Wizard 246

Chapter 246 Encounter in the City

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 It had been a few days since Shizuku had been corrupted by Eve, and there were only three days left until the fighting tournament.

 Shizuku has started to train her magic more intensively than before, and Eve is following suit.

 There’s no doubt that in her mind, her future partner has changed from Hayate to Eve.

 Shinji was reported by Eve that Shizuku hadn’t given her a definite answer yet, but it was clear that she had changed her mind, as she was now willing to accept light skinship from Eve.

 ”So, I guess that’s pretty much what I was aiming for”

 ”Okay, thank you very much…….”

 And so, it was late afternoon, just three days before the tournament.

 After finishing her part-time job in the morning, Shinji took Hayate, who was supposed to train from noon, to an alley near Heliotrope to talk.

 Hayate bowed her head and felt guilty because she had taken an improper step to break up with her lover, even though it was what she wanted to do.

 ”I think you should consider that you have no choice this time. Because you can’t compromise with each other, the way you live”


 Shinji, who has decided to live as a succubus’ son no matter what anyone says, comforts Hayate.

 As long as she can’t make a decision, she needs to have the courage to take responsibility for her choice and push it through, but as a normal girl, Hayate doesn’t have the mental strength to do so.

 ”You can continue to be friends as long as you don’t break up. Both of you are apostles and you don’t have to hide it. If you feel bad, you can help Shizuku in the future when she is in trouble. Of course, within the bounds of friendship”

 ”Yes, I will do that. ……Phew, Onii-san is so nice and decent when he’s giving me serious advice like this……”

 She thought it’s great that he’s able to say something that affects Hayate, but when she thinks about the fact that the payback is something naughty, she can’t help but look at Shinji with a frown.

 Shinji shrugged his shoulders and tried to ignore the protesting glances.

 (Gununu, this time I’ll squeeze him until he’s exhausted……)

 The hypnotic effects of the hypnosis had made it almost impossible for Hayate to resist doing something naughty to Shinji.

 In addition, Hayate’s knowledge of subcultures such as anime, manga, and otherworldly template has led her to read some female-dominated 18 forbidden works, so she secretly plots against him.

 However, there is no way that Hayate can beat Shinji in bed, but Hayate never realizes this……

 ”O, Onii-san…… after this, if you have time……”

 ”Wait, someone’s coming”

 Hayate, who had made up her mind, opened her mouth, but Shinji stopped her.

 This is because Shinji sensed that the presence of a person was approaching at a considerable speed.

 When Shinji turned his attention to the street, Hayate followed him and looked in the same direction.

 Then, ……the one who came running in.

 ”Oh, you! Please tell them I went on ahead!”

 It was Himeno, running with the sleeves of the kimono which swept up in the air.

 As if running away from someone, she slipped her body between the buildings to hide. Then, just as she was hiding, Shinji saw Ichiro and the others in an alleyway, along with a young man with a dragon horn that Shinji did not know.

 The young man with the dragon horn was gasping for breath and seemed to be having trouble running. Shinji and Hayate felt that he was not good at running.

 Suddenly, Ichiro and Shinji’s eyes met. Ichiro came over to Shinji with the three of them in tow.

 ”It’s been a while, Shinji-dono. I’m sorry to ask this rude question, but have you seen Ojou?”

 ”Hello, Ichiro-san. Himeno-san ran that way”

 Shinji quickly pointed to the end of the alley. Shinji’s natural attitude was enough to fool Ichiro’s eyes.

 On the other hand, Hayate immediately hid behind Shinji when they were half surrounded by several dragonmen.

 Ichiro looked to be about her father’s age, Jiro and Saburo’s looks were well put together, but not as good as Alvin’s and there was nothing to admire about them. And the last one was also not to Hayate’s liking due to his horns.

 Although he was dressed in the same kimono as Ichiro and the others, it was of a higher quality and gave the impression of higher status. The horns peeking out from his golden hair were also magnificent, and Hayate, who was not used to seeing them, felt intimidated.

 The man himself, meanwhile, was trying his best to catch his breath and looked pathetic.

 Fortunately, Shinji seemed to be in charge of the matter, so Hayate decided to keep her mouth shut.

 ”Thank you for the information. Mitono-dono, are you alright?”

 ”Hah…. Hah…. I managed it…… Phew, as expected, Hime is very fast. I can’t keep up with her”

 When Shinji looked at the dragon man, who was wiping sweat off his face and catching his breath, Ichiro sensed his gaze and opened his mouth.

 ”Shinji-dono. This is Mitono-dono. He is ojou’s fiancé”

 ”Ah, the one you were talking about before…….”

 Shinji made a convinced face at Ichiro’s introduction. The young man called Mitono, who had finally caught his breath, smiled softly at Shinji.

 ”It’s nice to meet you, I’m Mitono. Are you a friend of Hime’s?”

 ”Nice to meet you. I’m Shinji. We’re both adventurers, but we’re only…… acquainted. This girl is my friend, but she’s a little shy. ……Sorry”

 Shinji also replied with a friendly smile and made a move to protect Hayate, who was hiding behind him.

 Mitono was impressed by his gentlemanly attitude and accepted Shinji’s apology.

 ”We are the ones who are barging in with a large number of people. …….Ichiro-san, let’s go”

 ”Phew. Shinji-dono, then. Excuse me”

 With Jiro and Saburo bailing, Ichiro and Mitono ran off in the direction Shinji had pointed.

 After a while, when they are out of sight, Hayate lets out a deep breath and steps out from behind Shinji to stand next to him.

 ”I was surprised. ……Thanks a lot, Onii-san”

 ”No, I’m sorry about my acquaintance. So? Why were you running away, Himeno-san?”

 After smiling and answering Hayate’s honest thanks, Shinji exhaled a sigh and called out to the gap in the building.

 ”Well, I’ve been through a lot myself……”

 Himeno appeared from behind the building.

 Shinji waited to see what the gloomy-looking Himeno would say.


 Report to Hayate-chan.

 The hypnosis has had quite an effect on Hayate-chan.

 She knows a lot about s*x in her original world!

 Himeno-chan’s future husband appears.

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