Wizard 234

Chapter 234 Shinji Thought about Iris

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 The next day, Shinji decided to entrust Alvin’s training to Emily, and after breakfast, he spent some time relaxing. Before talking to Renka, he needed to collect his thoughts on how he wanted to proceed.

 ”It seems she is like an apprentice to me”

 For Shinji, Iris was more of an apprentice.

 Basically, they see each other during the day, practice magic diligently, and never gets distracted. Even though her future dream is very much related to magic, he can’t help but be impressed by her diligence.

 In addition to that, Iris belongs to <Green Travelers>, so he can only see her when they have the same day off. And if the precious time off is spent practicing magic (dating), there are very few opportunities for physical intimacy, compared to other women who have physical relations with him.

 He knew he was being a jerk, but his true feeling was that this relationship was the most comfortable.

 (I thought when we don’t have much time to see each other, she might cool down and lose her passion, but it never changed. In fact, I think she likes me more)

 Although Shinji knew this was due to his own efforts to interact with Iris on the few occasions they could meet, he couldn’t reject Iris’ kindness that wasn’t forced upon him.

 It was because of the indescribable sense of guilt that arose when he tried to refuse, unlike the pushy favors he had received from Emily and Lila in the past.

 However, it is impossible to continue the current relationship as an apprentice and lover.

 In that case, he had the idea of treating her as a s*xfriend by corrupting her with pleasure torture without question, but he hesitated to do so because he had developed feelings for her.

 Shinji has been sleeping with other people’s women for a long time, but he doesn’t feel like cutting off his feelings for Iris for the selfish reason that he doesn’t want to marry her.

 (Maybe it’s because I’ve been involved with Iris too much. I feel like she’s already a part of my family)

 If she were a stranger, Shinji would have dealt with her mercilessly, but Iris is different.

 Although he had a habit of distorting other people’s happiness, he wanted Iris, his family member and beloved disciple, to be happy.

 (Is it too late to be selfish? But then, I guess I’ll just have to be…… prepared)

 Fortunately, Renka has approved Iris as a candidate for a second wife, and all that’s left is for Shinji to approve.

 Also, Shinji intends to treat Iris as well as Renka when it comes to marriage. On top of that, there is something to be concerned about.

 (Iris’ dream is to join <Tea Party>. Then, with that, the contact with the magic guild will increase. It’s also possible that I’ll come face to face with my birth parents (Blades))

 ”Still, it’s not a bad idea to join <Tea Party> if she’s talented enough”, Shinji thought.

 If there is a party of the magic guild, she will have to participate as the companion of the wizard/witch who belongs to <Tea Party>.

 In addition, Valencia family might interfere with Iris because of Shinji’s presence, while they might try to prove the parent-child relationship by other means, even though he had once falsely claimed the blood relationship.

 And because of this concern that Shinji took the time to make sure that Iris had not lost her mind.

 Also, this is something that should be confirmed with Iris, and it is nothing more than telling Iris about his own bloodline.

 So, this was a big decision for Shinji, who did not want to give out any information about his bloodline.

 With this, Shinji was determined.

 ”…….Let’s talk to Renka. Then I’ll call Iris. ……We need to think about the long term, too”

 He didn’t want his presence to interfere with Iris’s dream.

 Shinji knew that he had to find a way to escape the influence of the Valencia family.

* * *

 After gathering his thoughts, Shinji tells Renka that he wants Iris to be his second wife.

 Renka was prepared for this to happen when she suggested Iris as a potential second wife. In addition to that, after becoming Shinji’s girlfriend, Iris is very supportive of Renka and doesn’t seem to be trying to steal Shinji’s number one spot.

 She thought that she and Iris could have a relationship where they could support each other.

 Therefore, Renka had no objection.

 But that was a rational thought, not an emotionally satisfying one. After all, Shinji had just proposed to her a while ago.

 Because of this, Shinji was pulled into the bedroom by a jealous Renka, and she wanted to have a little more time together.

 Fortunately, Alvin and Emily were away for training, so Renka attacked Shinji in the middle of the day, and Shinji understood Renka’s feelings and decided to love her as much as he could.

 During intercourse, Renka could moan sweetly in the party house.

 Because there is no one in the house who can blame her. Also, the only people in the house are the corrupted women who want Shinji to have s*x with them.

 After satisfying Renka, it was only natural for Shinji to embrace Milis and Akane in turn.


 It’s a bit like an explanation.

 The reason why Shinji didn’t get married right away is because of his thoughts.

 Is this a victory for Iris’s persistence?

 While he was looking at her, he became emotionally attached to her, and when he found out about her dream, he was troubled and thought about it, but decided to come to a conclusion.

 Now that he had decided to marry her, he had to think about what he could do.

 It seems to be difficult to leave the Valencia family problem unresolved.

 And while Alvin was away, he started to s*xual intercourse…….

 It’s a cuckold house, so it can’t be helped!

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