know ♡ That it wull feel this gooood ♡”

 Durin was held by Shinji until the end of her strength.


 It was an affair with Durin-chan.

 She is a married woman, so she has a fair amount of s*xual experience (but only with her husband).

 Shinji is the second man.

 Durin-chan is happy to be adored for her complex breast.

 Her vagina was also overwritten by Shinji-kun.

 It seems that Shinji’s s*xual tendencies have been touched and he has become overwhelmed.

 Emily -= Durin, the size of the breast

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