Wizard 26

Chapter 26 The Lesser Dragon’s Lair challenge with Emily, 3

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 ”Looks like the diversion is working.”

 Just before they reached their destination, the Lesser Dragon’s Lair, Emily took out a telescope from her pocket and saw a balloon floating in the sky.

 That is a balloon that the guild flies to check on the battle situation.

 Emily flashed the light emitting device attached to the telescope several times, and the balloon monitor noticed it and used a hand flag to report the situation.

 The message was, “In the nest, 3 remaining, others outside, gone. It said.”

 ”There are one unique individual and two companions. Looks fine to me! I will focus on the unique one, and the rest take care of the other two!”

 ”Okay! Everyone let’s go!”


 ”I got it.”

 ”I’ll do my best.”

 Emily and the four members of <Running Wolves> stepped into the nest.

 After passing through the tunnel, they found themselves in a vast desert pit.

 In the middle of it, there were three giant lizards <Lesser Dragons>.

 The two females were almost identical in appearance.

 They had huge bodies covered with hard reddish-black scales and piercing eyes. They are monsters with sharp fangs and claws.

 The unique individual lesser dragons had an even larger physique. The color of the dragon is different from the female, with black scales that have lost their red color.

 Three of them, bared with hostility, were waiting for Shinji and the others in line.

 And then the heads of the three creatures swung up towards the sky at the same time.

 ”The flames are coming!”

 ”Mil! Please!!”

 Alvin, holding his great sword, stepped forward.

 Milis held up her staff and unleashed her magic at Shinji and Alvin’s cries.

 ”<Magic Barrier>!!”

 A transparent layer forms a dome in front of Alvin and his team.

 At the same time, from the mouths of the three creatures, huge fireballs were unleashed on Alvin and the others.

 The fireball flew in a straight line and collided with the layer.

 The fireball slides across with the layer’s surface and lands far behind Alvin and the others, spreading flames.

 ”I will pay you back!”

 ”Crush the enemies! <Rock Bullet>”

 Renka shot an arrow that pierced the paw of one of the females.

 The rock pile that Shinji shot at the Female Lesser Dragons that weren’t hit by the arrow was evaded by its swift movements.

 ”I guess I can’t hit it with a simple shot.”

 ”Then, let’s aim with me.”

 ”Mil! Cover me, please!”

 ”Okay! Al-kun! <Physical Barrier>!”

 The female Dragon rushed at the Shinji with the momentum of the evasion. Behind it, another female Dragon with an arrow in her leg also rushed forward.

 The flames are deflected, and they switch to melee attacks.

 Alvin stands in front of the unharmed dragon as it runs ahead.

 Then, Alvin’s great sword and the Female Lesser Dragon’s claws struck each other with a high sound.

 With the help of <Physical Barrier>, Alvin was able to kill the momentum of the Female Lesser Dragon’s rush without being blown away.

 ”Eat this!”

 ”Alvin, Renka and I will take the other one.”

 Renka’s arrows were fired one after another.

 The Female Lesser Dragon which was received an arrow in its leg, hated arrow’s attack and repeatedly jumped to the side to avoid it. After a few times of evasion, when Renka trying to pull the arrows out of the quiver, there is a slightly chance so it put all the strength into its four legs to leap and get closer to Renka.

 ”Sink it <Swamp>”

 Shinji’s made the Female Lesser Dragon’s feet limp as if they were in a swamp.

 It’s four legs sink into the ground.

 It couldn’t move because its legs had sunk too far into the ground. The more it moves, the more it sinks.

 ”Let’s go!”

 During these attacks and defenses, Emily, who was staring at the Black Lesser Dragon, moved.

 In an instant, she moved to the Black Lesser Dragon and swung her spiked iron club down on the Black Lesser Dragon’s head.

 The Black Lesser Dragon effortlessly caught the attack, which would have taken it completely by surprise, with its own claws. A roar echoed through the battlefield.

 ”It’s not going to be that easy!”

 Emily evaded the Black Lesser Dragon’s counterattack by leaving the scene immediately. The Black Lesser Dragon, whose attack was evaded, turned to Emily in a relaxed manner and began to walk towards her to close the distance.

 (It’s calm despite a monster. It’s a little tricky.)

 Emily, who is holding a spiked iron club, inwardly chuckled.

* * *

 Alvin was aiming to take advantage of the opportunity while evading the claw slashes and bites of the Female Lesser Dragon one after another.

 He slashed a few times as a check, but the shallow wounds did not affect the actions of the Female Lesser Dragon. However, Alvin was convinced that the blade of the great sword was fully capable of cutting through the hard scales.

 However, the opportunity to slash with all his might does not come around often.

 Alvin decided to attack forcefully.

 ”Mil! <Increase Speed>!

 ”Okay! <Increase Speed>!

 Alvin’s body became faster.

