Wizard 237

Chapter 237 Alvin Finally Admits

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 By chance, the same night that Shinji had made his decision.

 Alvin also thought about marriage. Although the details are different, Alvin has his own problems.

 (……What can I do about my s*xuality?……)

 He gets excited when he sees Milis getting a massage by Shinji. This is called the desire to be cuckolded.

 Alvin never dreamed that he had such a desire inside of him.

 Alvin is now troubled in his room by the fact that he is now fully aware of the fact that if it were not for Freri’s lewd dreams, he would have asleep.

 ”……Lately, I’ve been screwed up again……”

 The other day, he managed to hold Milis, but as people get used to, he found that the excitement he was getting from when Milis massaged by Shinji was diminishing the longer it went on, and he was losing momentum.

 ”……This time it will be more ……No, I can’t marry Mil without telling her about this……”.

 Alvin was about to think of a way to get Shinji to touch Milis without hiding his s*xuality. But it’s too selfish and not thinking about Milis.

 But if he didn’t, Alvin wouldn’t be able to hold Milis to his satisfaction.

 After Milis being touched by Shinji, s*x with Milis felt so good that it was almost boiling.

 Alvin had discovered a forbidden taste that he could not return to once he knew it.

 (I have to say it……)

 Even though Milis is kind, she might lose her affection for him if he reveals his s*xuality and tells her that he wants Shinji to touch her.

 And that, more than anything, terrified Alvin.

 ”Al-kun, do you have a minute?”

 At the same time as he was about to left, he heard Milis’ voice.

 Alvin’s heart skipped a beat, but he took a breath to calm down and replied.

 ”It’s okay!”

 ”Sorry to bother you”

 Hearing Alvin’s reply, Milis entered the room. She sat down next to Alvin in her usual position.

 ”What’s up? Why did you come to visit?”

 ”Umm, well, I was wondering if I could talk to you about something…… important”

 Milis looked at Alvin in a very uncomfortable manner while Alvin spoke in his normal way.

 Alvin had no idea why Milis was acting this way.

 ”If I make a mistake, I’m sorry. ……Al-kun, do you have a cuckolded…… desire?”


 Alvin’s voice flipped at Milis’ words. He was just thinking about that right now!

 ”Well, after I got a little massage from Shinji-san before, you were amazing…… but it’s been getting weaker and weaker as time goes on, so I’m wondering if that’s the case…….”

 Milis’s cheeks flushed red as she looked at Alvin and spoke.

 She didn’t find out about this fact on her own. Instead, Freri had told her.

 At first, she was surprised and couldn’t believe it, but when she thought back to Alvin’s attitude and the way he had been acting lately, it did occur to her.

 Freri would never have told her that she had developed Alvin’s s*xuality, and Milis had mistakenly assumed that Alvin had always been that way.

 Alvin, on the other hand, was very shaken, but he realized that he did not feel any negative emotions from Milis’ behavior.

 She seemed to be genuinely trying to confirm the truth, and this gave Alvin a ray of hope.

 It was a hope that Milis would accept him even if he admitted it.

 ”………………Yes, maybe. I can’t believe it myself, but……. How did you notice that, Mil?”

 ”Umm…… Al-kun, do you hate me now……?”

 Alvin hugged an anxious Milis.

 ”That’s not true! I still love Mil”

 ”Umm…… I love you too, Al-kun ♡”

 Milis also hugged Alvin back.

 The warmth of the tight hug slowly erased Milis’ anxiety. It was the same for Alvin, and he felt his fears of being disliked disappear.

 At the same time, his biggest fear that Milis might not like him was dissolved, and his aversion to his s*xuality, which had previously only been a feeling of rejection, became reduced.

 Chu ♡ After kissing just to touch each other, the two finally released their embrace.

 ”……Well, Al-kun, what do you want me to do?”

 Alvin was momentarily stumped by Milis’ words. He was not sure if he really wanted to say it, but he swallowed his spit at the sight of Milis smiling, so, he opened his mouth.

 ”I want Shinji to touch Mil”

 ”Okay, I don’t like it if it’s someone I don’t…… know, but if it’s Shinji-san, then it’s probably…….”

 Alvin grasped Milis’s hand tightly as she nodded cautiously, and she stared back at him while continuing her talk.

 ”But I don’t want you to hate me, Al-kun……”

 ”I’m asking you nicely, how can that be? But first, I need to ask Shinji and Renka for help. …… But, what should I tell them?”

 Even if Milis allows it, if Shinji and Renka say no, it’s over. There is no doubt that cuckold is a dangerous activity if there is no understanding partner.

 Alvin knows that Renka in particular has a jealous streak.

 (What should I do……? Do I have to ask him head on……?)

 Seeing Alvin groaning and thinking, Milis pondered the future.

 She did not expect that her beloved Alvin would have a desire to be cuckolded.

 Milis was happy to know that she would be able to have openly cheating s*x with Shinji now that Alvin wanted her to have a relationship with him.

 Shinji, who had the best cock in the world, filling her body and Alvin filling her heart.

 Milis decided to do her best to support Alvin so that she could live such a life.

 ”Al-kun. I’ll do my best for Al-kun”

 ”……Thank you, Mil”

 Milis is smiling cheerfully.

 Alvin, who had no idea what was going on behind the scenes, was moved by his girlfriend’s devotion.


 Freri: “I Raised Him”

 When Shinji was thinking about marriage, Alvin was thinking about it too. Finally, Alvin admits that he is excited about being cuckolded.

 Would it be cuckolded if he handed her himself……?

 Milis and Alvin’s cuckoldry report is in demand. ……Isn’t that the wrong genre?

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