Wizard 250

Chapter 250 The Fighting Tournament Begins

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 The day of the tournament.

 Alvin, one of the competitors, went to the arena alone.

 Milis, Emily, and Akane had already left, leaving Shinji and Renka alone in the party house.

 ”Renka, we’d better get going or we’ll run out of good places”

 ”I, I know. ……Oh, wait for me, Shinji!”

 When Renka appeared, she was dressed in her adventure clothes, shorts and a sleeveless shirt with a see-through camisole over it.

 ”How is it? Does it look good on me?”

 ”Yes. It looks good. You look cute, Renka”

 Renka smiles happily at Shinji’s compliment and wraps her arms around him.

 The day before, he had told Alvin and the others that they were going to watch the match as a date and to cheer for him, so Shinji was not wearing a wizard’s robe, but a T-shirt and long pants, a very normal outfit.

 ”Let’s go……. Today is the qualifying round, and Alvin won’t lose unless he’s in trouble”

 ”Yeah. I think he’s the one who’s likely to win……”

 Shinji leads the way and the two of them start walking together.

 It’s no secret that Renka’s looks are out of proportion to her beauty, and Shinji doesn’t bother to mention it, nor does he care.

 From Renka’s point of view, Shinji’s outfit was clean and proper. She felt at ease with Shinji’s calm and relaxed appearance, without trying to dress up too much.

 The two of them walked to the arena, huddled close together.

* * *

 When they arrived at the arena, Shinji and Renka bought general entry tickets and then went to the audience area.

 On arena, a large number of players participate in the preliminary rounds of the tournament, but the most popular players, such as those who were active last year, are assigned to the regular rounds as seeds, so they cannot be seen even if they come to the preliminary rounds.

 Therefore, most of the people watching the preliminary rounds were people who had relatives participating in the preliminary rounds, or avid fans of the tournament who wanted to watch from the preliminary rounds.

 Even so, quite a few people were already sitting in the audience seats.

 The audience seats surrounded the stage in the center on four sides. Among them, the north side was the so-called VIP seating, which the general public was not allowed to enter.

 The VIP seats were one level higher, and the building was well built, making it easy to see and comfortable.

 The general seating areas on the east, south, and west sides had no ceiling and were exposed to direct sunlight.

 So, sun protection is a must.

 The commoners were shown to the general seats, and the nobles to the VIP seats.

 Of course, Shinji and Renka had to sit in the general seating, so they decided to sit side by side in the east seating.

 ”I wonder if it’s going to be nice all day……”

 ”With this sky, I guess so……”

 There is a rule that magic is not allowed in the audience seats. This is to prevent cheating, and if they don’t follow this rule, they will be kicked out of the auditorium.

 After looking up at the cloudless blue sky together, Shinji presented Renka with a brimmed hat.

 ”It’s not very fashionable, but do you want to use it?”

 ”Yes, thank you”

 She takes the hat from Shinji and puts on a simple matching hat.

 After a while, Shinji and Renka were chatting about nothing.

 [Thank you for your patience~!]

 The door on the north side of the stage, on the lower level of the VIP seats, opened, and the woman’s voice was raised by the magic of <Loudness>, echoing throughout the arena.

 Coming out from behind the door was a ring girl wearing black hot pants and a sleeveless black jacket that was open at the chest.

 A beautiful blonde with fluffy fox ears and tail and long hair walked to the stage and continued speaking.

 [Thank you very much for the many warriors who have gathered here this year. I would also like to thank all the audience who have come to watch]

 The ring girl on the stage bowed deeply.

 The graceful gesture was very picturesque, and the overexposure of her outfit showed a tremendous gap.

 The majority of the eager fans who come to watch the tournament from the preliminary rounds are men, because they want to see the ring girls.

 (As I recall, this was first introduced to attract audiences to tournaments between stiff knights)

 Shinji, not paying attention to the ring girl, was looking at Renka, who was sitting next to him. Renka’s eyes met his, and she smiled at him while she continued to think.

 (Beastmen, a race with ears and tail of a beast. The type of beast one is born with is the same as the parent, right?)

 If the parents have fox ears, the child will also have fox ears. If the parents are different beastmen, the child will be born with either of the parent characteristics.

 Although there are various parts of a beast, the races with beast ears and tails are collectively called beastmen.

 The number of beastmen is quite large, and their lifespan is almost the same as that of human beings, making them a popular race that can be seen on the streets. It is not uncommon to see married couples of humans and beastmen.

 However, fox-based beastmen are rare.

 Because most of the beastmen on the streets are dogs or cats, and Shinji had never seen a fox before.

 (Most likely, the organizer had talked to the beastmen’s higher-ups and asked them to send her. She can use <Loudness> magic too)

 When Shinji returned his attention to the stage, the long speeches and reconfirmation of the tournament rules had just ended.

 [Then we will start the preliminary round! Number one and number two, please take the stage!]

 The ring girl lead the way as the competitors enter the ring.

 And so, the preliminary round of the tournament began.


 The fighting tournament begins!

 Renka-chan’s date was set.

 Everyone was excited.

 After elves, winged-person, dwarves, and dragonmen, there are now beastsmen.

 The color of fantasy is getting stronger…….

 Ring girl are a must.

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