Wizard 256

Chapter 256 Final match・Alvin VS Himeno・2

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 Alvin and Himeno’s swords clash in the center of the stage.

 Alvin grasps his sword with both hands, while Himeno holds it with one hand, giving Alvin the advantage in the weight of the blow.

 As Alvin pushed her back, Himeno stepped back, a scene that the audience had seen many times in previous fights.


 As she stepped back, Himeno pointed her free hand at Alvin, and a fireball a meter in diameter shot out from the magic circle floating in her palm.

 In the previous match, knights have used magic-enhanced swords to slash away at this magic, or have fortified their defenses to withstand it, or have jumped to the side to avoid it. And in the meantime, Himeno re-closes the distance and attacks with her sword on the opponent who has lost her stance.

 After the opponents are in a disadvantageous position and are attacked by Himeno, they will be overwhelmed by the slashes and magic attacks and will be forced to defend themselves.

 It was a simple but powerful attack that had defeated many of her opponents.

 Alvin, however, did something different from the knights and adventurers of the previous match.

 ”Here we go!!”

 He leapt to an angle that would allow him to avoid the approaching <Fireball>, kicked through the air, and jumped in a straight line toward Himeno.

 There is a very small-time lag between the evasion and the attack, so Himeno cannot shoot another magic, and she can only catch Alvin’s sword in her hand when it is swung down again.

 ”I’m not done yet……!!”

 Alvin kicked the air and tried to flank Himeno without even waiting himself to land on the ground.

 On the other hand, Himeno’s hands are not able to catch him with her magic as he moves too fast for her sword to reach.

 Alvin also tried to turn around and slash Himeno’s torso with a horizontal cut, but Alvin’s finely honed senses detected the magic power rising from Himeno’s body.

 ”<Fire Shield>”

 Alvin stopped his attack and hurriedly kicked the air to get away from Himeno, and at almost the same time fire erupted to cover Himeno’s body.

 Alvin, who had narrowly avoided getting his entire body engulfed in fire, landed on the stage and pointed his sword at Himeno while looking at her.

 ”I’m surprised you avoided it”

 ”I told you I trained hard”

 As Alvin’s magic power is concentrated in his legs and sword, and the rest of his body has no magic protection, he was in a position to lose if he was hit by magic.

 This was also evident to Himeno, who had seen Alvin’s fighting style up close.

 ”That’s the downside of high-speed movement”

 ”It’s necessary if I want to win”

 [Alvin! He’s moving fast and avoiding Himeno’s best attacks! Still, he won’t be able to narrow down his target!]

 While the crowd and the ring girl are getting excited about the early attack, Alvin lowers his hips to charge again.

 (My opponent knows my weakness. So, she’ll try to exploit it)

 The difference in magic power between Alvin and Himeno is huge. In addition to that, Himeno has a talent for magic and will use advanced magic.

 If it became an endurance battle, Alvin would be at a disadvantage.

 This was pointed out by Shinji and Emily, and Alvin agreed with them. For that reason, a short battle is preferable.

 So, Alvin is standing still in his stance, keeping his distance, in order to take advantage of the opportunity for Himeno to cast a range magic.

 ”<Fireball・Multiple Deployments>, go!”

 Himeno casts a spell using the magic power she has developed.

 It wasn’t the range magic that Alvin had hoped for, but a series of small, effective magic shots.

 As many fist-sized fireballs were fired at Alvin. He jumped and stepped on the stage, avoiding the magic and looking for an opportunity to lunge.

 Unlike Emily, Himeno has no way to close the distance at once. Therefore, Himeno is unable to catch Alvin with her <Fireball・Multiple Deployment> and is forced to choose her next move.

 (Because our gap is too big for a wider range of magic. It may be a good idea to get close to her when she about to use <Fire Shield>)

 After thought so, Alvin dodged the fireball, and plunged into the bosom of Himeno with one foot.

 Himeno catches Alvin’s attack with her sword, and stops the multiple deployment of the fireball and switch to <Fire Shield>, but her action is too late.



 Alvin’s kick, which held back Himeno’s sword with his own, struck Himeno’s flank. Alvin also raised his sword to follow up on the agonized expression on the face of Himeno.

 ”I’m not going to let you breath!”

 Alvin swings his sword down on Himeno’s head, taking advantage of the gap he has created. Himeno tries to interrupt him with her magic hand and catches the blow with her arm strengthened by magic power.

 Clank! The sound of hard objects colliding with each other made Alvin realize that his sword had failed to damage Himeno’s arm.

 And then, in a counterattack, Himeno swung down with a flash.

 Alvin jumped back as quickly as he could. But Himeno’s sword was still faster, and Alvin couldn’t avoid it, so he protected his head with his non-dominant arm.

 Splat! There was an unpleasant sound, but Alvin was able to avoid defeat. In return, Alvin was only able to hold the sword with one hand.

 [Ah, it’s clean hit! Alvin’s one arm is unusable!!]

 A scream came from the audience, mostly female fans.

 ”That was close”

 ”Your hand was too tough ……What a lot of magic”

 Himeno has increased the amount of magic power that can be put into body strengthening magic to the fullest extent, making it strong enough to block Alvin’s attack.

 The results are good in the sense that she consumed a large amount of magic, but it was difficult for Alvin if he was told that this was in exchange for one arm.

 (I can’t force my way through with one arm…… The only way to beat her is with speed……)

 When Alvin thought of this, something flashed in his mind.

 It’s an attack that Alvin doesn’t usually use, and one that his mentor, Emily, doesn’t usually use either, but one that has beaten Alvin to death in many mock battles.

 But that’s the best way to make the most of his speed.

 ”……Hah~….Let’s go!!”

 ”Uohhh! Ngghh!”

 It was the same of his previous attack that it was a straightforward rush, but the attack that Alvin launched was a thrust.

 This is an attack method that is rarely used with heavy, slashing weapons such as great swords, but it is the most suitable attack method for a light, one-handed sword to take advantage of the momentum of the thrust.

 However, Himeno avoided the thrust by twisting her body and she tried to swing her sword in a counterattack, but Alvin had already kicked the ground and was out of reach of Himeno’s sword.



 Hit-and-run, not allowing Himeno to counterattack with her sword.

 Alvin’s thrusts were so sharp that Himeno was forced to evade in time to counterattack, or be pushed backwards by the force of the thrust if she caught it with her sword.


 The battle between Alvin and Himeno.

 Himeno-chan uses her magic and sword attacks in waves to push her firepower. She also has a lot of magic power, which is even better.

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