Wizard 251

Chapter 251 Preliminary Round is Quick

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 ”It’s not as exciting as I hoped……”

 ”Well, it’s only the preliminary round……”

 The preliminary round of the tournament has begun and Shinji and Renka have been watching all morning.

 One after the other, two players went up on stage and clashed with each other: number one versus number two, number three versus number four and so on…….

 The winner goes back to the waiting room for the next match, while the loser is eliminated and loses his qualification.

 The matches were, for lack of a better word, technically inferior to those of the upper adventurers like Shinji and Renka and they were mostly just brawling.

 Aside from cheering for the participants, the crowd seemed to be just watching the matches and the ring girl.

 But the ring girl didn’t just stand there, she also guided the competitors, swore the oath to start the match, gave a speech to the winner, and did all sorts of other things that were really worth seeing.

 Shinji could only imagine how the men in the audience must be feeling, thinking how good it must be to drink liquor while gazing at the beautiful woman while the sun was still high in the sky.

 ”Al has only been out once”

 ”Yes, what’s more, it was a instant kill. ……Well, the number of players will be reduced in the afternoon, and only the more talented ones will be left, so it should be worth watching”

 But Shinji felt that there were no participants who were at the same level as Alvin, and Renka nodded with a wry smile.

 Because when Alvin took the oath to start the match, he stepped forward at God speed and with a single swing, flicked his opponent’s sword away from him and gently placed it on his neck.

 The crowded arena went silent…… for a moment, and the ring girl, who had been distracted, hurriedly declared Alvin the winner, causing a stir around them.

 He knew that Alvin was going to win, but he was still very good at it, and he was proud to be his friend.

 (However, Himeno is not here, so I guess that means she will start from the main event)

 Last year’s successful players were exempted from the preliminary round, and the preliminary round was for those who were not successful last year, or those who were participating for the first time.

 In this regard, Himeno should also be a first-time participant, and therefore it would be strange if she were in the preliminary round……

 (I wonder if they did a separate test and she started with the main event because it’s rare for a Dragonmen to participate. Just the fact that Dragonmen will be participating will make it more unusual, and if I think that…… Alvin can now be sure to qualify, that’s a plus)

 While Shinji was thinking about this, Renka took out her lunch box and water bottle from her bag.

 Renka offered him a cup of tea and Shinji accepted it.

 ”Here you go”

 ”Thank you……”

 ”I made you a beef-wrapped onigiri, don’t you like beef, Shinji?”

 When Renka opened the lid of the lunch box, she found an onigiri wrapped with sliced beef, grilled and seasoned with a sweet and spicy sauce.

 Shinji couldn’t help but gulp at the sight of the delicious looking beef-wrapped onigiri.

 ”I like it. Thank you, Renka”

 ”Your welcome…….♪”

 Renka smiles at Shinji as he starts to eat happily, and then takes the onigiri in her mouth as well.

 The two of them ate in silence for a while.

 The preliminary round was going on in silence, as if they had a full schedule, and time was passing by as long as they were watching the battles.

 To be honest, Shinji was starting to get tired of watching the fight, since Alvin was already guaranteed to be in the main event and he didn’t want to look at the ring girl, so he would just keep waiting for Alvin’s turn.

 ”Hey, Renka, since Alvin’s not going to lose, why don’t we go to the city?”

 ”Hmmm, okay…….”

 Renka was unsure about Shinji’s suggestion.

 To be honest, Renka didn’t think Alvin was going to lose, and she knew it would be more fun to go to the city than just sit around and wait for Alvin to come out.

 Even so, she didn’t nod right away, because she was serious about the fact that it would be better to see her friend on his big day.

 ”We’ll be back in a couple of hours and the preliminaries will still be going on. That should be fine, right? I’d like to see that too”

 ”……Yeah. I’d like to see Al’s victory”

 In the end of the preliminary round, there is a time to introduce the players who have been selected to participate in the main tournament to the audience.

 Shinji and Renka both wanted to hear the interview, and Renka nodded in agreement.

 After finishing their meal, the two left their seats.

 ”It was delicious. ……Renka, is there anywhere you want to go?”

 ”Hmmm…… nothing in particular, do you have any Shinji?”

 They left the auditorium shoulder to shoulder.

 Shinji glances sideways at Renka and their eyes meet. Shinji looks at Renka sideways and their eyes meet, their eyes have a hint of anticipation in them and Shinji pulls his face to Renka’s ear and whispers.

 ”I want to fuck Renka, can I?”

 ”……Y, yes ♡”

 Renka grabbed Shinji’s hand, and Shinji grabbed Renka’s hand back, and they left the arena quickly.

 After that, Shinji and Renka took a leisurely “break” at the inn for about two hours.

 When they returned to the arena, the preliminary round seemed to be in its final stages.

 Alvin came out for the final round of the preliminary round, and as usual, he decided the game with a single blow right after the start.

 The crowd went wild with excitement over his brilliant victory.

 There were even some female audience members screaming in excitement, and Shinji felt that Alvin’s popularity had grown considerably in just one day, as he was the only one who showed overwhelming strength among the qualifiers.

 In this way, Alvin was able to make it through the qualifiers without any problems.


 The qualifying round was quick and easy.

 There are a lot of players, and if they are just waiting for someone they know to come on, they have a lot of time …….

 It can’t be helped that they are not always fighting.

 Renka continued to enjoy her date.

 The next round is the main tournament.

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