Wizard 235

Chapter 235 Iris’s Insistence and Shinji’s Fierceness

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 The next day, Shinji had invited Iris to his house.

 Luckily, he had sent a thought to Lila the day before and confirmed that tomorrow was their day off, so they decided to set up a meeting.

 Shinji and Renka sat in chairs side by side, with Iris sitting across the desk from them.

 Iris could sense that the atmosphere was somewhat tense. And then there is this lineup.

 Iris was able to guess what they were going to talk about.

 ”Iris-chan, it’s about the second wife that you’ve been waiting for–“


 Then, listening to Shinji’s words, Iris interrupted him when she was sure of what he was going to say. Iris’s words were so strong that Shinji had to stop talking.

 ”……I think it’s probably a good answer, but I want you to listen to me first, desu”

 Shinji nodded silently at Iris’s words, deciding to listen first rather than disagree with the seriousness Iris was giving off.

 ”……I’m very happy to get a good response, desu. But I’m not going to get married until…… later, and I can’t accept that right now, desu”

 Iris stared at Shinji as she continued.

 ”I can’t…… stand proudly next to Senpai right now, desu. Because…… I’m just getting help from Papa and the party and everything”

 Iris can’t allow herself to become a second wife while she is still dependent on Shinji.

 It was true that she was in love with Shinji, and she would be happy to marry him. But now is not the time, Iris thinks.

 When Iris said “in the future”, she meant in the future, years from now.

 ”……I will train harder and become stronger. ……I will become an Upper-upper rank adventurer and enter <Tea Party>. ……I will become a much more attractive, full-fledged witch, desu.

 ……And I will become the kind of girl that Senpai will want from the bottom of his heart and will want to marry, desu”


 Shinji was overwhelmed by Iris’s declaration.

 He was not angry that he had been denied his plans and ideas, but just naturally felt shaken for the younger girl in front of him.

 Shinji had rushed into the decision before he got too busy, and unlike when he had proposed to Renka, he had put circumstances before feelings.

 Shinji thinks that Iris must have noticed that she is more of an apprentice than a woman.

 Shinji was about to bow his head to Iris for stopping her from making the worst proposal ever, but Iris was still talking.

 ”……I still have more to say, desu. ……And I think Senpai should know more about women’s dreams and delicacy and all that, desu”


 Iris’ gaze turns to Renka, and Shinji’s gaze turns to Renka as if invited.

 ”……It’s not uncommon for Upper adventurers to take a second wife. ……Still, there is such a thing as timing. After marrying your loved one, you should enjoy the honeymoon period alone with her. ……And because Renka-san and I are both commoners, there are no circumstances in which anyone can force us to do anything. Renka-san should also be firm about her marriage, too……”

 Iris’s words contained many of the words that Renka was unable to say yesterday. Because she wanted to enjoy the feeling of being a newlywed more, and she thought the same thing, but she couldn’t put it into words.

 The reason why she didn’t say it, even though she wasn’t under hypnosis, was because Shinji had spoken in a conclusive way.

 And when Iris about to point it out again, Renka opened her mouth.

 ”Yes. It’s a couple problem, so we should have consulted with each other before deciding”


 Shinji can only stare at Renka as she affirms Iris’ words.

 Shinji thought he was taking good care of Renka.

 Renka was the first one who came to a conclusion, the first one to hold her, the first one to share time with her, the first one to date her, the first one to share time with her.

 But that’s just the standard for an incubus.

 ”I wanted to think about it with you, not just come to a conclusion. I knew that one day you would have to marry a second woman, and I was thinking that it might be Iris. So, I accepted her……. Still, I really wanted to feel more like a newlywed”

 However, she couldn’t feel any ill will from Shinji, and she was able to swallow his occasional lack of understanding of women’s mindset as unavoidable when she knew his background.

 This is because she is being treated by Shinji in a way that makes her feel valued.

 ”I’m really sorry about it…… that’s all I can say……”

 At Renka’s honest words, Shinji could only apologize with a bloodless look on his face. He was tormented by regret for the terrible thing he had done.

 ”Next time, let’s talk about our marriage properly, okay? I’ll tell you what I wanted to say about yesterday later, so just be…… careful, okay?”

 ”…… Do you forgive me?”

 Renka, who was looking at him angrily nodded at Shinji, but with a dumbfounded look on her face, she wanted to say, “I can’t help it”.

 ”It was done out of spite, so it was unintentional and you seem to be reflecting on it now. I’m not going to lose my affection for you over this”

 ”Thank you……. I’ll be careful in the future. Let me know what you want to do, what you don’t want to do, and what Renka thinks……”

 ”Well, then?”

 It was a rare occasion for Renka to see a sullen Shinji, and the pathetic appearance of the usually dependable lover tickled Renka’s maternal fancy to no end, but Renka tried to maintain a relaxed demeanor to avoid being soft.

 ”……Senpai, you love Renka-san, don’t you?”

 ”……Of course”

 ”Thank you, Iris. I’m sorry I made you say what I had to say”

 Shinji turned his gaze away, unable to argue with Iris’s friendly, wicked smile as she smiled at his pathetic appearance.

 He was grateful that Iris had pointed out something that he should have noticed himself, but he was too sorry to make eye contact with her.

 ”……No, it’s not someone else’s problem, desu. If……Senpai understands the dreams and aspirations of women, it will in turn benefit me in the future”

 Iris smiles at Renka, who also smiles at her.

 Renka who was puzzled by her words, smiled when she understood the meaning of Iris’ words.

 ”Fufu, that’s right, Iris is no stranger to this”

 ”……Yes, Senpai can be quite troublesome, desu”

 ”Isn’t he? But, that’s part of what makes him so cute”

 Renka hugged Shinji’s arm, but Iris looked at them with a scowl.

 ”……Renka-san, you’re spoiling him too soon, desu”

 ”Nn, just…….”

 ”Be careful not to spoil him too much…… “

 “I’m really sorry”, Shinji apologized again, not wanting Renka to abandon him.

 After that, they spent the rest of the time peacefully chatting and laughing.

 After Iris returned to her home, Shinji talked with Renka about his behavior yesterday.


 This is a time when Shinji is completely screwed up.

 Marriage is not something that can be done by one person, and Shinji should have consulted her properly instead of thinking about it alone.

 However, it was a bad time to propose, and he was self-centered and wanted to get it over with before he got too busy, so he gets zero points.

 In the past, he has only used hypnotic and aphrodisiac magic to sleep with the body but not the heart. ……He is not familiar with the mind of a woman, including marriage and newlyweds.

 Because it’s necessary to learn not only how to express love with the body like a succubus, but also how to express love with the heart like a human being.

 Iris-chan makes a statement.

 If Iris and Renka were on opposite sides, they would have had a huge fight. She’s a girl who says what she wants to say.

 Even with her current position, as a woman, she felt she couldn’t accept the offer at this time, considering Renka’s situation.

 The second wife’s seat remains vacant as the story progresses.

 The family hierarchy

 Renka > Shinji, confirmed!

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