Wizard 244

Chapter 244 Shizuku Corrupted by Eve (Before)

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 That night.

 Shinji summoned Shizuku to his house.

 The summons itself was no longer unusual, and Shizuku’s appearance with a slightly sullen attitude was also normal.

 ”Good evening, Shizuku”

 ”Good evening……. Don’t tell Eve anything, just tell Marie and she’ll get the message”

 ”What’s the problem?”

 The reason she was in a bad mood was not that she was meeting Shinji, but that Eve had asked her to give him a message.

 ”Isn’t it suspicious that we’re alone at …… night?”

 ”I’m not going to tell anyone about the magic ritual, and Eve is not the kind of girl who would be suspicious of an apprentice being alone with her master. You know that, right?”

 Eve’s bright smile came to Shizuku’s mind. Shizuku’s mind was filled with the bright smile of Eve, and it was hard to believe that a junior who adored her would have such a misguided idea.

 ”But still”

 ”All right, I’m sorry”

 Shinji apologized honestly to Shizuku, who kept reminding him.

 After all, Shizuku has a strong desire to be well-liked by Eve.

 (I guess that’s how much she liked Eve. ……Because a type like Shizuku wouldn’t care about someone she’s not interested in)

 After his apology, Shinji announced his plans.

 ”Today, you will learn the magic of <Water Spear>”

 ”……♡ I, I understand ……♡”

 As soon as Shinji’s magic power is poured into the lewd pattern, a pink glow appears on the lewd crest on her vagina. Her uterus tingled with excitement, and she wanted Shinji’s p*nis.

 Shizuku’s body had been completely tamed.

 ”Hurry up and sit down……♡ As always, let’s get this done quickly……♡”

 But She was still determined not to give up her mind and urged Shinji to do the same, because Shinji and Shizuku’s magic ritual always started with Shizuku sucking him off to make his p*nis erect.

 ”Don’t panic. There’s another person here today”


 ”Shizuku-senpai …… ♡”

 When Shizuku heard her name called from behind her, she turned around to see a completely naked Eve staring at her.

 Why? She thought for a moment.

 Eve’s vagina had the same lewd crest as Shizuku’s, and the pinkish glow made her understand that she was in the same position as her.

 ”I’m glad to see that Shizuku-senpai was the same ♡”

 Before Shizuku could open her mouth, Eve approached her. Her breasts swayed as she walked, and Shizuku couldn’t take her eyes off her beautiful naked body.

 ”I’ve fallen in love with you, Shizuku-senpai…… but since I’m doing a magic ritual with my master…… I thought I’d keep it to myself”

 Eve holds Shizuku’s hand tightly.

 ”But if Shizuku-senpai is the same as me…… there is no problem. Shizuku senpai, I love you…… from now on and forever, will you be with me……?”

 Shizuku’s heart wavered as Eve stared at her.

 Still, Shizuku has a great desire to not betray her lover Hayate.

 However, her calculating and calm self-shouts that she should choose Eve.

 Eve has been carved with a lewd crest by the same man, and is ready to fight as an apostle. She is also good-looking and has been showing her affection for her.

 If she chooses Eve, she can fulfill her duties as an apostle and not have to conceive Shinji’s child.

 It is clear to her that if she takes Eve’s hand, she will have a smooth sailing life as an apostle. But still.

 ”I can’t…… think about it right now, but I can…… do it”

 ”Of course. I like that kind of thoughtfulness of Shizuku’s senpai…… ♡”

 Shizuku could not refuse, and her words were slurred.

 Eve and Shinji felt that Shizuku was in a state of conflict because there was no clear rejection, so they decided to push further.

 ”Both of you. You shouldn’t forget what you’re here for, should you?”

 ”Oh, I’m sorry, Master……. Shizuku-senpai, let’s do the magic ritual now, shall we?”

 While apologizing for Shinji’s bitterness, Eve urged Shizuku on.

 ”Well, are you going to do it with the three of us?”

 ”Yes. Come on, Shizuku, get ready”

 At Shinji’s urging, Shizuku realized that the two of them were already planning to have a threesome and had no intention of backing out. It’s not that she doesn’t resist, but the tingling in her body won’t stop because of the…… lewd crests that keep triggering.

