Wizard 25

Chapter 25 The Lesser Dragon’s Lair challenge with Emily, 2

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 ”We must defeat the Dragon!”


 ”O, oh…”


 Two days after the discussion.

 <Running Wolves> and Emily left the guild to head to the Lesser Dragon’s lair.

 This time, the quest was led by the guild, and they were completely supported.

 <Guild runner>, a trained bird for riding, will carry them to the temporary base set up by the adventurer’s guild.

 When it was time to unload and gear up, Emily shouted, followed by Alvin and Milis. Shinji and Renka were watching in silence.

 ”You’re not in high spirits, are you?”

 ”That’s right! Shinji, Renka!”

 ”Huh, Emily and Alvin are not a good combination for me.”

 Shinji looked at the two hot-headed men with a pouting face and let out a sigh.

 ”Look, don’t be silly, let’s go!”

 Renka tried to lead the way.

 However, Emily turned to Shinji as she stepped further forward.

 ”Can I kill the monsters when we heading to the nest?”

 ”Ah… yes. Renka, let’s leave it to Emily. Alvin, since you have the opportunity, you should take a closer look. I hope you find something useful.”

 Renka seemed to want to say something, but if it would be helpful to Alvin… she quietly backed off.

 With Emily at the front of the group, followed by Alvin, Renka, and Milis, and Shinji at the back, it was decided to set off.

* * *

 ”Oh, Scorpion.”

 Emily, who was running in the front, stopped, and everyone stopped behind her.

 Everyone saw the <Scorpion>, it’s a scorpion-shaped monster with the size of a human adult.

 The monster also seems to recognize her and opens its scissors to threaten her.

 ”I’ll do it quickly.”

 Emily, who carried a spiked iron club on her shoulder that was longer than her height, turned back to Shinji and looked at the scorpion. (*Note: Spiked iron club -> Kanabo)

 Don! There was a heavy sound and vibration that shook the ground slightly.

 In the blink of an eye, Emily, who should have been right in front of them, had moved several dozen meters away and was swinging her iron club in front of the giant scorpion.

 A single flash of her powerful arm.

 With a tremendous crushing sound, the scorpion was crushed.

 It was an instant kill.

 ”I’m back ♡”

 ”Thanks for your hard work. Here’s your potion.”

 The same sound was heard again and Emily came back to Shinji in an instant.

 He handed the potion to Emily as if he was used to it.

 In the meantime, Alvin and the others were silent.

 ”What was that…?”

 ”The application of self-strengthening magic… I guess. I’m using it in a somewhat unique way.”

 Alvin muttered in disbelief at what had just happened.

 Milis and Renka remain silent.

 ”Common self-strengthening magic is used to cover the entire body like we do, right? Originally, it is a magic that strengthens the whole body evenly, and if you want to run faster, you can generally add more magic power on the legs to increase the strengthening factors. But for me, When I just kicked the ground and accelerated, I just concentrating only on my legs, and cutting off all the strengthening except where I needed it.”

 Shinji understood the theory, but he couldn’t put it into practice.

 Shinji has asked Emily what she does with the recoil from that speed, and how she stops, which is sure to hurt the place where the strengthening was cut.

 The answer was.

 <You can move faster by gathering all your energy into the soles of your feet and thumping them. And you just have to withstand the impact with your energy and stop with a bang.”

 That’s it.

 As Emily spoke only with her senses, Shinji gave up trying to understand her.

 ”Hmmm, that’s my specialty. Isn’t that great?”

 ”That’s quite something to say…”

 ”Well… I couldn’t follow it with my eyes at all.”

 ”That’s amazing! She can move that fast! How do you do it?”

 The same explanation was given to the excited Alvin with a confident look on her face.

 Both Milis and Renka have a confused face and look at Shinji with a troubled look on their faces, but Shinji just shakes his head in resignation.

 ”Give it a squeeze and boom, then it stops with a bang… Okay!”

 ”Wait, Alvin!”

 Shinji hurriedly tried to stop the motivated Alvin.

 At the time of Shinji’s first attempt, he accelerated but failed to land and fell.

 He was too full of momentum and rolled on the ground several times, breaking his arm in the process.

 If Alvin was to make a similar mistake now and get injured, it would be a big problem.

 However, Shinji was too late to stop him.

 Arvin’s figure disappeared with a booming sound.

 The next moment, there was Alvin, a dozen meters away, slipping and sliding in a cloud of dust.

 ”It’s so slippery! I can’t stop properly!”

 And then he comes back to Shinji and the others in the same way once more.

 ”Oh, wow! Alvin, you’re so talented! I’ve never seen anyone do it so well from the start!”

 ”Really? I did it!”

 Shinji breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Alvin raising one arm in joy and Emily praising him.

 ”Alvin, please don’t use this technique during this request… It’s a technique that could cause serious injury. You can practice it later…”

 ”Seriously injured!? Al-kun, you can’t!”

 ”I don’t know how you can do it with that explanation. Maybe I’ll practice later.”

 ”Okay, okay. Sorry, guys…”

 Alvin scratches his cheeks with an apologetic look.

 ”Can you teach me in person?”

 ”We’ll talk about it later. The diversion team should be moving, so let’s move quickly.”

 ”That’s right, let’s go.”

 Everyone started to move again.

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