Wizard 242

Chapter 242 Durin’s Cheating Sex 2

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 ”Naaaaaa ♡♡♡ No gud ♡ Really no gud ♡ A’m become stupid ♡♡♡”

 On the bed in the inn.

 Durin, who was completely naked, was moaning in delight. Shinji didn’t have a chance to reply to the joyful voice, or rather, he couldn’t.

 Juru ♡ Jumu ♡ Juzu ♡ Juru ♡ Juruuu ♡

 Shinji’s face is between Durin’s legs as he caresses her secret parts with his mouth. He holds her waist firmly to prevent her from escaping, and licks the overflowing love juices with his tongue as he rubs her private parts.

 ”Niii ♡♡♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡”

 She has already climaxed twice, and now Durin is about to climax for the third time. Her hips bounce as she climaxes, but Shinji doesn’t let go of her.

 As the climax subsided, Shinji resumed his caresses. When he pressed the tip of his tongue on the swollen clitoris, Durin reacted in an interesting way.

 ”That place ♡ That place no good ♡ That’s th’ wirst place ♡”

 After three climaxes, Durin had lost all strength in her body.

 With her husband, s*x was a caress, penetration when wet, and ejaculation afterwards, and although it felt good, she had never experienced the kind of continuous climax that she was experiencing now.

 It was the first time Durin had learned that foreplay alone could make her feel so good.

 (This kind o’ foreplay…… ♡ Wance I know this kind o’ foreplay…… ♡ I’ll ne’er be satisfied wi’ mah husband …… ♡)

 Durin allowed Shinji to lick her secret parts because they had been physically together once. As a result, she had been made to cum a lot, and her body had been soaked in pleasure that her small nipples had become hard and sweaty.

 And she climaxed for the fourth time.

 ”~~♡♡♡ L, let me rest…………♡”

 Durin begs as her upper body weakens and she completely rests her body on the bed. Shinji who finally released his hand from Durin’s waist, looked up.

 He sees that Durin is breathing hard, looking like an upturned frog, unable to move.

 Feeling the lust in her flirtatious gaze, Shinji silently turned her over so that she was face down.

 The position is so-called “sleeping back” position, where the woman is covered and the glans is pressed against her private parts. Because Shinji’s body was bigger, there was no way for Durin to escape.

 When Durin noticed the feel of a raw glans, she panicked.

 ”N, no. ……Don’t dae raw……”

 ”Don’t worry, I use contraceptive magic. And besides, raw feels better, doesn’t it ……?”

 As the glans has been inserted.

 Durin noticed that just the insertion of the tip of the thick, it felt better than the previous insertion.

 As a married woman, she had to avoid raw s*x, as she could not determine if he was really using magic.

 But the temptation of the pleasure was too much for Durin.


 Seeing that Durin nodded her head silently, Shinji continued to penetrate her, and the second penetration was smoother because her vagina was wider than the first, and his p*nis went all the way into her vagina.

 (It’s really…… ♡ Th’ feeling o’ pressure is amazing…… ♡ ‘n’ raw is really…… different ♡)

 The vaginal pressure was very comfortable for Shinji. It felt as if Durin’s vagina was trying hard to remember Shinji’s shape, and without moving, Shinji moved his hand to pinch the hardened nipple.

 ”Fahh ♡ N, no wey ♡ I’ll be crazy ♡ If ye touch my breest, so stop it ♡”

 ”Is that so? But if I touch them, you’ll feel a lot better”

 Durin shakes her head in disapproval as he plays around with her nipples with both hands, but her vagina tightens up in a pleasant way.

 ”Be, because ♡ It feels to guid ♡ I’ll ne’er forgoat this ♡”

 ”Just remember it and take it home with you”

 He thrusts his hips forward again. Durin, who had been poked deep inside her vagina, turned her head away.

 ”This kind of s*x ♡ Mah husband ♡ I don’t think ♡ Ah ♡ He can do it ♡”

 Everytime, he thrusts into her vagina, her hips bounce.

 Before long, Durin had come to the conclusion that there was no way her husband could beat Shinji at s*x.

 ”I see…… Well, I’m not going to stop now”

 ”Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Nnn ♡ That’s it ♡ I understand ♡ T’day ♡ Lest time ♡”

 Pound ♡ Pound ♡ Pound ♡ Pound ♡

 Shinji was pounding Durin rhythmically. With each powerful thrust, her husband’s presence faded from her mind, and she was filled with a feeling of pleasure.

 Her body has already surrendered to the powerful male, Shinji, depriving her of the strength to defy him……

 Shinji and Durin are silently arousing each other. Only their ragged breathing dominated the room of the inn.

 When the glans begins to swell, Durin senses that he is about to ejaculate. By this time, there was no resistance left to vaginal cum shot.

 Like a submissive woman, Durin lays her hand on top of Shinji’s hand on the bed, waiting for him to ejaculate and pour his semen into her.

 ”Hoooooo ♡♡♡ ~~~~ ♡♡♡”

 Durin let out an indecent squeal at the pleasure of having an incomparable amount of semen poured into her womb.

 She squeezed his hand and surrendered naturally to the euphoria of a climax that exceeded the previous best climax of her life.

 (Thir’s na wey A’m going tae forgoat aboot this…… ♡ Wance I know aboot this…… ♡ I can’t go against this guy anymair……♡)

 After she thought that, a pink lewd pattern appears on Durin’s vagina. It was a sign that this was the happiest s*x Durin had ever had in his life.

 Shinji smiled thinly as he was able to carve the mark. It was an unparalleled pleasure to be able to corrupt someone else’s woman.

 When Durin put her hand on her cheek and turned her to face Shinji, he saw that she had the face of a woman who was in such a state of debauchery that she should only show it to her husband, and it made him even more excited.

 ”Let’s have as much fun as we can before you go back to your husband. It’s your last day”

 ”Yeah……♡ As ye said……♡”

 After that, Durin enjoys s*x with Shinji until late at night.

 The fallen married woman forgets about her husband for that day and enjoys the greatest pleasure of woman.


 This is Durin’s cheating s*x for the second time.

 The first time, she seemed to resist cunnilingus, but on the second time, she let him do it.

 The lewd crest has carved because she allowed him to have raw s*x with her.

 Even if she returns to the city of forging, she will not be satisfied with s*x with her husband……

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