Wizard 232

Chapter 232 Shinji Interacts with Dragon Horns

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 ”It’s a very early lunch”

 Shinji took his seat and waved to Morse, who brought him the daily set meal and placed it in front of him.

 ”Take your time,” Morse said, and then went back to his work at the inn.

 After Himeno saw the set meal, which consisted of rice, soup, a main dish and a small bowl, she spoke to Shinji.

 ”I’ll train my friends from noon, so I’m eating early”

 ”I’m sorry to hear that. We’re on vacation. We’ve just been working out a little so that our body doesn’t get too dull. Oh, don’t be shy about eating with us”

 With Himeno’s urging, Shinji begins to eat.

 Himeno also raised her empty ale mug and was about to ask for another, but Ichiro stopped her.

 ”Ojou, it’s still lunchtime”

 ”Noisy……. Well, you guys should say hello”

 With a childish grimace on her face, Himeno said what was on her mind. Shinji who thought he could not continue eating while introducing himself stopped his chopsticks, but Ichiro stopped him with his left hand.

 ”Please continue with your meal. I am Ichiro, Ojou’s attendant. Over there is Jiro, and over there is Saburo. We are all in the same position. Please treat us well”

 Speaking with a stern face in his forties, Ichiro is a man with silvery-white hair whose right sleeve is extended and his right hand is completely hidden.

 After Ichiro introduced himself, he bowed his head lightly.

 ”I’m sure you have more to talk about……”

 ”Ojou, we’re still eating”

 Seeing Ichiro took care of Himeno, who looked bored. The role of a caretaker seems more appropriate than that of an attendant.

 And Shinji decided to eat his food as quickly as he could, because he didn’t feel like he could eat calmly.

 ”……. Okay, I’m done eating”

 ”I’m sorry about Ojou……”

 It was clear that it was Himeno’s fault that Shinji ate so quickly, and Ichiro was embarrassed. However, Himeno was unconcerned and went on with her story.

 ”You’re next, Jiro”

 ”Osu. ……My name is Jiro. I’m the attendant of Ojou-sama just like Ichiro-sama. ……Ojou-sama, there’s nothing more to say……”

 Jiro, a young man who looked to be in his late teens, had a similar face to Ichiro and the same hair color. Furthermore, his sleeve on his right arm is long enough to cover his hand, so it is easy for Shinji to assume that the two are father and son.

 ”Is Ichiro your father?”

 ”He’s my boss at work”

 ”Hmmmm, next! Saburo!”

 Dissatisfied with Jiro’s lackluster self-introduction, Himeno pointed to Saburo.

 ”I’m Saburo. Jiro is my twin brother and Ichiro-sama is my father. I’m more interested in breasts than asses, thank you”

 ”What the hell are you talking about all of a sudden……?”

 If Jiro has a serious air about him, Saburo has a carefree air about him.

 It’s hard to mistake them because their faces are similar, but their atmospheres are completely different. However, the hand he was hiding was the same right hand, and the shape of his face was so similar that he could have been replaced by Jiro if only the atmosphere had been unified.

 ”Ojou, men are creatures that become friends with women based on their preferences……”

 ”Huh, is that true……?”

 ”It’s not a lie, but it’s not everything”

 Himeno, who was almost fooled by Saburo’s stern face, asked Shinji for confirmation. Shinji replied vaguely with a wry smile and spoke to Himeno, who gave Saburo a cold stare.

 ”I’m Shinji. I’m a wizard from <Running Wolves>. My friend will be attending the tournament, so please take it easy on him.

 ”There’s more to you than that, isn’t there……?”

 When none of them introduced themselves in the way that Himeno had hoped would make the event more lively, Himeno’s shoulders slumped.

 ”Ojou, isn’t he your opponent?”

 Jiro and Saburo, who had reacted to the word “fighting tournament,” glared at Shinji, but Shinji remained unconcerned and smiled.

 ”Don’t worry about the small things. I allowed him to be there. ……So, how is the training going?”

 ”It’s going well. By the way, why are you participating in the tournament, Himeno-san? The rules are quite disadvantageous for Dragonmen, right?”

 Jiro and Saburo became more and more agitated as Shinji tried to find out more about Himeno without hiding it. However, there was nothing they could do as long as Himeno allowed it, and they had no choice but to watch.

 ”Because I want to fight a strong man”

 ”Strong man?”

 ”Ojou, that story…….”

 Ichiro’s voice sounded as if he was trying to warn her, but when Himeno glared at him, Ichiro let out a deep sigh and silent. Ichiro who could not say anything about it, made Jiro and Saburo also only watched them.

 ”I have a fiancee. And he’ll become my husband in the future. But he’s a skinny guy. I have no interest in weak men”

 The reason Ichiro didn’t force Himeno to stop talking about herself was to let Shinji know that she had a fiancee, someone she should marry.

 Ichiro’s Lord, Himeno, was a beautiful woman, and Ichiro was not sure what Shinji’s purpose was in approaching her, but he thought that this should have made it clear to him that even if he wanted to be in a relationship, he could not.

 ”The young men on my village are weaker than me. Just once, I would like to fall in love like a girl of my age”

 Himeno knew that she could not escape her marriage. Therefore, she wants to fall in love only once, to treasure the memories, and then fulfill her role.

 ”I see……”

 ”Is that a silly reason?”

 Shinji shook his head at Himeno’s question.

 ”No, everyone has their own reasons. It would be nice to meet someone with whom you can have a fiery fight”

 Shinji smiled as he said this.

 (Fiancee, is it?…… but if she doesn’t have any feelings for him, It’s not exciting at all)

 Shinji’s inner thoughts are really evil, but no one notices it.

 Ichirō, Jirō, and Saburo felt that Shinji’s attitude did not change when he heard about Himeno’s situation, instead Shinji did not make a fool of her, but showed understanding and generosity.

 Himeno had also never seen a reaction like Shinji’s before.

 In her village, she would just be taken aback or dismissed as a fool.

 ”Umu. I’m looking forward to it”

 Himeno responded to Shinji’s words with a smile that said she was so happy.


 Everyday life.

 The story of the <Dragon Horns> party.

 Ichiro, Jiro and Saburo are Himeno’s attendants.

 Ichiro is the head attendant. Jiro and Saburo are in the same position. Father and son are in charge of Himeno.

 Himeno is a young lady in love.

 She is selfish and self-centered. However, she understands her role and limits her selfishness to what Ichiro will allow.

 The words “I have a fiancee” do not work on Shinji. Rather, it’s a whiff. However, since they don’t seem to get along, Shinji doesn’t feel like messing with her at the moment.

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