 He tried his best to avoid the claws, but the increase in speed gave him the strength to take a step forward and slash back.

 The Female Lesser Dragon is in an unfavorable position and changes its behavioral pattern.

 It refrained from swinging its claws and biting, which it had been doing until now, and used its claws as a shield to intercept Alvin as he moved.

 The claws were too hard for Alvin’s big sword to cut through.

 Alvin courageously slashed at the Female Lesser Dragon, which was in a defensive stance waiting for other allies.

 However, Alvin’s strength was being drained by the Female Lesser Dragon, which never showed a decisive opening…

 Suddenly, Shinji, who was supposed to be dealing with the other dragon, came into view.

 Then their gazes intersected.

 Alvin steps in with a large swing of his great sword.

 The Female Lesser Dragon, who had tried to block Alvin’s large swing with room to spare, was unable to raise its arms to brace its claws like a shield.

 Because a lump of earth with the shape of arm grows out from the ground and seals the Female Lesser Dragon’s arm.

 If the Female Lesser Dragon swung its arm as a shield with all its might from the start, it would have been able to shake off the restraint, but it was too late. At the very least, it can resist with opened its big mouth to bite.

 ”<Rock Arm>”


 Alvin’s big sword swung down.

 From the front, he slashed the Female Lesser Dragon’s face.

 The Female Lesser Dragon, which was cut in a straight line from its wide-open mouth to the top of its head, died instantly and its body fell to the ground.

 ”Al, it’s over here too.”

 Another one whose limbs have been sealed in the mud was shot dead by Renka.

 Shinji tried to sink it by hitting it repeatedly with <Rock Arm> that he used to support Alvin to escape. And Renka continues to shoot arrows all over its face.

 The Female Lesser Dragon, which is covered in blood, thinks that if it kills Shinji, the magic will be cut off.

 The Female Lesser Dragon, unaware that it was being lured by Shinji, released its breath and was shot in its mouth by Renka. The arrows pierce the mouth and brain, causing the Female Lesser Dragon to sink to the ground.

 Shinji has succeeded in evading the painful breath of the Female Lesser Dragon without hitting him.

 It happened a few seconds before Shinji supports Alvin.

 ”Thank you, Shinji!”

 ”Yeah. I’m going to cover Emily.”


 Alvin and the other four rushed to aid Emily.

 They can see the intensity of the battle even from a distance.

 Emily was having a hard time attacking.

 She tried to close the distance with her special move, but the Black Lesser Dragon attacked her face-to-face, releasing its breath as if it were spreading. The claws and tails that dig into the ground are like a barrage with the added bonus of a head-sized pile of rocks.

 (He is clever…! He knows my weakness)

 Emily’s method of movement is to abandon defense in favor of speed.

 Since <Self-Strengthening> magic is concentrated in one point, the rest of the body becomes fragile. If she were to accidentally hit a stone or gravel, it could be fatal.

 This is why Emily was not very good at attacking face-to-face.

 Her specialty was hit-and-go with high maneuverability, but the Black Lesser Dragon had quick reflexes, and even if she tried to attack it from blind sight, it would react accurately and counterattack her.

 Emily changed her strategy.

 She decided to wait for Shinji while continuing to attack with all her might.

 And the time had come.

 The <Running Wolves> that killed the Female Lesser Dragon joins Emily.

 ”Shinji! Give me your magic power!”

 ”Ugh… are you going to do that? I know. Alvin, Milis, Renka! Don’t step forward!”

 Shinji stopped Alvin and the others who tried to join the fight.

 Then, magic power rises from Shinji’s body and pours into Emily. No, it’s being sucked into Emily.

 The blue glow connecting the two of them was a beautiful sight.

 Emily, who had received Shinji’s <Mana Link>, unleashed her hand.


 All the magic power converges on Emily’s spiked iron club.

 Emily sweeps her weapon sideways towards the Black Lesser Dragon a few meters away.

 The magic power becomes a blue line and runs through the air.

 The compression of the magic power is released from the spiked iron club and passes through the body of the Black Lesser Dragon.

 The movement of the Black Lesser Dragon stopped completely.

 The Black Lesser Dragon’s body slipped to the side with a sound.

 The upper body slid down to the ground, and the blood of the black dragon stained the earth.

 ”Hah, It’s end!”

 Emily thrusts the spiked iron club into the ground and turns around with a smile.

 ”W, whoooooa! That was awesome! Emily is awesome!”

 ”Amazing! You did it! Shinji-san…?”

 ”Shinji!? Are you okay!?”

 ”You’re squeezing my magic too much…”

 Yay! Emily and Alvin are high-fiving each other.

 Shinji looks exhausted and shaking, and Renka is supporting him. Milis is hurriedly preparing a mana potion.

 Shinji’s voice of protest was not heard by the two happy people.

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