Wizard 243

Chapter 243 Check on the progress of Shizuku and Hayate

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 Before Shinji leaves Durin at the inn.

 He tells a panicked Durin that he will not tie up her life.

 He even explained that the lewd crests were there to make s*x with Shinji more pleasurable, and that they were usually hidden from view. And he could remove it, so Durin managed to calm down.

 ”Maybe I’ll see you again. I’ll be very careful not to let your husband find out. ……Let’s get together again”

 ”……I can’t help it. I can’t resist you……♡”

 After Shinji make excuse the lewd crest, Durin gave up. The fact that it was a pose is evident by the look of anticipation on Durin’s face.

 Shinji was not going to point this out to her, so he just kept smiling.

* * *

 The next morning.

 As soon as Shinji woke up, he sent a thought to Sylphy and Marie. The purpose of this was to get an update on Hayate and Shizuku’s situation, and to see how far they were getting along.

 [There are a lot of things about Hayate’s thinking and actions that are unreadable. ……Sylphy, please]

 Shinji has already been thwarted twice. He couldn’t use the plan to bring her as Alvin’s second wife, so he wanted to leave it to someone else.

 Fortunately, she is ready to break up with Shizuku and seems to be willing to bear a child, so it can be said that Hayate can be left alone until she finds someone better on her own……

 [There is nothing unusual about her. The day after her heart broken, she was not in good spirits, but now she is back to normal and happily working at the store……]

 Hayate is no longer training for actual combat. Still, Nanaka taught her magic on Heliotrope’s grounds, but Shinji asked Nanaka not to teach her combat any more.

 There’s no harm in learning magic, and if her magic doesn’t improve at all, Shizuku might find out that she wants to quit being an apostle, so he lets her continue training.

 [No change, huh?]

 [Ah. But there is the owner of the store who was casually taking care of her, and so, the closest man to her was the owner of the…… store]

 [Haruto, huh?……]

 Although it is not a bad choice for a person, it is impossible for Haruto to marry Hayate. Without a certain number of sales and profits, the merchant cannot marry a second wife.

 Shinji did not know the exact number of sales, but if Haruto was making a lot of money, he would have hired a clerk when Nanaka became pregnant, so Shinji did not think he was exceeding the sales limit.

 [Well, let’s see how it goes for now. Thank you for the report, Sylphy]

 [You’re welcome. Marie is next]


 Marie started to speak instead of Sylphy.

 [The two of them are still on good terms~. They’ve been training together, going to dungeons together, and everything seems to be going well~]

 [It seems that Shizuku is in a good mood without me]

 Shinji, who was aware that he was disliked, couldn’t help but smile as he imagined Shizuku enjoying a more fulfilling life without him.

 Shinji liked the way Shizuku was still rebellious in peacetime, even though she couldn’t rebel at all when she was in bed.

 (Shizuku’s reactions are always entertaining)

 Shinji’s taste for torment is so strong that when he embraces Shizuku, he torments her aggressively.

 [I see. If it’s going that well, maybe it’s time to move on to the next phase]

 Shinji knew that Eve’s presence in Shizuku’s mind was growing by the day, but he didn’t want to waste time waiting for to get on top of Hayate.

 As he had already carved a lewd crest on Shizuku’s body.

 Now all he had to do was get her to turn her mind to Eve.

 [What are you going to do~?]

 [Shizuku has been keeping Hayate the secret about her lewd crest and the fact that I’m holding her, right?]

 Shinji’s words were met with a nod from Marie.

 [But, I’m going to ask Eve to share that with her. Because Eve also has a lewd crest…… So, what if she finds out that she has the same lewd crest?]

 The blame for Hayate, the sharing of secrets, and the reality of being corrupted by the same man.

 In addition to that, there are several reasons why it is better to live with Eve than with Hayate if she is going to live as an apostle.

 [In addition to that, Shizuku seems to choose Eve because she has affection for her]

 [I thought it would be impossible in her previous state of mind~, but I think it might work now~]

 It’s not clear how much favor Shizuku has left for Hayate, but Shinji decided it was worth a try.

 [So, Eve. Can you tell Shizuku that I said I would teach her a new magic this evening?]

 [I understand!]

 Shinji stood up to leave the room after instructing Eve with his thoughts.

 [Well then, do the rest as usual]


 After hearing Sylphy, Marie and Eve’s replies, Shinji disconnected his thoughts and left the room.

 It’s going to be a fun night, Shinji thought as he walked down the hallway, with a happy smile on his face.


 The plan to separate Hayate and Shizuku will also proceed.

 It’s up to the future to push up Al’s status and even Haruto’s……. Where will Hayate go?

 It takes two people to corrupt Shizuku with Eve.

 The body goes to Shinji and the heart goes to Eve.

 So, next time, it’s Shizuku and Eve.

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