 ”……I understand”

 Shizuku took off her own clothes.

* * *

 ”Rero, Rero ♡ Chu, Chu ♡ Nmu ♡”

 ”Nn, Nnn ♡ Rerorero ♡ Juru, Juru ♡”

 Eve and Shizuku sit on the floor and lick Shinji’s erect p*nis as he sits on the bed.

 Shizuku, sitting on the right side of Shinji, licks the glans with her tongue, and Eve, sitting on the left side, flicks her tongue over the glans.

 Their tongues touched each other across Shinji’s p*nis, and it seemed that Shinji’s p*nis was interfering with their kiss.

 ”You’re making me look like a nuisance”

 ”Fufufu, I’m sorry, Master ♡ But I like Shizuku-senpai better than Master…… ♡ Chu ♡”

 ”Nnn ♡ ……Wait…… a moment…… I haven’t answered you yet……”

 ”It’s just my one-sided favor, so don’t worry about it ♡ Chu…… Chu ♡”

 As the blowjob stops, Shizuku squeezes his rod with her hand, and Eve softly reply her, while squeezing his ball sack.

 Eve also kisses Shizuku, which makes her look troubled but inwardly very happy, and she kisses Eve repeatedly as she is carried away.

 Seeing that, Shinji increases the amount of magic he sends to their lewd crest, and made Shizuku’s and Eve’s bodies jump. The vagina tingled more and more, and their kissing was interrupted.

 ”Isn’t the magic ritual the priority right now?”

 ”I, I’m sorry, Master……♡”

 ”W, why me too ……♡?”

 After that, he put his hands on the back of their heads and pulled them in, bringing their faces in front of his p*nis. The strong, strong male scent is more appealing to the two in heat than anything else.

 ””Juru ♡ Chuu ♡ Juru ♡ Juru ♡””

 Eve and Shizuku began to put their mouths on the p*nis again.

 The sight of them using their lips and tongues to caress Shinji in a passionate attempt to make him ejaculate is uplifting and heightens the feeling of ejaculation.



 Shinji called out her name quickly.

 Shizuku knew from previous experience that his trembling p*nis was on the verge of ejaculation, and she knew why Shinji had called his name.

 So, she welcomed the p*nis into her mouth as she took it from Eve.

 Bururururu ♡

 Shinji shoots his semen into Shizuku’s mouth.

 The thick semen from the first shot was poured into her mouth, and she managed to catch it all. Koku ♡, he can see that she swallowed the semen as her throat rumbled.

 ”Hah…… ♡ This is good, isn’t it…… Nnnmu ♡?”

 ”Chuu ♡ Share some with me too ……♡ Chuu♡”

 Shizuku took her mouth off the p*nis and when she was about to slap her mouth, Eve kissed Shizuku from the side.

 Eve’s tongue entered Shizuku’s mouth and kissed her deeply, trying to lick away the mixture of saliva and semen in front of Shinji’s eyes.

 ”Hah…… ♡ Master’s is still good……Nmu ♡”

 ”Hah, hah……♡”

 The deep kissing continued for a while, and when Eve parted her lips, there was a stark contrast between a satisfied Eve and a breathless Shizuku.

 ”Eve, could you please come up to bed with Shizuku?”

 ”I understand…… Shizuku-senpai, this is just the beginning……♡”

 Shizuku’s body trembled as Shinji and Eve who smiled at her in a s*xy, lascivious way.

 But it was not out of fear, but in anticipation of the pleasure to be gained from the upcoming act.


 Brief Synopsis

 Shinji summons Shizuku for a magic ritual, and Eve joins them.

 Eve, who has the same lewd crest, confesses her love to Shizuku, but Shizuku is unsure and cannot say no.

 With no answer pending, the magic ritual begins.

 As foreplay, Shinji makes them both give him a blowjob.

 This is it.

 A threesome involving Shizuku-chan.

 Shizuku is being pushed hard by Eve (in junior mode).

 It’s a threesome ……, but it’s almost one on two.

 Eve, who loves girls, gets involved with Shizuku.

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Edited by Kanaa-senpai.

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