Wizard 229

Chapter 229 Is Hayate a Normal JK

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 The next day after a full day of flirting with Renka.

 Shinji decided to meet Hayate at his house in the morning.

 The day before, he had received a call from Sylphy saying that Hayate wanted to talk to him, but since it wasn’t urgent, he had given priority to Renka and left Hayate for later.

 ”Good morning. I’m sorry about yesterday. I really couldn’t meet you”

 ”Good morning, Onii-san. What was wrong with you that you couldn’t take time to talk all day?……”

 Sylphy did not tell Hayate the correct reason because she misled her appropriately. This was the reason for the dissatisfaction, and Hayate looked at Shinji with a frown.

 ”That’s a secret. So, what can I do for you?”

 ”Secret, Hhmm. ……Well, that’s okay. The story was when I went out on an errand yesterday, I saw Alvin and his girlfriend at a coffee shop. And there was a noble who approached them…… And it was a very beautiful woman who was behaving in a way that seemed to indicate that she was in love with Alvin, and I was curious about the situation……”

 Hearing Hayate’s story, Shinji knew immediately that beautiful noble was Christina.

 While chuckled, Shinji wondered if it was good luck or bad luck that the two of them went out on a date alone and met Christina when they were supposed to be just two of them.

 ”Well, of course I know what’s going on. It’s a private matter for the party members. I don’t think I can share it with an unrelated Hayate”

 Unless she has a good reason, Shinji pointed out to Hayate.

 Hayate knows that it is quite natural. But she still wanted to know, and with a blush on her face, she expressed her thoughts.

 ”Well, I’ve been wondering about it since Onii-san came to the store before! I was just thinking about what is second wife that…… Onii-san told me, and……. well, I thought I’d give it a try”

 At first, Hayate was talking briskly, but halfway through, she started to lose her momentum due to embarrassment. Even so, Shinji managed to understand what Hayate was trying to say.

 ”So, you want to know what’s going on? ……but Hayate will knows what he’s talking about, right? And you still want to hear about it?”

 Shinji was asking in a roundabout way, “Are you going to be able to win against Christina?” It seems that Hayate got the message and smiled vaguely.

 ”Onii-san, I can tell you clearly……. Well, it’s kind of a cop-out…… because I’ve never had love at first sight before. But no matter how beautiful she is, if she’s bad, I might be able to beat her if I try hard enough, right?”

 Hayate scratches her own cheek as she speaks.

 Hayate was also aware that her own appearance was inferior to Christina’s. In addition, there is a difference in status between nobles and commoners.

 If she were to make her position as an apostle of the goddess public and use it as a weapon, she might be able to win in terms of status, but then she would have to fulfill the role of an apostle of the goddess.

 Not in the form of quietly bearing and nurturing a child, but in the form of obeying an oracle from the Goddess.

 Hayate, who want to avoids fighting, can’t take that option and has to compete with her own body alone.

 If it was an opponent with a personality problem, she might be able to get by, but from what she saw at the coffee shop, she knew it was hopeless.

 Even so, Shinji was dazzled by Hayate’s straightforwardness in wanting to know in order to face her own feelings.

 (Hayate is really a normal girl. She’s not twisted, she’s straight to her heart, she’s just a normal girl in love)

 She can work hard for the person she loves (Shizuku). At the same time, she can also think about stepping aside so as not to cause trouble for the first man she loves (Alvin).

 Aside from the past, he can also sense that she’s trying her best to live a life that fits her size now.

 If she was a simple woman, she would have used her status as an apostle to check Christina, and then she would have approached Alvin, but he would have rejected her and she would have destroyed herself.

 Because when love and infatuation drive a person crazy, they lose sight of their surroundings.

 (This is normal…… Emily, Miko-sama, and Lila…… didn’t give up when I refused them directly……)

 Shinji brought his mind back from his digression and decided to talk about Alvin and Christina to Hayate, who was inquiring about his condition.

 ”That’s the way it is. It’s true that Christina is in love with Alvin. It all started when Alvin saved her from a thug……”

 ”What’s that? It’s like fateful encounter!”

 Shinji blurted out the main points and told the story of how Alvin saved Christina in Oeste, and Hayate listened with interest.

 But Alvin wanted to make his girlfriend (Milis) his first wife, so he was reluctant to talk about it and even said he was going to refuse.

 Upon hearing this, Hayate exhaled with a …… sigh.

 ”Alvin-san is a good man…… and I can’t believe he would duck such a beautiful woman’s approach for the sake of his girlfriend. Even though the aristocrats are trying to come to terms with it, the obstacle of status stands in the way…… and she couldn’t force him to married her because it would make his wish unfulfilled”

 (What in the world she’s trying to tell? Still, I think Hayate has the advantage because her opponent can’t get married right away due to the difference in status)

 Hayate had lost the idea of competing with Christina after listening to Shinji.

 And, she began to think about how the three of them could be happy together, the noble, Alvin and his girlfriend. That’s what she was thinking.

 Shinji looked at Hayate with an indescribable look on his face as she suddenly started to get excited by herself.

 ”It’s like love in a drama!”

 ”I’m not sure what a drama is, but…… that’s the situation, so if Hayate approaches him–….”

 ”Noo, I can’t do that!….”

 Shinji asked again with a tired look on his face as Hayate refused to speak over him while he was speaking.

 ”Why not? ……”

 ”It’s because the aristocrats who are more seriously in love should be rewarded than my love at first sight!”


 Hayate, a former JK, was a creature that yearned for and wanted to cheer on the dramatic love lives of others. Shinji, who does not understand the psychology of such high school girls, can only tilt his head.

 Therefore, Shinji thinks that since Hayate has given up, and this story should be over.

 But Shinji couldn’t finish the conversation because Hayate kept asking him to dig deeper and deeper.


 Hayate talked about what she saw yesterday.

 The first sight of Alvin was the trigger for Hayate to wake up and think about what to do as an apostle after hearing about the second wife.

 It’s not a burning love.

 Shizuku misjudged this point and became impatient, so he snapped at Shinji.

 The infatuation was crushed before it could grow into love, but instead it ignited her love for drama and she started to watch it.

 This is a JK who unknowingly destroys Shinji’s plan to use her for Alvin.

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