Wizard 252

Chapter 252 The Main Event Begins

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 The day after the preliminary round.

 It was the day of the main round of the tournament.

 There were four players who had made it through the preliminary round, plus twelve players who would be participating in the main round, bringing the total to sixteen.

 Each player was given a waiting room, and the relevant personnel of the player could enter there.

 The six of them, including <Running Wolves>, Emily, and Akane, had gathered at the arena since morning and were waiting in the waiting room for the start time.

 ”Good luck, Al-kun!”

 ”Yeah, I’m on it!”

 Alvin replied to Milis, who was in a perfect state of nervousness.

 Alvin’s strength of spirit is something Shinji doesn’t have, and is one of the qualities that makes him a good party leader.

 ”Alvin was one of the best among the preliminary contestants. The rest depends on the skill of the main event team, but…… Alvin can win”

 ”Alvin can do it!”

 Shinji, Emily, Renka and Akane also gave him encouragement, and Alvin nodded with an encouraging smile.

 Before long, an official came to the room to call Alvin.

 ”Please go to the stage in order and move to the entrance”

 ”All right! Then…… I’ll see you all later!”

 Alvin raises one hand, and each of them calls out to the other as they see him off. When the door to the room was closed, Shinji stood up as well.

 ”We’ll go to the audience room for the relative of the contestant”


 Following Shinji, they all left the waiting room.

 The audience room was located on the first floor of the VIP section on the north side of the building, which gave them a closer view than the regular audience room.

 When Shinji and the others arrived at the audience room, there were already several groups of people who seemed to be related to other players. Shinji took a quick look around the room and spotted Ichiro and the rest of the <Dragon Horns>.

 When Ichiro spotted Shinji, he gave him a slight bow, and Shinji did the same.

 ”Shinji, do you know each other?”

 “Yeah, they’re from the upper-ranking dragonmen party. We met when I was gathering information”

 As they talked, Shinji and the others took up a position in the audience room with a view of the stage, where Renka and the others immediately turned their attention to the stage and began to wait for Alvin to appear.

 There are four upper parties seated, all of whom Shinji recognizes from the adventurer’s guild in Medio.

 When they noticed Shinji’s gaze, they reacted in their own way, raising their glasses or hands lightly.

 (Six of the sixteen are adventurers, and ten are knights with ties to the noble)

 Shinji thinks that adventurers should come to support their friends. If there were only six groups of adventurers here, it was quite normal for Shinji to think so.

 ”Shinji! Alvin has come out!”

 Emily called, and Shinji turned his gaze to the stage.

 It looked like Alvin was going to be the last to go on stage, and there were already fifteen players standing in a circle, evenly spaced.

 The one who stood out from the rest was Himeno, the Dragon Man with the Horn.

 Her pink hair, good looks, and unusual kimono outfit made her stand out among the knights and adventurers.

 [Last but not least, we have a promising new star who showed overwhelming strength in the preliminary round! Here’s a promising new star! The leader of the adventurer’s party of <Running Wolves>! Alvin!!]

 The same as the day before, Alvin appeared as the ring girl, a fox beastman, announced him.

 The audience erupted in cheers, with a large number of women cheering.

 ”It seems he has a lot of female fans, Alvin”

 ”Maybe the word about yesterday’s preliminary round has already spread”

 Akane and Emily were blinking their eyes, and Milis seemed to be in a very complicated state of mind, with an indescribably puzzled look on her face.

 She was happy that her boyfriend was being cheered, but she didn’t welcome the many yellow voices.

 With a wave of his hand in response to the cheers, Alvin climbed onto the stage. The ring girl shouted out the schedule for the event.

 [All the competitors have now been introduced! In 30 minutes, the first match will begin! The first match will be between Alvin and Caine. The second match will be…….]

 The ring girls talk about the order of the matches as the competitors leave the ring in order.

 ”‘Looks like Alvin gets his first fight”

 ”Um, Caine-san…….?”

 Milis glanced sideways at the other adventuring parties, remembering that this was the name of the adventurer who had won the same preliminary round as Alvin.

 Shinji and the others followed Milis’ lead and looked at the group of adventurers that Caine was a part of.

 ”That Caine was out of luck!”

 ”No, it’s just like him to get hit by the person he said he didn’t want to fight the most”

 The three men were laughing and having a drink.

 ”……Well, it’s a no-fuss game”

 ”Y, yeah. So, let’s cheer them on!”

 Everyone nodded in agreement with Renka’s voice.

 As they expected, Alvin won the match in order.

 Although the game was not decided by the first attack, Alvin’s hands were occupied with fighting off the onslaught from beginning to end, and he was pushed to the limit.

 The match went on, and eight players remained.

 Of course, Himeno was still there.

 Himeno’s match was also a masterpiece. Her opponent, a knight, fell helplessly to the wave of swordplay and magic.

 The knight was a fierce competitor who had finished second the previous year, but he showed a dignity that made no difference.

 (I knew she was strong. The coordination of swordplay and magic is tricky. ……If I hadn’t taken precautions, Alvin would have been in trouble)

 Shinji thinks that it is unlikely that anyone will be able to handle her on their first attempt. This is because the defeated knight seemed to be more skilled than Himeno when it came to swordplay alone.

 (The knight she defeated in the first round was unlucky. Himeno’s next opponent is also a knight, but we’ll see if he can handle her…….)

 Fortunately, Alvin is in the opposite block of Himeno, which means that the possibility of a fight is in the final.

 For now, all Shinji could do was hope that Alvin would win.

 Shinji stopped thinking and went back to cheering for Alvin with Renka, Milis, Emily and Akane.


 The main competition has begun.

 Alvin’s face is selling well.

 And he’s won the fastest time since the preliminary round, so he’s got the right appeal.

 Himeno-chan’s strength is also shown a little.

 Alvin’s adventures will continue for a while, so let’s get on with the story!

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