Wizard 245

Chapter 245 Shizuku Corrupted by Eve (After)

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 Eve and Shizuku climbed into bed.

 Shinji who was already lying on the bed on his back, waiting for them. They naturally looked at his erect p*nis, which was still erect despite his ejaculation.

 ”Shizuku, shall we finish first?”

 ”I understand…….”

 When Shizuku understood what Shinji wanted, she straddled him.

 And due to estrus by lewd crests, ejaculation in the mouth, also deep kisses with Eve, Shizuku’s body wants Shinji’s p*nis, even if her mind does not approve.

 As the entrance to the secret area is already loosened up, the glans is easily allowed to enter, and as Shizuku sits down, the big cock scrapes the vaginal wall and occupies Shizuku’s vagina.

 ”Hah … ♡ Huh ♡ ~~~ ♡♡”

 When her flat, shapely ass rides Shinji, Shizuku’s vagina tightens on its own as the sensation pushes up and squeezes the back of her vagina.

 It was really frustrating, but Shizuku had become addicted to the pleasure that Shinji’s p*nis was giving her.

 Furthermore, it’s the last thing he wants to do, but Shinji sees through her and thinks that it’s not his job to corrupt her mind if her body is giving in.

 ”You see, you have to move while maintain your magic”

 ”…. ♡ I understand…., Please shut up…. ♡”

 Shizuku closes her eyes and then started moves her hips up and down gently, trying not to breathe harder than necessary and not to show the face that she felt it.

 Normally he would reprimand her for her slow movements, but today Shinji didn’t need to tell her.

 ”Shizuku-senpai…… that kind of movement won’t be enough”

 ”Hnnnnn ♡”

 Eve hugged Shizuku from behind and pushed her body from above, allowing her to go deeper, and Shinji’s p*nis pushed up the back of Shizuku’s vagina.

 Shinji could tell that Shizuku had lightly climaxed as her vagina tightened from the intense pleasure.

 ”It feels good, doesn’t it, Shizuku-senpai? ♡ Let’s make it feel even better…… ♡ Please rotate your hips…… ♡”

 ”Wait, wait ♡ Don’t touch me now ♡ I know, I know…… ♡”

 Eve whispered in her ear as she squeezed her breasts with both hands. In addition, Eve pinched the hardened nipple and played with it while requesting her to move her hips in a circular motion if she can’t move up and down.

 Shizuku tried to escape the sweet pleasure by twisting and moving her hips, but as she tasted the p*nis from different angles, her thoughts began to be tainted by the feeling of just feeling good.

 ”No, no way…… ♡ It feelss so good…… ♡”

 ”You’re so cute, Shizuku-senpai……♡ It’s okay to feel good ♡ using Master’s dick ♡”

 Shizuku’s rebellious spirit, which would have worked if she was being attacked by Shinji, a man she didn’t like, doesn’t work anymore because of Eve whispering in her ear.

 On the beginning, Shizuku’s mind began to convince her that it was inevitable that a woman in her position and liking would feel good with Shinji’s p*nis.

 ”I also like Shizuku-senpai who is defeated by Master’s dick ♡ I’m defeated too, so we’re the same ♡”

 The words “She like herself too, and she’s defeated by his dick” really touched Shizuku’s heart now. So, her true feelings began to leak out from the walls of her mind that had been built to withstand Shinji’s attacks.

 ”I don’t like him ♡ I don’t like it ♡ but Shinji’s cock is good ♡ I’m already losing ♡”

 She lifted her hips, which had just been turning, and let them fall.

 The bold pistoning motion of pulling out as far as it would go and thrusting in as far as it would go was a movement that Shizuku wanted to pleasure herself with.

 Eve, who had been hugging Shizuku, grabbed her hand and moved in front of her, then she straddling Shinji’s face and lowering her hips.

 Seeing her action, Shinji’s tongue began to lick her throbbing clit.

