Wizard 231

Chapter 231 At Hidden Dragon Inn After a Long Time

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 After Hayate had squeezed all the cum out of Shinji, she came to her senses, made an incoherent excuse in a panic, and want to escape with Sylphy’s teleport without cleaning up the mess.

 Of course, Sylphy wouldn’t have let Hayate teleport without Shinji’s permission. In the end, Hayate didn’t realize that she was dancing in the palm of Shinji’s hand until the very end.

 (A happy miscalculation. But if Hayate doesn’t make it, Alvin’s second wife will be Christina……)

 He has held her in her dreams several times, and he knows that he and Christina are physically compatible. However, it is a clear disadvantage that the bonds of the aristocracy will become stronger and they will be more likely to get into trouble.

 (It’s a big price to pay for the ease of embracing. ……Well, it can’t be helped. Now I have to make Alvin an honorary knight)

 Marriageable age for noblewomen is not long. If he makes her wait too long, she may have to resort to forceful measures.

 Even if Christina herself has no intention of doing so, there is a possibility that the people around her will do something about it.

 (The first step is the fighting tournament. It’s best to accumulate achievements and accomplishments)

 They already have the great achievement of saving a city. If they can build on that by winning the tournament, and accumulate achievements from their daily adventures, then eventually—

 Shinji left his home with this in mind.

* * *

 Shinji plans to join Alvin’s training session at noon, so he buys some fresh fruit in the commercial district and visits <Hidden Dragon Inn> after a long time.

 ”Welcome~, oh, Shinji-san! It’s been a while ♪”

 As soon as he entered the building, Charlotte, who was sitting at the counter, smiled at Shinji.

 Shinji approached Charlotte, whom he hadn’t seen in a long time, and lightly lifted a basket full of fruit.

 ”It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I have some free time, so I brought you something to celebrate”

 ”Waa~~, an entire basket of fruit! I’m so happy, thank you so much ♪”

 While sitting in her chair, Charlotte’s belly began to swell, and even through her clothes he could tell that she was pregnant.

 It is a secret that only Shinji and Charlotte know that the child is the result of Shinji’s seeding.

 ”I happened to hear about it through rumor. Because Charlotte has been so good to me”

 ”Morse brags about it all the time. That’s why there are so many people like Shinji who bring me congratulations. Especially the neighbors……”

 Charlotte pulls out a notebook from under the counter and adds Shinji’s name to the list. He could tell at a glance that the list was a congratulatory return list.

 Then Charlotte’s husband, Morse, came in.

 ”Huh? Hello, Shinji-san”

 ”Hello, Morse-kun. And congratulations”

 Morse is surprised to see Shinji, but when he sees that Charlotte has written his name on the list and that Shinji is carrying a basket of fruit, he understands the situation.

 ”Thank you. Did you come all the way here to congratulate us?”

 ”Yes. I have been staying here for a long time. It’s just a small gift”

 While saying this, Shinji handed the basket to Morse. Morse who accepted the gift, bowed his head lightly with a happy smile.

 ”I’m happy. Thanks for the apples, I’ll eat them”

 ”Morse, the apple is mine!”

 ”I know”

 Morse nodded as he gazed lovingly at Charlotte who was begging for an apple. Shinji’s cheeks naturally relaxed at the common happy scene of a husband taking care of his pregnant wife.

 The act of destroying this happy scene made Shinji realize again that what he was doing was bad. Still, he didn’t stop.

 Because it was more important to him to be the son of the succubus couple he adored than to live righteously as a human being.

 That’s why Shinji will continue his cuckolding with the utmost care.

 ”It’s a little early, but is lunch already served?”

 ”Oh, yes. It’s already done. Would you like to have lunch?”

 Shinji nodded in response to Morse’s question.

 ”The preparation is already done, so we can make it right away”

 ”Then I’ll have the daily special”

 ”I understand. I’ll go to the kitchen, Charl”

 ”Yes, thank you, Morse”

 Charlotte smiled at him as he walked off to the kitchen. Shinji didn’t follow Morse immediately, but looked at Charlotte once.

 Charlotte did not speak, but moved her mouth.

 [See you later, Papa]

 Shinji waved his hand, showing his understanding of Charlotte’s words.

* * *

 When Shinji entered the dining room, he tried to find a seat, but found that only one group of seats was occupied, so he turned his gaze to them.

 He knew one of the members sitting at the table.

 It was Himeno, a dragonmen with a dragon horn.

 Even though it was daytime, there was a bottle of liquor in front of Himeno, and the people surrounding her also had liquor in front of them.

 Himeno spotted Shinji wondering if he should call out to her.

 ”Oh, it’s you! It’s been a long time” (*Note: You -> Onushi -> お主)

 ”Do you know each other? Ojou?”

 In the same seat as Himeno were three dragon men.

 All three men were dressed similarly to Himeno. Shinji didn’t know that it was a type of kimono called jinbei, but it didn’t matter much.

 ”It’s been a while. Himeno-san”

 Seeing Shinji bowing politely, the pressure in the three of them’s gazes dropped slightly.

 ”I’m sorry about the last time. I forgot to return the money. Ichiro”

 ”Oh, you mean the one from the previous conversation? ……Ojou has caused you trouble. Please take it”

 The pressure disappeared from their gazes as Himeno continued her story.

 Himeno told the three of them that she had overcharged him for the drinks.

 A dragonmen called Ichiro took out a wallet from his pocket and offered Shinji the money for the drinks, which Shinji accepted.

 ”Certainly. Thank you very much”

 ”I’m sorry. Are you going to eat now?”

 ”I plan to”

 When Himeno saw Shinji’s affirmation, she pointed to an empty seat at the same desk.

 ”Would you like to join us? I’d be happy to pass the time with you”

 ”Well…… is it okay?”

 Shinji looked around at the rest of the group.

 ”””If that’s what you want, Ojou”””

 After hearing the breathy reply, Shinji decided to sit.


 Charlotte-chan after a long time.

 It’s been about six months since the story was written. Her pregnant belly is getting bigger.

 She becomes a woman in front of Shinji-kun, but usually she is a good wife of Morse.

 Shinji is aware that he is doing something wrong.

 But he still chooses to live his life as the son of a succubus.

 He’s always been a greedy, evil wizard (though his s*xuality has changed).

 He could be more like a true human if he lived a proper life (lol).

 Himeno-chan appears.

 She seems to have been staying at Charlotte’s inn.

 Himeno-chan’s way of talking is like tomboyish girl/samurai girl.

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