Wizard 236

Chapter 236 Shinji Looks at Himself

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 After Iris pointed out Renka’s feelings, it made a profound impact on Shinji’s feeling.

 Although he thought he was taking care of Renka the most, he was devastated by the reality that he had been doing something that could be considered as neglecting her.

 After the conversation, Renka went back to the party house to take care of Shinji who was feeling down.

 Meanwhile, Shinji was left alone, ruminating on what he had said to Renka.

 However, Freri appeared and sat in front of Shinji.

 [It’s unusual for you to be depressed……]

 ”I’m sure you were watching…… anyway, what do you want?”

 Shinji’s voice lacked power as he was mentally unwell. Freri’s thoughts reach the troubled Shinji.

 [Shinji cares for Renka and has lost his mind]

 ”……Freri, what the hell……?”

 Shinji muttered a grunt at the sudden criticism.

 [Shinji who was before would have quickly corrupted Iris. The second wife is not going to be ordered according to human rules. And he would have done the same with Emily and Lila]

 ”That’s because I promised to think about it……”

 Freri stared at Shinji with a blank expression on her face.

 [It doesn’t matter if it’s a personal promise or a corrupt one, Iris, Emily, and Lila all love Shinji the same, so why the difference?]

 He couldn’t answer that question.

 [The only difference is whether Shinji had the heart to accept it or not when he was confessed]

 Shinji continued to listen to Freri’s amused thoughts.

 [You only knew about the physical relationship, but you liked Renka so much that you took her heart. You were supposed to corrupt Emily and Lila, and they loved you with all their hearts. Furthermore, the longer it went on, the more comfortable it felt. Because you have a heart of compassion that returns feelings to feelings]

 Freri’s expressionless face turns into a happy one.

 [It’s not like succubus to put your feelings first. Because you do it half-heartedly, you will hurt your beloved (Renka) and get rejected by Iris. Moreover, you’re being lectured about not understanding women’s hearts]

 Freri laughed, remembering Shinji being lectured by both Iris and Renka.

 [Woman’s heart, woman’s dream? If you think about that, you can’t cuckold a woman. Because it is succubus’s job to override the woman’s dreams and make her feel good and happy by making her delirious with pleasure]

 Freri looked into Shinji’s eyes as he tilted his head.

 [Do you understand why I said you were a coward?]

 ”Very well, thank you…….”

 Shinji bowed his head deeply. He knows that he’s being half-baked now. So, what is important, what is non-negotiable, and what will he do from now on?

 He had to check his core.

 ”I’m going to see my parents. I’m succubus’s child. It can never be changed”

 [Well, after corrupting so many girls, you can’t just say you’re going to be a normal guy now]

 Shinji nodded to Freri, who smirked.

 It is natural that the act of cuckolding is a bad thing, and the sense of immorality is heightened by the fact that he’s beginning to understand the emotions. After understanding a woman’s dreams and a woman’s heart, if it is someone else’s woman, he can overwrite her with pleasure.

 Still, using the magic he has gathered, he will go to his parents.

 ”The only one special is Renka. This really made my blood boil……. I have to make sure I don’t make any more mistakes, and I’ll do my best to make Renka the happiest bride on earth”

 Shinji vowed to himself once again.

 The depressed and dejected look on Shinji’s face had finally changed to a sane one. Freri was happy to see that.

 [It’s a good thing that Ojii-san and Obaa-san are a couple of succubus, so you have similar values. It’s different with humans]

 ”Yes. First, let’s talk about it. Renka said that she wanted to make decisions about the marriage together”

 Shinji knew he had to change what he needed to change.

 [What about the second wife?]

 ”Undecided. I want to make it so that I don’t have to marry her. I’ll be careful not to end up like I did with Miko-sama. I messed up once, but thanks to ……Iris-chan’s refusal, we were able to be alone together again. I want to stop talking about this until we’ve been married for a few years”

 Shinji glared lightly at Freri, who asked nastily.

 Renka wanted to feel like a newlywed, and Shinji had to be very careful not to ruin her wish.

 As long as the hypnosis of <It’s Natural to Have a Sexfriend> is still affected, she can’t complain about the existence of a s*xfriend. However, he wanted to make sure that they were properly separated from his wife, Renka.

 It was a natural feeling for a human being, and Shinji was willing to make an effort to adjust to human sensibilities as far as Renka was concerned.

 [What about Emily and the others?]

 ”As an incubus, I need to make sure that the love that Emily and the others provide me with is answered with pleasure”

 Fallen women should be adored without distinction.

 This is what it means to be an incubus, but rather than girls like Milis and Charlotte who have other true loves, he wants to take great care of girls like Emily and Lila who love him.

 [It’s a greedy way of life. An Incubus and a Human]

 ”Bad wizards can be greedy, you know”

 Shinji, who shrugged his shoulders, was back to his normal self, scratching his cheek in embarrassment.

 ”Thank you, you’ve been a big help”

 [Shinji is a caring person, and Renka is right]

 It was only natural for Freri to help Shinji, since Shinji was the only childhood friend she had who was as important to her as Renka was to him.

 [If it was me, this wouldn’t have happened]

 ”I’ve known Freri for too long. …… It’s the same with Freri, isn’t it?”

 [Well. I have no intention of becoming a husband and wife now, but with Shinji, it’s just right]

 Freri thrusts out a clenched fist.

 It’s not like they’re going to be married now.

 ”Keep up the good work, partner”

 [You, too, My Master]

 The two of them smiled at each other calmly.


 Shinji-kun wanted to give himself a second look before he got too busy with his upcoming wedding to Renka-chan.

 It would be strange to have a self-reflection time when there is nothing going on, so it started with Shinji’s big mistake.

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