Wizard 240

Chapter 240 Milis Massage (After)

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 The day after Milis was given a massage.

 In the morning, Alvin went out to train. He and Emily went to the training area to push himself harder as there was only one week left before the tournament.

 But Milis, Alvin’s girlfriend, was lying naked on her back on the bed in Shinji’s room, exposing her beautiful naked body to him.

 Shinji’s hands were covered in warm oil and he was touching and massaging the oil all over Milis’ body.

 ”Hah ♡ Ah ♡ It feels so good ♡ When my skin becomes…… ♡ Glowing ♡ Al-kun will be happy too…… ♡”

 ”There’s no man who wouldn’t be happy if his girlfriend became beautiful”

 Her shoulders, arms, abdomen, and her large breasts were massaged with particular care. In addition, her body’s sensitivity has been heightened by the aphrodisiac spell, and she feels good just to be touched, and just the caress of her breasts in the name of massage makes Milis twitch and squirm.

 However, Shinji didn’t seem unaware of this.

 ”You look like you’re dying to have s*x. You had s*x with Alvin last night, didn’t you?”

 Milis had no choice but to answer Shinji’s deliberate question as he continued to slowly massage her.

 ”I did…… ♡ He made love to me a lot ♡ But I can’t get rid of the tingling…… ♡ Ahn ♡”

 Milis’s voice was sweet as her nipples were pinched.

 ”Milis is so greedy that she wants not only her lover but also her cheating dick”

 ”Shinji-san made me like this, didn’t he?”

 After being asked, Shinji took off his clothes and opened Milis’ legs. He presses his glans against the entrance of her secret region, which twitches with desire.

 ”Well, then. I’ll massage your vagina today to continue where we left off yesterday”

 ”Yes…… Nnnnnnn ♡”

 In addition to the tingling from last night, her body that was completed by the oil massage swallowed Shinji’s big cock as if she had been waiting for it.

 (It’s so big! It’s reaching all the way to the back……♡ Shinji-san’s cock feels so good after all…………♡)

 The sensation of filling her vagina tightly, the glans pushing deep into her vagina and kissing her cervix.

 It made Milis’ face melt with the pleasure she couldn’t feel when having s*x with her lover.

 After inserted all the way, Shinji started to piston his cock into her, while holding her oil-soaked body, which had a look of pleasure on her face.

 ”Hah ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Nn ♡ Shinji-san ♡ Why…… ♡ you do it slowly …… ♡”

 ”How can a massage be so intense?”

 He pulls his hips back until his p*nis is just about out, and then he thrusts into her vagina again. The slow movement makes her feel the pleasure of having her tight, fully formed vagina pushed open.

 Shinji was enjoying the feeling of her breasts and hardened nipples crushing against his chest as she tried to adjust to the shape of Shinji, not Alvin.

 (Even though it’s slow, it feels better than Al-kun’s……♡ Even though it’s bad, I can’t help comparing……♡)

 Milis couldn’t help but think about the lack of the intensity that made her thoughts fly.

 In addition, the fact that the position was the same as Alvin’s last night made her feel even more guilty.

 But the feeling of immorality gives Milis even more pleasure.

 ”I’m sorry ♡ I’m going to cum ♡ Nn ♡ Cummmmming ♡”

 Milis suddenly climaxed as her body turned upside down.

 And with his cock deep inside her, Shinji feels the comfortable vaginal pressure and waits for her to calm down while he fondles her large breasts.

 ”An ♡ …… ♡ Ah ♡ Sorry ♡ …… ♡ I couldn’t hold back ♡ …… ♡”

 ”It’s a massage. You can feel as good as you want”

 Shinji forgave Milis for apologizing with a debauched face.

 And then he asks her to get into the position she was in last night with Alvin, her arms around Shinji’s neck and legs around his waist.

 ”Well, we did this a lot last night……♡”

 ”I see. Then I’ll continue the massage, okay?”

 Shinji started to move gently again, but it wasn’t enough for Milis, so she had to move her hips to match Shinji’s movements, but with Shinji on top of her, she couldn’t move enough.

 ”Shinji-san ♡ More ♡ Please make it rougher…… ♡”

 ”So, you just want cheating s*x instead of a massage?”

 When Shinji says it’s a massage, she knows immediately what he wants from her. Because they have doing it together so many times.

 ”Yes ♡ Shinji-san’s cock ♡ Please give me a lot of cum ♡ Fuaahhhh ♡”

 When Milis showed her desire to have s*x, Shinji’s movements changed. Using his powerful hips, he thrusts his p*nis up Milis’s vagina and repeatedly penetrates her violently.

 Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡

 Every time Shinji’s hips slammed, Milis’ oil-covered breasts bounced. The thick, muscular p*nis went back and forth again and again, and Milis moaned and squealed with pleasure as she twisted her legs tightly around his waist.

 (Amazing ♡ My head ♡ went blank ♡ There’s no way I can resist this ♡)

 Milis clings to Shinji’s chest with both arms, while trembling and climaxing. And Shinji can tell that Milis is climaxing from her vagina convulsions, so he stops moving while she is climaxing, but resumes shaking his hips as soon as her vagina settles.

 Milis’s thoughts were tainted with pleasure, and she was immersed in the euphoria of being made to cum over and over again.

 It was easy to overwrite the happy s*x she had had with Alvin last night.

 And then Shinji gave him a vaginal cum shot to top it off.

 ”I’m going to cum…….!”

 ”~~~~ ♡♡♡ Ah ♡♡♡ Nnnnn ♡♡♡”

 Shinji pours his semen into Milis’ womb and Milis hugs him tightly to catch it all in her vagina.

 While Shinji squirted his semen into Milis’s womb, he also enjoying the big breasts and soft body pressed by Milis’s hug as she moaned and screamed.

 When Shinji looked at Milis’ face, he saw that she was ecstatic with pleasure and smiling with happiness.

 It was a true blessing in disguise for incubus.

 Shinji pulled out his p*nis and put a bathrobe on Milis, who was still breathing heavily and in a daze.

 ”Good work, Milis”

 ”Hii……♡ Thank you, for your help……♡”

 Shinji’s semen that could not be contained dripped from Milis’s pussy with a charming smile.

 After that, they wiped off the oil with their bathrobes and decided to take a bath to cleanse themselves.

 However, Shinji changed his mind midway through the bath, and Milis was given another vaginal cum shot in the bath, and tasted the happiness of having plenty of semen poured into her womb.


 Oil is a necessity for an erotic massage!

 Milis-chan’s cheating style is to fill her heart with Alvin and her body with Shinji.

 It’s a bad pattern that makes her feel immoral when she thinks about Alvin.

 Shinji, like incubus, is determined to make her throb with pleasure. Overwrite happiness, overwrite happiness.

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