Wizard 226

Chapter 226 Shinji Reveals His Secret to Renka

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 After cleaning up Durin’s body who had fallen asleep from exhaustion, Shinji left a note and left the inn alone.

 Shinji also kept his promise to stay only one night and headed home.

 Still, it was up to Durin to decide whether this would really be a one-night dream or not.

 However, Shinji knew that it would not be a one-night dream. Because from the look on her face when she had s*x with him, Durin had the look of a woman filled with pleasure.

 (I guess I’ll just have to wait and see for now)

 The s*xual intercourse with Durin was very good, but there was no need to stick with Durin. Because the important thing for Shinji was be able to get the Dwarf’s magic from her, but if Durin couldn’t get rid Shinji out of her mind, then Durin would have to respond to him.

 ”Don’t be hasty…… Prepare carefully. Originally I had planned to take more time”

 Shinji has been able to capture magic from various women faster than he expected.

 (Maybe I should tell her about it soon)

 They had reached Upper-upper ranks and were only one dungeon away from Hateyama.

 Alvin is going to a fighting tournament, so the party is not busy at the moment. But once the tournament is over, it’s obvious that they’ll all be busy.

 Shinji had been thinking about his past, about the apostles, about the Miko becoming his third wife. Shinji thought that now was the only time he could talk calmly.

 Finally, Shinji decides to tell Renka his secret.

* * *

 The next day, Alvin had a day off from training.

 Alvin and Milis went out together, and Shinji asked Renka to go on a date with him, so they went out in the morning.

 After looking around at various places, having lunch, and returning to buy the things they had picked up in the morning, they went to Shinji’s house.

 The two of them had a cup of coffee together, talking about the fun date they had.

 It was a very peaceful and relaxing time.

 But in the midst of this atmosphere, Shinji finally decided to get down to business.


 ”What’s wrong? Why do you look like that?”

 He looked more serious than ever, which made Renka feel uneasy.

 ”Didn’t we talk about getting married after Alvin achieved his goal at Hateyama?”


 ”I wanted Renka to know about my past, about the things I never told. Will you listen to me?”

 After confirming that Renka nodded, Shinji resumed the conversation. However, he’s not going to tell her all his secrets. His hobby of cuckolding and erotic magic will remain a secret.

 Still, what Shinji had to say was more than enough to surprise, confuse, and disorient Renka.

 Shinji was born from the Valencia family.

 He had been sent to another world as part of a magic experiment and had been raised by a couple of succubus who had found him there.

 Freri and he have known each other since his arrival in another world.

 His goal is to reunite with the succubus couple who brought Shinji back to his world after raising him.

 In order to do so, he was working behind the scenes as an apostle of the Goddess.

 It is necessary to win the favor of the Goddess and the Miko, and finally he’ll marry the Miko.

 ”Finally, I was given permission to make Renka my first wife. Miko-sama was retired and could married as a commoner……”

 ”Wait a minute, there’s too much…… information”

 Renka was overwhelmed with information coming out one after the other. Any one of them would be an amazing event, but with so many of them, it was no wonder she was overwhelmed.

 ”I understand……Shinji wouldn’t tell a meaningless lie. But still, I was really surprised……. In particular, when it comes to Goddess-sama’s apostle…….”

 ”I was surprised, too. When I shook off some annoying fire, I got some unexpected results”

 Of course, <Fire-Breathing Dragon> was also an event that could not be overlooked in the process of becoming an apostle, and he told Renka about it.

 ”I feel really bad about keeping it a secret. But I didn’t want to stand out more than Alvin by going public”

 ”I can understand that. Even though it was Al’s party, it was going to be perceived as Shinji’s party. Because Al’s dream is to climb Hateyama with his own party”

 Renka was also aware of the existence of the apostles.

 Shinji remained silent so as not to interfere with Renka’s thought process.

 An uncomfortable silence prevailed in the room.

 It was as if the pleasant atmosphere early had been a lie.

 ”I wish you would have told me earlier”

 Renka, who had somehow turned her head, continued to speak.

 ”I’m not worthy to be Apostle-sama’s wife. I’m sure Miko-sama would love to become a first wife, and it would be strange if she didn’t. I wish you had told me earlier so that I wouldn’t have…… fallen so much in love with Shinji……”

 Renka was able to understand that she was just a commoner woman, and that she was out of proportion to the goddess’s apostle.

 Renka also realized that revealing his status as an apostle after Hateyama and taking the Miko as a first wife would give the most status and honor to her beloved man.

 If that was the case, she might have given up her position as a first wife and become a second wife. However, Renka loved Shinji too much to compromise by giving up her position of first wife and becoming his second wife.

 ”Do you hate me now……?”

 ”No, of course not!”

 Renka looked up from her prone position. Finally, Shinji was able to make eye contact with Renka.

 ”I have no intention of announcing myself as an apostle, and I’m not interested in the status or honor that comes with it”

 Shinji chuckled, “The temples are too stuffy”

 ”I want to live as an adventurer. I’m sorry about what happened to Miko-sama, and I can’t stop working as an Apostle, but Renka was my number one priority, because of that, I insisted on quitting if you weren’t my first wife”

 Shinji smiled as he remembered how pathetic he had been, and thanks to the way he talked to her, Renka’s messed up emotions calmed down.

 ”I was hoping to see some of that”

 ”I don’t want Renka to see this because it’s pathetic. ……Well, it’s too late now”

 On his days off, when he and Renka were alone and unobserved, Shinji was surprisingly sloppy, and Renka knew that she needed to take care of him.

 They both let out a small laugh.

 ”The only reason I told you all this today is because I wanted you to know about me. I don’t care what people say, I’m not going to let Renka go now”

 ”Oh, you’re so selfish. ……Are you sure you want me to be first?”

 Shinji rarely shows his obsession with Renka. That’s what makes Renka so happy. This is because she feels that she is loved and wanted.

 ”You know it that Miko-sama is more beautiful and has bigger breasts……”

 ”But for me, Renka is the best. ……And I love you, Renka”

 ”I love you too ……Shinji”

 A tear rolled down Renka’s cheek. Renka wiped away her tears of joy and smiled.

 ”I know I’ll be giving you a lot of trouble, but will you please not abandon me?”

 ”Fufu, I don’t blame you, I really can’t take my eyes off from Shinji. ……In return, you’ll always love me first, right?

 ”Of course”

 Shinji smiled back at Renka.


 The tournament was just two weeks away.

 Before he gets too busy, Shinji decides to tell Renka his secret.

 If he doesn’t tell her about the Goddess and the other apostles, he won’t be able to explain why the Miko is coming to marry him.

 Renka-chan is the type of person who is devoted to others, so she has the devotion to step aside for the sake of those she loves. Well, Shinji won’t let her go.

 He still loves cuckoldry, though, but Renka is very important to him.

 He is a perfect example of a cuckold man who becomes even more excited about cuckolding because he has learned to love someone.

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