Wizard 233

Chapter 233 Training days, a reward for Emily

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 After hearing about Himeno’s purpose, Shinji said a proper goodbye and left from “Hidden Dragon Inn” to join Alvin and the others for their scheduled training.

 For the next few days, he spent his time focusing on Alvin’s special training.

 Thanks to his efforts, Alvin’s fighting style was becoming more and more refined day by day, and his maneuvers were getting better and better.


 Alvin’s sword swung down in an aggressive way, but Emily caught it with her own sword. Alvin, whose attack was blocked, pulls his sword as soon as it is blocked, and attacks again, using a sword style that emphasizes speed.

 However, speedy swordsmanship is also Emily’s forte. So, after the exchange of sharp sword fights, Emily should gradually gain the upper hand… but it doesn’t happen.

 At the right moment, Alvin’s sword fights get sharper and sharper, and Emily is forced to be on the receiving end.

 It was thanks to the knight who fought Alvin in Oeste, who used <Limit Break> magic for a moment.

 Although it is not a special kind of magic, it can be used in a fighting tournament without any problem. And Alvin had mastered it through trial and error during his training.

 ”You’re doing great, Alvin!”

 ”I’m not done yet!”

 Emily took a quick back step backwards to get away from Alvin’s sword, while Alvin quickly moved forward to keep his distance.

 Emily who was back-stepping, pointed her palm at Alvin. Naturally, Shinji casts a spell.


 Burst! Water burst forth from the magic formation in Emily’s palm. <Torrent> is a magic that sends a violent stream of water hitting an opponent and knocking them away.

 Alvin who stood in front of Emily’s hand, took a few small steps and changed direction.

 He moved in an arc around Emily and closed the distance between them, avoiding the torrent of water.

 Furthermore, with his magic-filled feet, he kicked the ground and moved forward. He knew that if he gives her any room to use her magic, she would use her big move on him.

 (I need to bring the fight to what I advantaged!)

 Since Emily assumed with the setting of a dragonmen, she didn’t use a single specialization of her magic power. Still, she was able to overwhelm Alvin with her sword skills and standing.

 (So heavy, I can’t take it! Too sharp!)

 Alvin who stepped forward was at the highest speed ever.

 Shinji’s eyes could barely follow the speed of Alvin as he used <Limit Break> in the same way as a single specialization of magic power.

 At last, Alvin’s sword was about to strike Emily in the side…


 Emily’s hand grabbed Alvin’s arm even earlier than he did. After that, there was the sound of the sword that Emily was holding falling to the ground.

 Alvin’s sword stopped just short of touching Emily’s body.

 ”I’m sorry, Alvin. I used a lot of things too, like <Limit Break>……”

 ”Then Emily loses”

 Emily, who reflexively blocked the attack, scratched her cheek awkwardly. Seeing this, Shinji handed down the decision and Alvin made a fist and struck a gut pose.

 ”Oh! I’m finally getting the hang of this!”

 ”You’re really fast when you use <Limit Break>. The game will be decided by where you use it most effectively”

 Shinji nodded as he looked at the delighted Alvin. And then, he looked sideways at Emily, who looked a little disappointed.

 ”But Emily, who is faster than Alvin, is amazing too. I didn’t see that last move at all”

 Emily reacted to Shinji’s words.

 As a teacher, Emily was happy to see Alvin’s progress, but she also wanted to look good in front of Shinji, the man she loved and who was her master.

 Now, in order to train Alvin, Shinji has asked her to stop her original fighting style. And He had to reward her for her obedient work, so he decided to praise her verbally first.

 ”The magic that works on your own body, like <Limit Break>, is a perfect match for your method! As the master, I can’t lose to my disciples!”

 Shinji and Alvin looked at each other and laughed at Emily’s good mood. Emily, now in a good mood, picked up her sword with great enthusiasm.

 ”Alvin, we’re not done yet!”

 ”Okay, Master!”

 The two were about to go back to resume their training when Shinji also prepared to use his magic.

* * *

 ”Nchu …… ♡ Hamu ♡ Juru …… ♡ Jupu ♡”

 At night, Shinji pulled Emily into his home.

 He didn’t want to reward Emily’s devotion with praise only.

 So, just as Emily wanted, Shinji sat on the bed and allowed her to give him a blowjob as she crouched on the floor.

 ”Emily likes…… blowjobs now, huh?”

 ”Npu…… ♡ I like anything with Shinji, but…… I like more when I’m being made to feel like belong to Shinji ♡”

 Emily removed her mouth from the p*nis and rubbed it lovingly with a debaucherously smile. The blowjobs and handjobs that Emily gave him felt so good that his p*nis, still sticky with saliva, bounced with pleasure.

 ”If so, don’t hesitate to use it”

 ”Yes ♡ Ah~…… ♡ Hamu ♡ Nbu ♡ Nmu ♡ Nmu ♡ Nbu ♡ Nju ♡”

 To give Emily what she wanted, Shinji grabbed Emily’s head with both hands. Emily happily welcomed the p*nis into her mouth and her head moved back and forth in her grasp.

 After the glans reaches the back of her throat, she pulls it back until it just barely touches her lips, then thrusts it back in.

 The movements were a little rough, as if she was handling an object, just to make Shinji feel better.

 Emily was happy, even though she was only doing this to get his semen into her mouth.

 And she could tell that Shinji’s attention was focused only on her.

 Because he was staring only at her to see if she was ready.

 Just the thought of Shinji looking and thinking only about Emily at this moment fills Emily’s heart.


 She uses all of her mouth to try and bring Shinji to climax.

 Shinji who can’t stand the feeling of ejaculation and pours a huge amount of semen into her mouth.

 The man’s semen that he is so used to drinking. The smell of the semen flowing down her nose sent shivers down her spine as she felt the pleasure of excitement.

 Shinji slowly pulls his p*nis out of her mouth. And he opened his mouth spontaneously and stroked Emily’s head messily, indicating that she had drunk it all.

 ”Nfu ♡ Please pat me more ♡”

 ”Yes, yes …….”

 Shinji continued to stroke Emily’s head, smiling as she rubbed her head happily, then opened her mouth.

 ”Can I trust you with Alvin from tomorrow?”

 ”Yes. I think he could manage to get the match against the dragonmen into shape today, so …… we’ll just keep on fighting”

 ”Yeah. Good luck. I’ve got some things to do before the tournament too……”

 Shinji intended to set up a meeting with Iris before the tournament ended and he got busy. The three of them, including Renka, wanted to resolve the issue of the second wife, which was still hanging in the air.

 (Although, I guess I’ll think about that later)

 He shouldn’t be thinking about other women when he had one to hold next to him. Especially since Emily was the one with the keenest intuition.

 ”Okay, Emily, lie down”

 ”Yes……♡ Love you so much♡”

 Shinji rolled over on the bed and covered Emily with his arms.

 Afterwards, Emily was made to cum by Shinji with his favorite seed press, and she reconfirmed how good it felt to be conquered by him.


 Alvin’s training scene, a training session.

 Emily-chan is back after a long absence.

 However, her s*x scenes were not written, but she did do some after work.

 She is now a loli girl who loves sucking cock and pressing seed. ……It seems she is growing up.

 Shinji wants to solve the problem of his second wife before the tournament.

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