Wizard 230

Chapter 230 Gratitude from Hayate

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 Shinji who was asked by Hayate to explain about Alvin looked reluctant to talk about him.

 So, when he talks about Alvin and Christina, he doesn’t talk about the internal situation of the Beltz family or about Alvin trying to avoid Christina.

 Therefore, he ended up talking a lot about the relationship between Alvin and Milis.

 ”It’s nice to have a childhood friend who becomes a lover after being together for a long time”

 Hayate nodded with a smile on her face as she remembered that Milis was just as good looking as Christina.

 Shinji couldn’t help but laugh bitterly at Hayate’s perfect position as a bystander.

 ”Do you really enjoy other people’s love stories so much?”

 ”There’s not a girl in the world who doesn’t like a love story”

 Shinji was slightly annoyed by Hayate’s attitude, as if to say what was obvious.

 ”Huh…… Okay. I think that’s all Hayate needs to know. Why don’t you go to work?”

 Shinji, who was tired of dealing with the situation, tried to end the conversation in order to get rid of Hayate roughly.

 If it had been a normal Hayate, she would have taken advantage of the situation to leave, but not today.

 ”I’m not working today. Because Haruto-san is taking a day off from work, so the store is closed”

 ”I see. Then you should go back to the inn. Shizuku and Eve won’t be around for training today, so you should get some rest by yourself”

 ”Of course, I’ll do that later……”

 While saying that, Hayate pretends to be thinking about something. Shinji doesn’t know what she’s thinking, but her cheeks are flushed and she seems to be lost in thought.

 ”Well, it’s been a week since then, and I’ve been able to talk to Shizuku normally. Also, Shizuku’s impatience and tense atmosphere has disappeared……”

 Shinji knew what Hayate was talking about.

 Marie, who is in charge of monitoring, has reported that Shizuku has become more mentally stable now that she spends most of the day with Eve.

 Shinji suspects that a large part of this is due to the fact that she is now able to lead a peaceful life with Eve, a new person who adores her as a junior colleague, so much so that she had no choice but to rely on her.

 ”I’m really grateful that we can chat in our room like before. It’s all thanks to your strategy”

 Hayate was really grateful to be able to talk to Shizuku so calmly on the surface. In addition to that, the more she heard about the training that Shizuku was doing with Eve, the more she felt that Shizuku liked her.

 She felt really bad for Shizuku, who was still her lover, but Hayate listened to her, hoping that this liking would grow into love.

 In other words, things are getting better.

 This is all thanks to Shinji……

 (I have to return the favor to Onii-san……!)

 Hayate felt quite indebted to Shinji.

 Because she was a girl with normal sensibilities, so she felt grateful for the help she received, and accepted the favor with open arms.

 And because of this, with the combination of the common-sense notion that it is unfair not to repay a favor received and the earnestness with which he works, made the hypnotic effect of <Repaying a Favor with Your Body> worked better than expected.

 ”So, I’ll return the favor. No, I’m going to help you squeeze out, so sit there”

 Shinji blinked when he saw Hayate, her face red with embarrassment, pointing at the chair with her index finger.

* * *

 ”It’s just a thank you. Okay?”

 ”I know”

 Shinji sat in the chair, his pants and underwear off, exposing his semi-erect p*nis.

 Hayate, who was sitting with her knees on the floor in front of him, reminded Shinji with a blush on her cheeks, but she was staring at the p*nis of someone other than her parents for the first time.

 (This is his p*nis. …… Isn’t it big?)

 Hayate’s soft hand touches the p*nis with some hesitation. Shinji felt a bit irritated when he noticed that Hayate’s hand was not used to this kind of touch.

 Even so, his p*nis gradually became erect and stood upright in front of Hayate’s eyes.

 (Oh, if I had made it bigger, the next step would be……)

 Although she felt embarrassed, Hayate mustered herself up and took off the shirt she was wearing. Her large breasts, wrapped in a gray sports bra, were exposed in front of Shinji, whose eyes were drawn to her cleavage.