 ”Master’s cock is the best…… ♡ Ah, Master’s tongue …… feels so good too…… ♡”

 ”Hah ♡ Ah ♡ It feels so good……♡ Eve’s right. ……♡ Shinji’s cock is good ♡”

 (She had become so honest. As I thought, when Eve whispers her, it’s completely different)

 Bicha ♡ Pichu ♡ Rero ♡ Kuchu ♡

 Pound ♡ Pound ♡ Pound ♡ Pound ♡

 The two women on Shinji are both getting hotter.

 Shinji grabs Shizuku’s hips with one hand and thrusts upward, while he grabs Eve’s thighs and flicks her pussy with his tongue.

 ”Oh ♡ No, I’m ♡ Cumming Cumming cummmmmmmming ♡”

 ”Me too, Shizuku-senpai……♡ I’m cummmming ♡”

 The three of them climaxed almost simultaneously.

 As Shizuku’s vagina tightened and twitched, the semen from Shinji’s p*nis gushed out and poured into Shizuku’s womb.

 It was impossible for Shizuku, who had been distracted by Eve’s thoughts, to develop her magic power, and the magic ritual failed as it should have.

 In the end, it’s all about pleasure, and there’ no room to worry about the failure of the magic ritual.

 Eve also climaxed lightly and squirted.

 While shaking her body, she looked at Shizuku with an enchanting and s*xy gaze.

 It was Eve who opened her mouth first in a room filled with the sound of ragged breathing.

 ”Fufu, the three of us came together…… ♡”

 ”Hah, hah…… ♡ Nn…… ♡”

 Eve lightly kissed Shizuku’s lips and Shizuku was left to her own self. After many kisses, Shizuku’s thoughts finally calm down.

 (I……. am failing again……♡)

 Shizuku, who had finally realized the failure of the magic ritual, tried to move her hips gently, using the reason for the erection, but Eve stopped her.

 ”Shizuku-senpai, it’s my turn now…… ♡ There’s still time for you to do it…… ♡ Let’s do it as many times as possible until you succeed…… ♡”

 ”T, that’s right……♡”

 Shizuku is completely caught up in Eve’s pace.

 She also could no longer feel her reluctance or confusion, and at Eve’s urging, she handed over Shinji’s p*nis to Eve.

 When Shizuku stood up, Eve removed her hand from hers, and they lay on the bed in a tangle.

 Shizuku was on top of Eve’s back, and the two secret parts of their bodies were in full view of Shinji.

 Standing up, Shinji stood in a position where he could insert his cock into both of them and fondled Shizuku’s ass as it swayed in front of him.

 ”Master ……♡ I’m next ……♡”

 ”Nn……♡ Hey, don’t touch me more than you have to ……♡”

 Shizuku’s hateful words were still the same, but Shinji felt that the heat in Shizuku’s gaze towards Eve was comparable to the heat she used to direct towards Hayate.

 [I’ll stick to the shadows today]

 [Yes, Shinji-san. Please leave Shizuku in my hands]

 While watching Shizuku began to kiss Eve aggressively and deeply with her tongue, he exchanged thoughts with Eve.

 In this way, Shizuku, whose body was corrupted by Shinji and whose mind was corrupted by Eve, was able to have s*x with her all night long, and at the end of the night, she learned the magic of <Water Spear>.

 It was the most satisfying night of her life so far.



 The two of them straddle Shinji, and the three of them have s*x, with Shizuku tasting his p*nis and Eve tasting his tongue.

 The whispers of Eve, a fallen woman like Shizuku, easily penetrate Shizuku’s mind and capture her heart.

 Thus, Shizuku’s body is corrupted by Shinji and her mind by Eve.

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 Shizuku has fallen.

 Her heart goes from Hayate to Eve. However, she still loves Hayate, but she just likes Eve more than Hayate.

 Shinji’s role in the story was a little weak this time, but it can’t be helped.

 It’s a threesome that includes a yuri flavor……

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