Wizard 228

Chapter 228 Alvin, an Uncomfortable Holiday

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 While Shinji and Renka were out on their date, Alvin and Milis were also enjoying their date.

 They went out in the morning and had lunch in the same way, but after lunch, they went out to play in the city again without going into the inn.

 They were walking around the city doing a little shopping until they stopped at a coffee shop to quench their thirst. It was exactly before three o’clock, a good time to take a break.

 ”Mil, you never change the store you go to. Don’t you like to buy better clothes?”

 Milis has been buying new clothes at her favorite store since they were an Intermediate Adventurer. But considering the rewards she was getting as an Upper adventurer, she could have bought better clothes and underwear, still she kept using the same quality.

 ”Un~, the current clothes are sufficient…… and I’d rather save my money now than waste it. Because we’ll need to buy a house and other things”

 ”I see, you’re right”

 Alvin was both relieved and happy to hear Milis’s words about the future. He knew that he was not the only one who was looking forward to getting married, but that Milis was too, and that she was saving up for it.

 ”Al-kun, you didn’t buy anything strange, right? Because when we went to Oeste, you mentioned something about a souvenir gift……”

 ”I didn’t buy anything! Didn’t Mil also see it?”

 ”It’s possible that you went to buy it another day”

 While laughing and joking with Milis, both Alvin and Milis enjoy the casual conversation between the two of them.

 The two of them are sitting outside in a coffee shop, and as a beautiful couple, they are very eye-catching. It’s even more so when they’re talking and smiling happily.

 Since they were wearing adventurer’s cards, which indicate that they are upper-ranking adventurers, no one would dare to talk to them even from a distance.

 If anything, it was Alvin’s fault for choosing a seat that would be visible from the carriages, as the coffee shop faced the main street where the carriages passed.

 And then, there was a carriage that was supposed to pass in front of the coffee shop, but it slowly stopped.

 After that, the horses walked slowly to the carriage’s berth. Alvin and Milis, who were engrossed in the conversation, somehow sensed that the carriage had stopped, but they didn’t check, thinking that it had nothing to do with them.

 Therefore, they didn’t realize that it was the Beltz family carriage until Christina got out of the carriage and approached them with a parasol.

 ”It’s been a while, Alvin-san and Milis-san ♪”

 When they heard Christina’s voice, Alvin and Milis hurriedly stood up and bowed their heads.

 ”It’s been a while. Christina-san”

 ”Long time no see”

 Since it was on public, Alvin and Milis showed their respect to Christina. There was no way they could say “Chris”.

 And because Christina, who was smiling elegantly and holding a parasol like a noble, was standing, Alvin and Milis couldn’t sit down, so they had to continue talking while standing.

 ”I’m sorry to interrupt your date. Can we have a moment?”

 Of course, there was no way they could say no here.

 ”What can I do for you?”

 ”I went to the Adventurer’s Guild to offer a job, but they said all of you were on vacation and couldn’t take it for another two weeks. And by chance, I saw you through the window……. May I ask why?”

 <Running Wolves> had explained the reason to the Adventurer’s Guild and obtained permission to take a leave of absence in order to concentrate on the fighting tournament. This is why even the Beltz family could not asked them a request for nomination.

 Alvin bowed to the troubled Christina again.

 ”Yes. I’m sorry, but…… I will be participating in the tournament. I’m taking a break from adventuring to prepare for this”

 Without any reason to hide it, Alvin told her the situation honestly.

 Christina was relieved that Alvin’s answer was what she had expected. It is common for parties to suspend their activities at this time of year because of the fighting tournaments, but there was also the possibility that some trouble had occurred within the party.

 ”I see. ……Alvin-san is the one who will participating in the tournament, right? I’ll be cheering for you on the day. Please do your best”

 Anyone who knows anything about <Running Wolves> can predict that Alvin, a swordsman, will be competing.

 And to encourage Alvin, she smiled not with the dignified smile of a noble, but with the cute smile of a woman named Christina.

 As a noble, Christina’s appearance was enough to attract attention, and the other guests who were watching the beautiful woman’s smile, held their breath.

 Even a stranger could tell that Christina had a soft spot for Alvin with her pretty smile, and even though she had a girlfriend named Milis with her, there was still another position…….

 He’s good-looking, an upper adventurer, and popular.

 It’s not hard to see why single men would look at Alvin with envy and vindictiveness.

 ”I, I’ll do my best!”

 ”If you ever want to meet a knight, please come to the mansion. Well then…….”

 Alvin could only nod, breaking out in a cold sweat.

 Although, he did not admire Christina, but he did think she was pretty, and that made him feel guilty about Milis.

 After stepping back and bowing gracefully, Christina hopped on the carriage and left.

 The commotion subsided, but Alvin and Milis felt uncomfortable, so they did not take their seats and left the cafe.

 Hayate, who happened to be out buying groceries at Nanaka’s request, witnessed the commotion and asked Sylphy to get in touch with Shinji, but Shinji, who was flirting with Renka, refused.

 The apostle apparently returned to Heliotrope in a dejected state.


 This happened while Shinji and Renka were flirting with each other.

 Alvin and Milis are on a date.

 Then Christina encounters them.

 In addition, Hayate peeps in from afar.

 Alvin is very popular. He’s good-looking, earns a lot of money, and is a good boy! It can be seen why he’s so popular.

 Well, his girlfriend cuckolded on him, though, and the girl who likes him is being trained and caressed in her dreams.

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