Wizard 255

Chapter 255 Final match・Alvin VS Himeno・1

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 Just before the finals began.

 In the audience room, there were only two parties left: Shinji’s party <Running Wolves>, plus Emily and Akane, and Ichiro’s party <Dragon Horn> and Mitono.

 The two groups were sitting apart, but when Shinji called out to Ichiro, he stepped in and introduced himself.

 As a party of upper ranking adventurers, they both wanted to make sure they knew each other, and the introductions went smoothly.

 ”I never thought we would be fighting in the finals”

 ”I knew we would have to fight Himeno-san at some point, but I didn’t think it would be in the final”

 Shinji and Mitono talked to each other as if they were the representatives of this event.

 Renka and Milis have no intention of talking to a man who isn’t their lover, and Jiro and Saburo can’t show their ugliness by hitting on a woman in front of their father and future Lord, so the conversation between the party is naturally between Shinji and Mitono.

 ”We’ve come this far, so we’ll just have to wait and see”

 Mitono looked at the stage with a worried look on his face.

 ”You’re worried?”

 ”Of course. To be honest…… I’m not very good at rough stuff, so I don’t know how Hime feels”

 Mitono let out a little bit of his true feelings when Shinji nodded with a mysterious look on his face.

 ”Himeno-san, she seems to be wishing to be a warrior. I guess it’s hard to understand when you don’t have to be in a fight”

 ”Yes. That’s why I stopped tying her up more than necessary…… If I want to be honest with myself, I’d like to say that I don’t know what I’m going to do……”

 To tell the truth, Mitono wanted her to quit being a dangerous adventurer and wanted her to stay in the village forever.

 However, Himeno took advantage of her position as the daughter of the village chief and convinced her father to let her go out and study the outside world as an adventurer so that she could be useful in the future.

 Naturally, Mitono disagreed, but he had heard Himeno’s dream of traveling outside the village when she was a child, so he couldn’t talk her out of it.

 So, Mitono and Himeno made a promise.

 [I promised that I would only travel as adventurer until we got married]

 Thinking it was the last thing she wanted to do before her marriage, he allowed her to continue her adventuring activities based in Dragonmen Village for a few years on the condition that she would have a reliable and skilled companion.

 And in the meantime, Mitono is studying hard to become the future chief of the village…… With the marriage ceremony will be held in two months.

 [I will fight against the strongest man in the fighting tournament to make a last memory. I’ll be back before the marriage ceremony!]

 With these words, she ran out of the village.

 Mitono was opposed to the tournament because it might cause a noticeable scar on his spouse’s body……

 ”I’m sorry. ……That’s awful…….”

 ”No, no. I think so too. This is what you call the weakness of love…….”

 Shinji bowed and apologized for his unintentional slip-up, and Mitono forgave him with a wry smile. He objectively knew that Himeno was doing something that could be considered as such.

 ”‘But Hime really never does anything that I feel is not good enough. She gives me a gift every year on the day we get engaged, and she’s never broken an appointment to see me”

 Then, as if remembering something, Mitono gave a small laugh.

 ”There’s a part of her that seems to be unprincipled, but she’s really cute”

 Shinji could tell by the way Mitono laughed that he really cared about Himeno.

 ”I think you are really generous, Mitono-san. You are very lucky to have such a good wife”

 ”I’m so embarrassed to hear you say that. ……Ah, it seems to be starting”

 Mitono, who smiled shyly, looked at the stage. Following that, Shinji also looked at the stage.

* * *

 [Sorry, for keeping you waiting! The final match is about to begin!]

 The voice of the ring girl, a fox beastman, echoed through the arena.

 [The final will be a confrontation between adventurers! She has overwhelmed her opponents with a seamless assault of swordplay and magic! Himeno, the leader of the <Dragon Horn>!]

 Himeno walked lightly to the stage, receiving cheers from the audience. Even Mitono, who hadn’t been too happy about participating in the tournament, felt a sense of pride at the sight.

 [It’s no exaggeration to say that her opponent is the fastest man in this tournament! He has defeated last year’s winner, Knight Jim, to advance to the finals! Alvin, the leader of the <Running Wolves>!]

 Alvin, who receives the same cheers as Himeno, walks to the stage, waving one hand.

 Milis and Emily cheered from the window of the audience room, in contrast to the quiet people of the Dragon Horn.

 ”Al-kun! Good luck!”

 ”Alvin, show her the results of your training!”

 Alvin, who had been waving, gave a thumbs-up to Milis.

 And then Alvin and Himeno confronted each other.

 ”I’ve heard from Shinji. You’ve been specially training to fight me”

 ”Yeah. So, I’ll not let you win”

 Alvin also smiled at Himeno, who smiled fearlessly.

 It’s the kind of smile that’s typical of Alvin, a smile that’s both strong and excited about the fight.

 Himeno smiled with amusement, sensing that Alvin was enjoying the fight as much as she was.

 ”There is no need for words. The sword will do the talking”

 ”Yeah…… Let’s go!!”

 [The match starts!!]

 With the ring girl’s declaration, Alvin and Himeno went head-to-head.


 Before the battle, he had a chat with Mitono-san.

 He’s a good guy, a kind older brother with a big heart who can tolerate Himeno’s selfishness.

 He loves his spouse, Himeno, and forgives her most of the time. To make matters worse, he spoils her, so she can’t stop being selfish.

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