Wizard 253

Chapter 253 Main Tournament・1

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 [Oh, Alvin has rushed! And Knight Fyfe! Defending and looking for an opportunity! Will this turn out to be the same as the first round!?]

 The second round began.

 Alvin and his opponent were a man named Fyfe, a mature knight who was seeded in the main round. It was announced before the battle began that he was a knight serving the noble family of Medio, and that he himself was the third son of a noble family.

 Alvin, who was not interested in his opponent’s birth, ignored the announcement.

 The only thing that mattered was to beat the opponent in front of him.

 However, the knight seeded in the main tournament was very defensive, and Alvin was not able to break him down as he had done in the past.

 (His defense is solid……!)

 But the Knight Fyfe is also in trouble.

 He grasped the hilt of his sword close to the brim and held his hand on the belly of the sword, a traditional guardian style of the school, and continued to block Alvin’s sharp slashes over and over again, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to pass them off.

 (What a pressure……!)

 Fyfe waited for the right moment for Alvin to breathe. Because he thought he could take advantage of the breaths to go on the offensive.

 And when the time passed painfully for both of them.

 Just as Knight Fyfe had hoped, Alvin, swinging his sword in rapid succession, but began to have trouble breathing first. So, Alvin jumped backward with a backstep to take a breath.


 The knight Fyfe stepped forward to pursue the retreated Alvin. Normally, this would have been a reversal of fortune.

 However, Alvin was kicking the stage by using Emily’s focused method of concentrating magic power on his feet. So, his backstep was fast and sharp, and his leap was long.

 As Alvin’s backstep was faster than Knight Fyfe’s forward step.

 Therefore, Alvin was able to take a breath during the backstep, and Knight Fyfe clicked his tongue inwardly.

 Then, as soon as his feet touched the ground, Alvin immediately stepped forward.

 Alvin’s and Knight Fyfe’s swords clashed, and a fierce battle broke out again.

 (His power, uggh!)

 (I’m going to push you through this……!)

 Knight Fyfe’s physique is better than Alvin’s, and as a knight, he’s trained to knock people down head-on, so Knight Fyfe has the advantage when it comes to a contest of strength.


 Knight Fyfe raised his sword and unleashed a horizontal strike aimed at Alvin’s torso, and Alvin backstepped back again to avoid it, but he had fallen right to the edge of the stage.

 [Alvin, he’s cornered!]

 ”You won’t be able to avoid it again!”

 The knight Fyfe stepped forward further, closing in on Alvin. His whole body was in the air, and his sword was close enough to strike Alvin’s torso. Alvin dodged the attack with a quick vertical leap.

 (I won!)

 Running away into the air where one cannot move is generally a bad idea. After thinking so, the knight Fyfe raised his gaze to see Alvin, who would make a last-ditch effort while free falling.

 However, his vision was filled with the soles of Alvin’s shoes, and by the time he realized it, it was too late and Alvin’s kick hit him in the face.


 Alvin jumped vertically, evaded the sword, and immediately kicked forward in the air and unleashed a kick.

 Emily’s move was a perfect match for the Knight Fyfe, as she concentrated her magic on a single point on the sole of her foot and released it all at once, making it possible for her to move through the air.

 ”Finishing blow!”


 The knight Fyfe, who was frightened by the kick, could not avoid Alvin’s follow-up sword, and the sword struck him on the head, and the knight Fyfe fell on one knee.

 [That’s it! The winner, Alvin!!]

 Along with the ring girl’s declaration, the crowd cheered loudly, and Alvin reached out his hand to the kneeling Knight Fyfe, who took it with a chuckle.

* * *

 After the match, Alvin and Knight Fyfe were praising each other’s good performance.

 In the private VIP room on the north side, Christina was fascinated by Alvin with a blush on her cheeks.

 ”Oh…… you’re still wonderful……Alvin-san…….”

 It’s rare for a noble to watch a fight, but Christina is used to watching mock battles because the Beltz family is a warrior aristocracy.

 Furthermore, she could only see her own family’s knights training on the grounds, so it was very rare for her to be able to see her loved ones’ bravery like this.

 ”It’s a shame that he refused our invitation to train with my knight…….”

 When Christina saw Alvin in the city, she invited him to train with her knights, but he refused.

 It’s a shame, but it’s also natural, knowing how much Alvin values his girlfriend.

 ”But I’m sure this will encourage more people to approach Alvin……”

 Alvin was now in the top four.

 A young, good looking, and strong man should not be unattractive.

 ”The best thing would be for Alvin to be knighted and for me to be the second wife”

 Christina was confident that she could get along well with both Alvin and Milis as second wife.

 To be honest, it wasn’t a good to have a commoner in the main family and the daughter of the Beltz family as the second wife.

 However, an honorary knight was not obligated to go out socially, and neither was his wife.

 An honorary knight is a knight who fights against monster that harm the country, and he is paid a yearly salary, but he has no territory. There is no need for horizontal ties to that extent.

 So, such aristocratic connections should be made by the brother of the main family, and Christina should give birth to many promising children with the man she loves.

 If a talented child with the Beltz bloodline turns out to be a help to the main family, then Christina can say that she has fulfilled her role.


 The thought of giving birth to a child caused Christina to feel a tingle in her vagina.

 For some reason, Christina’s body has been feeling strangely frustrated ever since she came to live in Medio’s mansion.

 She has been secretly masturbating in the middle of the night without the maids knowing about it.

 This is because her body is being developed without her knowledge by the magic of the succubus apprentices’ lewd dreams, but Christina is unaware of this.


 No one notices the way Christina looks down at Alvin with her lustful eyes.


 The main game, Alvin’s active part.

 He’s the leader of the Running Wolves and the main swordsman.

 He has to play an active role.

 It’s really dark that such a shining man is addicted to cuckolded.

 Christina-chan is thinking about Alvin-kun.

 She’s watching the game from her VIP seat.

 She’ s swooning over Alvin.

 Well, her body is still open.

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