Wizard 241

Chapter 241 Reunion with Durin

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 On the same day as Milis’ oil massage.

 Shinji was able to have a thorough discussion with Renka overnight of his renewed resolve, but he has not been able to talk to Iris.

 Because currently, <Green Travelers> is out of town on a quest until the day of the tournament, so he is unable to talk to her. So, for now, he decided to think about what he could say to apologize for the trouble he had caused with his half-hearted attitude.

 And after lunch, Shinji and Renka joined Alvin and Emily for their training and decided to spend the rest of the day working out.

 It was natural to abandon the sweet air during training, and Shinji and Renka took it very seriously.

 During breaks, they sat next to each other and talked amicably.

 They took it easy on the menu, and spent their time honing their skills so that their bodies wouldn’t slow down when they didn’t go on adventures.

 Milis, who had a snack with her, joined them halfway through, and Milis stayed with Alvin until his training was over.

* * *

 On night.

 Shinji goes to his favorite tavern. The purpose of his visit was not to drink, but to meet Durin.

 It had been exactly one week since he had held Durin, and the tournament was only a week away, so if Durin thought the s*x at the inn was good and wanted to have it again, he thought it was time to get impatient.

 Durin was the wife of a blacksmith, and she only had a few hours left to herself before her husband came to Medio.

 Shinji hadn’t given her any information about himself, so she assumed that if Durin was looking for Shinji, she would be in this tavern.

 (If she wasn’t here, I could just have one drink and go home)

 If he remembered how Durin looked after s*x, she looked quite satisfied.

 He thought that it was his role as incubus to teach her body how to be more comfortable and happier with s*x compared to her husband.

 And just as he had guessed.

 Shinji found Durin drinking alone at the same table as before. And when Durin spotted Shinji, she lightly beckoned to him.

 ”Good evening, Durin-san”

 ”It’s bin a while since A’ve seen you”

 Durin acted as if it was a coincidence, but Shinji did not miss the joy on her face when she spotted Shinji.

 At this point, Shinji was convinced that Durin had no regrets about the affair and that he had the opportunity to corrupt her.

 ”Are you alone again today?”

 ”Yes. Mah husband isn’t ‘ere yet. If ye’r going to drink, how aboot joinin’ me again?”

 Shinji accepted Durin’s invitation with a gentle smile, hoping that his evil plan would not go unnoticed, and decided to join her.


 ”Master. I’m going to have a drink with Durin-san. ……Can you serve me some of the liquor you have on reserve?”

 ”Of course……”

 As Master offers Shinji a plate of roasted nuts, Shinji asks him to bring out the bottle he has on reserve.

 ”What urr ye, a regular here?”

 ”I only come here once in a while. I feel at home here”

 For three days now, Durin had been drinking here every night.

 The reason was that the cheating s*x with Shinji was much better than she had imagined and she had never known s*x to be so good.

 Also, she had only ever had s*x with her husband, and she had only ever had casual s*x with him, but s*x with Shinji was like a whole new world.

 She knew that cheating on his husband was a bad thing, but she wanted to do it one more time before he came over…… so she waited for him.

 (Maybe we wur similar to each other……)

 A husband who cheats on his wife with a woman with big breasts and a wife who cheats on her husband with a man with a big dick. Durin inwardly thought to herself that they were a similar couple.

 ”Then, did I interrupt you?”

 ”I hope ye didn’t mind that I invited ye”

 Shinji smiles at Durin, who is trying to act cheerful without revealing his inner thoughts, and pours a glass of sake that the master has brought and left for him.

 ”Let’s have some fun, shall we? Durin-san”

 ”Okay. For noow, let’s drink!”

 The sound of the glasses lightly touching echoed through the tavern.

* * *

 ”Oh, so your mother is taking care of your husband”

 ”Yes. I heard that mah hoouse was a mess in juist a few days”

 Shinji was also drunk, but his thoughts were still clear.

 Durin was telling Shinji about the letter from his family that she had received.

 According to the letter, Durin’s husband could not do any housework at all, and he was very sorry and came to Durin’s parents’ house to bow down.

 She said that Durin’s mother was taking care of his meals and house chores, and that he would be arriving in Medio the day before the tournament, so they should talk about it.

 ”Weel, A’m not angry anymore. Mah husband wull know how much my value, ‘n’ we wull mak’ up”

 ”I think that’s a good”

 As she said this, Durin looked at Shinji’s reaction.

 Durin who looked at him, could not sense Shinji’s intentions to seduce her. So, she was relieved to know that she had no intention of divorcing her husband and that Shinji had no intention of getting involved with her.

 ”Well then, I guess this is the last time I’ll be drinking with you, Durin-san”

 ”Weel, I think it’s safe tae halt now”

 Shinji finished his drink and put down his glass.

 But when Shinji looked at Durin’s face, he could not help but notice that she did not seem to approve of what Shinji had said.

 ”Well, I guess I’m going to have to go along with you today. Shall we continue?”

 With that, Shinji’s hand gently touched Durin’s ass.

 When Durin understood the meaning of Shinji’s words, she turned her head to the side.

 ”……Y, yeah”

 Shinji heard her muttering quietly.

 (This is th’ last…… time I’ll be cheating. I had done it mony times afore, so…… another one will be th’ same……♡)

 After he finished paying the bill, Durin followed Shinji’s back as he left the tavern.

 The eyes were already tinged with lust in anticipation of pleasure.

 Durin, unaware of Shinji’s intentions, leaves the tavern to fall into the trap of incubus.


 This is Durin’s second time.

 Flat-chested married woman Durin wants to have s*x with Shinji again.

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