 ”Y, you wanted to touch my breasts before, right? So, I guess you like breast. Then, I’ll give you a paizuri……”

 Based on Hayate’s s*xual knowledge, she chose paizuri as her way of returning the favor. Hayate judged that this was the most pleasurable activity for Shinji, as it was less than s*x.

 Since Hayate was voluntarily trying to return the favor, Shinji decided to wait and see.

 Hayate did not take off her sports bra, but rolled it up a little and let her breasts fall over his p*nis. The glans scraped between the soft breasts, and the flattened lower breasts touched Shinji’s waist, stopping the descent.

 The tightness of the sports bra put pressure on his p*nis from both sides, causing it to bounce with pleasure.

 The size of the p*nis is such that the glans is sticking out from the cleavage, which is a bonus for Hayate’s breath.

 (Ugh, it smells so awful. And it’s making me jumpy)

 The first time she smelled a man’s scent, Hayate frowned slightly, but managed to calm herself down.

 And then, she began to bob her body up and down and handle the p*nis between her breasts, and soon her glans began to overflow with pre-cum, making it slippery.

 ”Ugh…… Ah…… Hah……”

 A pleasant sound leaked from Shinji’s mouth. Hearing this, Hayate felt as if she was taking advantage of Shinji, when in fact she was being taken advantage of.

 ”Do, does it feel that good?”

 ”Oh…… Yes…….”

 Seeing Shinji surrender to the pleasure, Hayate’s natural bullish nature was stimulated and she felt good about her current dominance.

 As a result, Hayate’s movements became more and more violent and daring.

 ”Onii-san, how about this? Do you like it?”

 ”Ugh…… Oh no……. I’m going to cum…….”

 Hayate twisted the glans between her breasts, relentlessly tormenting it. Shinji finally unleashed his semen as a result of Hayate’s torture, whose cheeks were inflamed as she looked up at Shinji.

 (Onii-san, I made you cum ……♡)

 As she felt the warmth of the semen throbbing in her chest, she looked up and saw Shinji soaking in the ejaculation.

 It was supposed to be a way to return the favor, but as it turned out, Hayate got a strange sense of excitement and a sense of superiority from making him cum unilaterally. This gives Hayate the illusion that <Repaying the Favor> is not a bad thing.

 In the meantime, Shinji, who was hiding his face with his arms and feeling weak, laughed in his heart at how well he managed to impress Hayate.

 The fact that he ejaculated early was intentional, and the fact that he made it look like he was being played by Hayate was of course an act.

 Hayate, who was supposed to have started reluctantly, has now become more aggressive. The purpose of this was to make her less resistant to the s*xual services in the name of <Repaying the Favor>.

 The idea was to made her feel like she had the upper hand, so that she could entertain him and lower her psychological hurdle for the next repaying.

 In addition, Shinji had put magic power into his semen.

 The magic power was used to strengthen the hypnotic spell that Hayate was already under.

 This will make Hayate less and less resistant to the act of paying with her body.

 And now, the effect was already beginning to show.

 ”Onii-san, you’re still big. It can’t be helped……”


 Hayate started squeezing his cock again, which was still hard after his ejaculation, and when Shinji made a deliberate noise that sounded good, Hayate’s squeezing became more intense.

 ”I’ll make you cum again because I’m returning the favor……♡”

 In this way, Hayate is able to continue to have his cock squeezed without realizing that she is dancing in the palm of Shinji’s hand.

 This would continue until Shinji ejaculated two more times.


 Hayate-chan’s paizuri.

 The fact that she feels gratitude and has an earnest nature is a perfect match for the hypnosis. And she knows as much about s*x as anyone!

 Hayate is an active person by nature, as she was pulling Shizuku along.

 Although she was reluctant to do so, her opponent’s reaction was better than she expected, and she felt as if she had defeated her usual opponent, so she got carried away.

 The depth of the hypnosis was increased by the semen!

 She’s getting more and more lewd.

 She’s being rolled around in the palm of Shinji’s hand.

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