Wizard 27

Chapter 27 Behind the Scenes, Renka and Peeping Milis

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 ”Congrats on our successful quest! Cheers!”


 They all shouted in unison at the sound of Emily’s voice.

 The corner of the dining room at <Raging Lizard Inn> had been reserved for Emily and the other adventurers who had participated in the quest to eradicate the Lesser Dragon’s nest.

 Emily was the main guest at the party, which was attended by the other four parties that had served as diversions, as well as the members of <Running Wolves>

 With that many people attending, the innkeeper and his wife would not have the resources to handle it all, so they agreed to let them bring in their own food, pay for the place, and order a certain amount of food, so they could use it as a Party Hall.

 The reason why the <Raging Lizard Inn> was used as a Party Hall was to make it easier to bring food and drinks to Shinji, who was tired from being drained by Emily and wanted to go home and sleep in his room.

 Not long after the toast, Shinji returned to his room.

 The party begins and the fun time passes.

 Milis, who was talking with the other female members of the party, noticed that Renka was nowhere to be found in the Party Hall.

 ”Alvin~! I would like to see it ♪”

 ”””Oh, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it!”””

 ”…! How is it! So, the next one! Emily!”

 ”””I want to see it!”””

 ”It’s getting really exciting…”

 Milis thought about asking Alvin, but Alvin was having a drinking contest with Emily and the other adventurers, and didn’t seem to know if she wanted to talk to him.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 The innkeeper called out to Milis, who was looking around.

 ”Do you know where is Renka, landlady?”

 ”If it’s Renka, she brought some food to Shinji-san.”

 ”I understand. Thank you very much.”

 Milis thanked the busy landlady. After a light bow, the landlady took a plate with freshly prepared food in her hand, placed it on the table and returned to the kitchen.

 The dish on the plate was Renka’s favorite, fried chicken.

 (I should take it for her, in case it runs out.)

 Milis took a small plate of fried chicken and left the Party Hall.

 No one seemed to pay any attention to her.

 Milis went to Shinji’s room where Renka was staying.

 Walking down the corridor, she saw Shinji’s room.

 The door was not fully closed and the light from the room was leaking into the corridor.

 Then when Milis’ hand was almost touching the door.

 ”An ♡”

 A lustrous female voice was heard from inside Shinji’s room.

 Milis took a step back immediately.

 The voice that she was heard was definitely Renka’s, although the tone of voice was different.

 The breathless Milis hears a muffled voice that sounds as if it’s holding back pleasure, the nasty sound of water squirting, and the sound of the bed creaking.

 It was easy to guess what was going on inside.

 Even though it was obvious that she should leave the room, Milis was drawn to the slightly open door and looked into the room.

 Milis saw Renka’s clit with a huge p*nis.

 The bed’s orientation made it impossible to see everything, but it seemed that Renka was on top of Shinji.

 Both of them seemed to be naked, with nothing on their lower bodies.

 She could see Shinji’s huge p*nis and magnificent ball sack, and Renka’s hips slowly moving up and down as she welcomed the erect p*nis into her vagina.

 ”Hmm… ♡ Hmm… ♡ Shinji…Is it feels good…? ♡”

 ”Ahh… in Renka… it feels so good…”

 Milis could hear the two of them talking in whispers.

 ”I’ll move… ♡ So you can relax, Shinji… ♡”


 ”Hah… Hmm… Ah… ♡ Fufu… ♡ Chu… ♡ Chu… ♡”

 Renka pulls Shinji’s p*nis out to the edge of her vagina, as if to check the size of his p*nis, and then inserts it deep into her vagina again.

 Nuchi… ♡ Nuchi… ♡ The overflowing love juice is making a nasty sound, but Renka’s movements are gentle, and even Milis can feel that she is happy to be connected with Shinji, despite the lewdness of the situation.

 It was clear that Renka was taking the lead, and the fact that it was a consensual act shocked Milis.

 Furthermore, the first emotion that arose in Milis was envy.

 She could clearly see that Renka was fully satisfied as a woman.

 She was not satisfied with the person she loved, but Renka’s actions with the person she loved filled her body and soul.

 She envies her so much…

 Milis left the plate in the corridor and crawled her hands over her body, letting the tingling in her body carry her away. Before she knew it, her nipples had hardened, and when she played with her breasts, the sweet numbness made her body tremble.

 ”Haa…♡ Haa…♡”

 Milis plays with her fingers to comfort her tingling vagina.

 Milis hold her breath and start to masturbate while staring at Shinji’s p*nis that she kept masturbating to.

 ”Renka… it’s time for me to move so I can ejaculate…”

 ”I understand… ♡ N ♡ Ah ♡ N ♡ Ah… ♡”

 Shinji grabbed Renka’s hips with both hands.

 When Shinji thrusts his p*nis up into her vagina from below, Renka’s mouth leaks a voice with uncontrollable pleasure.

 Slap ♡ Slap ♡ Slap ♡ The sound of the hips slamming against each other and the juices flowing out from Renka’s clit are proof that she is really feeling it, and the insertion of the p*nis makes her squirted.

 Milis also remembers the pleasure of having her vagina gouged out in the same way, and drives herself to climax with her fingers.

 She is so engrossed in her masturbation that she doesn’t notice the overflowing love juices dripping on the floor of the corridor.

 ”Cum ♡ I’m cumming ♡ Cumming ♡ Cumming Cumming cumming cumming ♡♡♡”

 ”…I’m cumming!”

 ”Cum inside me ♡♡♡♡♡”

 (I’m coming too… ♡)

 The three of them climaxed at the same time.

 Shinji grabbed Renka’s hips and thrust his p*nis deep into her vagina, shooting his semen into her womb.

 He kissed her just as she was about to climax and pressed his lips against hers, killing her voice. It was the best feeling ever to ejaculate while kissing.

 Renka knew that she would not be able to hold her voice back at the moment of her climax.

 She kissed Shinji as quickly as she could and climaxed as he ejaculated into her vagina. She was thrilled by the sensation of semen filling her vagina, and continued to kiss Shinji with an entranced face.

 The kissing and cumming was the happiest part for her.

 Milis climaxed, but it was a very light climax.

 She couldn’t help but envy Renka, who was having a long, deep climax right in front of her… The tingling in the back of her vagina had reached the limit of her endurance.

 Her little reason which remained made her hesitate to step in.

 To change her wet underwear, Milis picked up the small plate and dazedly returned to her room.

 (I have to hold back…I have to hold back…I have to…)

 She loves Alvin.

 Renka must be in love with Shinji.

 What Milis is thinking is an act of betrayal for both of them.

 (I’m sorry, Al-kun, Renka-chan…)

 Still, tonight Milis decided to go to Shinji’s room. She had made up her mind.

 Milis’s face had the look of a fully horny female, something Alvin had never seen before or let her do…

* * *

 After seeing Renka off, Shinji went into the corridor alone.

 Shinji laughed as he smelled the lingering scent of the aphrodisiac spell which he was casting on Milis from a stain left behind by the door.

 (Maybe it’s about time…)

 Shinji thought that Milis was the one most likely to visit the room.

 Alvin, who loves to drink, would never leave the Party Hall.

 The rest of the other party didn’t know the room, and the innkeeper and his wife were too busy. Besides, peeking into the room was not something the innkeepers would do.

 This meant that Milis was the only one who would bring the food.

 As a result, Milis visited his room and made her peep and masturbate. It would no longer be possible to her to endure her vagina that had been developed by aphrodisiac magic.

 (Should I try to crawl her tonight?)

 Shinji continued to laugh as he listened to the sound of the party in the distance.

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