Wizard 238

Chapter 238 Alvin Comes Out

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 The day after Alvin told Milis about his s*xuality.

 Alvin and the others finish eating breakfast.

 Normally, Alvin and Emily would go to training and Shinji, Renka and Milis would have free time, but today was different.

 ”Master, I’m sorry, but could you go ahead first? I need to talk with Shinji and Renka…….”

 ”No problem. I’ll go ahead”

 After finishing her meal, Emily left her seat and walked out of the dining room. Akane was also not here as she was cleaning up the dishes and washing up in the kitchen.

 ”Al, what do you want to talk about?”

 When it was just the four of them, Renka asked Alvin, and he made eye contact with Milis.

 After confirming that Milis nodded, he exhaled loudly and calmed his quickening heartbeat before opening his mouth.

 ”Well……I’d like to talk to you about something …… serious”

 Alvin’s seriousness was clear to Shinji and Renka, and the tension was apparent.

 ”I couldn’t have s*x with Mil for a while”

 ”……E, eh?”

 Renka’s eyes lit up at the completely unexpected topic. Still, she tried to keep her cool and listen to what he had to say.

 Shinji’s reaction was the same as Renka’s from the outside, but he was less upset because he knew right away that it was Freri’s work.

 ”Didn’t you see the time when Shinji gave Mil a massage? After that, I was able to do it normally. I got excited when Mil got touched by Shinji…….”

 ”………………I, I see”

 Renka felt a little uncomfortable at the revelation of her childhood friend’s s*xuality.

 Because it’s unexpected s*xuality, which is unthinkable from the straightforward Alvin. So, Renka couldn’t understand why it excited him at all.

 When she looked at Milis, who was sitting next to Alvin, she could not see any emotion in her smile.

 ”Recently I’ve been having some trouble…… and I need Shinji’s help. It’s nothing personal, just a pure massage, so please forgive me……? I know this won’t be fun for Renka, but …… I don’t like not being able to satisfy Mil……!”

 From the sound of Alvin’s groan, Renka could tell that this was a hard decision.

 Still, what Alvin didn’t know was that Milis had already had s*x with Shinji and was having an affair with him. But if it was just a massage, that was a bit matter.

 ”Um, is Mil okay with it……?”

 ”Yes, it’s for Al-kun……”

 There was no reason for Milis to refuse, although she did confirm it. Renka, who knows what’s behind the sullen attitude, has an indescribable expression on her face.

 Alvin, who doesn’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, misunderstands that Renka is confused, and Shinji waits silently for Renka’s words.

 (I didn’t know Al had that kind of taste……. But maybe it was a good idea? Maybe this will save Al from being miserable…… when he finds out that Mil is cheating on him?)

 In the meantime, Renka decides to speak, choosing her words carefully, as she can’t go on without saying something.

 ”I understand……. I think I know what you’re talking about. Al wants to ask Shinji for a massage for Mil. If it’s just a regular massage, that’s fine……”

 Renka looked at Shinji as she said this.

 ”If Renka is okay with it, I can do it……. And Alvin will be there, won’t he?”

 ”Of course!”

 Shinji nodded at Alvin, who answered strongly and immediately, while Renka let out a big sigh and stared at Alvin.

 ”Well, with Al here, there’s no reason for mistakes. Because it’s special request…… In exchange, don’t do anything that Mil doesn’t like. Mil, if anything happens, you tell me right away. I’ll make it stop”

 ”Yeah. Thank you, Renka”

 ”I, I know! Thank you, both of you…….”

 ”It’s Alvin’s request, of course”

 Of course, Alvin is aware that this is a very strange request.

 But Shinji and Renka didn’t make fun of it or mock it, they took it seriously and accepted it.

 He was more than happy to do so, but now that his problem was solved, he felt more embarrassed than nervous.

 ”Okay! Then I’m going to go to training! I’ll see you at night!”

 Alvin got up and walked out of the dining room, and the three of them saw him off.

 Now that he had nothing to worry about, Alvin was able to devote himself to his training even more than usual.

 Behind the scenes.

 ”I’m going to monopolize Shinji tonight, so don’t come to my room, Mil. and Shinji, come to my room as soon as you’re done with your massage, okay?”

 Renka wrapped her arms around Shinji and showed her authority as his wife.

 ”Okay. I’ll be there as soon as I’m done, Renka. and Milis, you have to be prepared because I’m going to give you a serious massage”

 Shinji hugged Renka’s waist and nodded.

 ”Yes, I’m sorry…… I’ll have to endure today……. I just had a little bit of it done before, but it’s really good. ……Tomorrow, when Al-kun goes out, it’ll be fine……♡

 After filling her mind, Milis makes an appointment with the cheating cock to fill her body.

 There was no way Alvin could have known that the three of them were having a meeting.


 Alvin reveals his admitted s*xuality and asks for Shinji and Renka’s help.

 Alvin, being a serious man, told them properly, as things were. Cuckold requires a partner, and that partner’s partner has to understand.

 Since they are both partners, it’s important that they don’t get serious during the play.

 This is a special case because it is already an affair, but Shinji has made up his mind that he wants Renka first, and Milis will give her heart to Alvin!

 What a safe way to play cuckold.

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