Wizard 239

Chapter 239 Milis Massage (Before)

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 After Alvin had finished his training and had finished his dinner.

 Shinji, Alvin, and Milis were gathered in Alvin’s room.

 Shinji and Alvin were still in their regular clothes, but Milis, who was getting a massage, was dressed in a thin long-sleeved shirt and long pants that Shinji had specified.

 The top and bottom sets, made of dark gray fabric to prevent her underwear from showing through, are supposed to be highly protective, but Alvin feels s*xy when Milis, with her large breasts and ass, wears them.

 Even with Milis in front of him, Shinji didn’t give Milis an uncomfortable stare and proceeded to prepare for the massage, which made Alvin feel that Shinji was mentally strong.

 ”Then, will you lie face down on the bed?”


 Milis lay face down on Alvin’s bed, her forehead resting on the crescent-shaped pillow so that her face would not be painful, and Shinji stood beside her head.

 ”Let’s get started, shall we? Alvin, Milis”

 ”Y, yeah”


 Shinji’s hand began to touch Milis’ shoulder. Shinji gently massaged her shoulder, and she felt the warmth of his hand through her shirt.

 ”It’s so warm……”

 ”It works best when it’s warm”

 As Shinji massaged her shoulders with his experienced hands, Milis felt her body relax. Then Shinji’s fingers finally began to press on Milis’ shoulder.

 ”I thought before, but it’s pretty stiff”

 ”I have a constitution that tends to stiffen easily. …… Nn……”

 ”My fingers don’t sink in at all. It’s so tense”

 Shinji started with weak finger pressure to avoid pain.

 Before the massage began, the air in the room had been strangely tense, but now it was becoming more relaxed.

 ”It’s so relaxing~…… Nn…… Fuu…… Ahhh……”

 Milis’s voice was completely relaxed, and Alvin stared at her, who seemed to be in a much healthier mood than he had imagined.

 ”You’re very good at this…….”

 ”You should learn it too, Alvin. She’s so stiff, she needs a good massage”

 ”I’ll think about it……”

 Alvin scratches his cheek and Shinji laughs at him. But that’s as far as the smiling went.

 Because as Shinji’s hands moved from her shoulders to her back, Milis’s voice began to take on a s*xy tone, perhaps due to the tickling.

 ”Hah……Nn……♡ Hah……Aah……”

 ”It’s going to tickle, but be patient, okay?”

 ”Y, yes……”

 Shinji’s hand moved from Milis’s head to the side and pressed on her back. Not only that, but with the subtle vibrations of his fingertips touching the spot, it was very comfortable.

 It was no wonder that Milis couldn’t help but let out a lusty voice that sounded so good.

 ”Nn….Nn……Ah♡ I can’t believe you’re always doing this to……. Renka-chan, she must like it ♡……, aren’t you really too good ……?”

 ”It’s a big hit with Renka, too. She asks for it a lot”

 ”Yes, I’m sure she does ♡ ……Ah …… Ah ……”

 Milis is actually feeling the warmth of the massage, not the s*xual pleasure.

 And when she turned her head to the side, and Alvin’s gaze met hers. Milis felt both embarrassment and pleasure as Alvin stared at her intently.

 (Al-kun, you’re pleased ……♡)

 (Mil looking so good, I knew it was good ……)

 As they stare at each other, Shinji finishes rubbing her back and waist, and proceeds to massage further down.

 ”The last part is the legs”


 Shinji’s hands massaged the soft thighs. His fingertips which pressed against the tight muscles made Milis writhe in pleasure.

 After rubbing her calves, he returned to her thighs.

 And then, as Shinji’s hands gradually moved upward, he carefully rubbed the area between her thighs and ass.

 ”Ah…… ♡ Nn…… Ahhhh ♡”

 Milis’s body squirmed in frustration.

 Alvin couldn’t help but swallow his spit at the sight of Milis squirming and squirming as if she was getting pleasure from Shinji’s hands.

 Before he knew it, Milis’s ragged breathing was echoing in Alvin’s room, which was filled with a lewd atmosphere.

 ”Adventurers walk a lot, you know. The muscles in your legs are really stiff”

 He pretended not to notice the lewd atmosphere between Alvin and Milis.

 ”So much……♡ An, Fu ♡ Is it so stiff……♡?”

 ”Yes. You need to take good care of yourself”

 ”I understand……♡ I’m sorry……♡”

 Milis looks at Alvin and talks to Shinji, and from Alvin’s point of view, there’s no mistaking the pleasure Milis is getting.

 Alvin who looked at such Milis, had his p*nis completely erected.

 Seeing this, Milis could feel Alvin’s joy and was convinced that Alvin was indeed getting excited by having his lover’s body touched.

 Alvin resisted the urge to lean in close to Milis right away. In other hand, Shinji who glanced behind him and saw that Alvin was clearly aroused, immediately grabbed the flesh at the base of Milis’ ass and squeezed it.

 Milis’s hips bounced, and Alvin was aroused by the look on Milis’s face as she tried her best to hold back her moans.

 ”I’m done. Do you feel a little better now?”

 ”Yes ……♡ I feel so much better ……♡”

 After making sure that the limp Milis managed to reply, Shinji left the bed.

 ”I’ll leave her to you. So, Alvin, are you okay?”

 ”Y, yeah, thanks…… Shinji…….”

 Alvin replied, but his gaze remained fixed on Milis. Shinji patted Alvin on the shoulder, who was about to attack her, and then left the room.

 It wasn’t long before Alvin ran up to Milis.


 ”Al-kun…… ♡ Are you happy ……? ♡”

 ”Yeah……! I’m soooo excited…….”

 Milis shakes Alvin’s hand.

 ”I’m glad …… ♡ Hey, hurry up and touch me again, Al-kun …… ♡

 Milis looks up at him with moist eyes and begs.

 It only took a moment for Alvin’s reason to collapse.

 ”Mil! I love you!”

 ”I love you too, Al-kun! ♡”

 Alvin covers Milis.

 Alvin and Milis, now in the hands of Shinji, have the most exciting s*x they’ve ever had.

 For Alvin, it’s the best s*x he’s ever had, but not for Milis.

 Alvin never realizes that Milis, who has been corrupted by Shinji, knows better.


 It’s a healthy massage……

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