Wizard 257

Chapter 257 Final match・Alvin VS Himeno・3

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 Himeno was forced to concentrate on defense against Alvin’s furious attack.

 His thrusts that came from his quick footwork required all of Himeno’s senses to see them.

 If this is a monotonous attack from the front, there is no need to worry about it, but Alvin does not only attack from the front, he also uses his quick footwork to move diagonally forward, to the side, and then diagonally backward.

 Although she can gather her magic power, she doesn’t have the strength to unleash it.

 ”But how long can you keep it up……?”

 Himeno did not think that Alvin could move fast forever.

 She guessed that with the consumption of magic power and the reckless movement of rapid acceleration, rapid stop and rapid acceleration again, his body was getting worn out.

 And she was right.

 Alvin was beginning to feel his limits.

 (I’m at limit……!)

 He was able to push Himeno to the brink of defeat, but that was as far as he got. Alvin knew that if he didn’t have an effective strike, he would be the one who would run out of steam first.

 That’s why Alvin was waiting for his last chance.

 (I can see his attack……)

 As a matter of course, if the same attack is repeated, the opponent will get used to it. And Himeno begun to get used to Alvin’s thrusts. No matter how much he changed his pattern, the speed of the sword thrust from his step was the same.

 So, if she stayed on the defensive, she would be able to prevent Alvin from using up all his strength. However, Himeno did not want that.

 Because Himeno believes that if she does not beat her opponent head on, she is not worthy to be called the winner.

 That’s why Himeno aimed to counter Alvin for a complete victory.

 (I’ve seen it all……!)

 Himeno sensed that Alvin was coming at her from the side. So, she turned her head in Alvin’s direction to prevent him from attacking directly.

 She holds up her sword to prevent the thrust, and at the same time, she tries to cast a spell using the magic she has been gathering to inflict him with <Fire Shield>.

 However, Himeno’s magic was never released to Alvin – because before that, Alvin’s “Thrust” had pierced Himeno’s chest, and the tip of the sword had sunk in.

 ”……<Limit Break>”

 Alvin sensed that Himeno was about to use the magic that she had gathered, and saw that she was aiming to use magic to counter him.

 And the reason why Alvin was repeating the same attack earlier was to invite Himeno to counter, which she would do after she got used to the thrust.

 So, when he knew that Himeno was aiming for a counter, the only thing he could do was to use his last trump card, <Limit Break> and unleash the fastest thrust he could.

 As a result, the thrust from the fastest step in the tournament was thrust into the chest of Himeno without giving her time to prevent it with her sword.


 It was clear that the thrust had penetrated her magical defenses and had caused damage.

 And Himeno weakens and lowers the sword that she was holding.

 After seeing that, the ring girl voice echoed in the quiet venue…….

 [That’s it! Alvin has won!!]

 At that moment, cheers and applause exploded from the audience. A generous amount of applause poured onto the stage along with the cheers.

 ”……I won, I have won!”

 Alvin was so happy that he forgot about his injury and fall to the ground when he tried to raise his arm.

 ”Don’t forget your injury. Come on, let me see your arm”

 ”Y, yeah…….”

 Alvin did as he was told and Himeno slowly wrapped her hands around Alvin’s arm. And a magic check of the arm showed that it was fractured.

 It’s no surprise that this is the result of an all-out blow by him……

 ”It’s broken cleanly”

 ”Well, that’s the only thing I can think of…….”

 Himeno stares at Alvin’s face as he sweats.

 Alvin was a fierce competitor who had defeated her, albeit with a restricted rule, and his good looks were perfectly in line with Himeno’s tastes.

 Despite this, a burning feeling of love did not well up in Himeno’s heart.

 If anything, she was glad to have found someone who could be a good rival, and she would like to fight again.

 With a strong smile on her face, she slowly removed her hand from Alvin’s arm and moved away.

 ”I will not lose next time. I’d like to do it again if I have the chance”

 ”Yeah. Next time I won’t lose too. ……See you next year”

 ”Yes…… I hope we can do it again next year”

 [We are now ready for the awards, Alvin and Himeno, please return to the waiting room for treatment]

 The ring girl led them away from the cheers and applause as they tried to talk.

* * *

 ”I’ll go to the waiting room”

 Milis rushed out of the audience room to treat Alvin. Then, Ichiro and the others all went to Himeno’s side.

 Shinji watched Renka, Emily, Akane and the others talking, and pondered.

 (It didn’t look like she was in love……)

 If anything, it was the discovery of a rival! Because Shinji remembers Himeno’s smile, a belligerent smile that fits the word “Rivalry”.

 (Strength was not a problem, though. But then again, she can’t fall in love just because she wants to)

 Himeno likes strong men, and even though there is a man stronger than her in front of her, she can’t fall in love with him.

 Is it because she has a strong fighting spirit rather than a girl’s heart? It’s not hard to see why, but Shinji continues to ponder if there are other possibilities.

 (……Maybe she’s in love with Mitono without realizing it. There is no way to conclude that marriage is a good idea if they don’t love each other in the first place)

 If she has spent too much time with him as his spouse, her affection and love are mixed up.

 (……If I’m right, I need to make her aware of that)

 The smile on Shinji’s face deepened as he thought about this.


 The tournament is over!

 It seems that Himeno-chan wanted to fall in love, but she couldn’t find anyone to fall in love with.

 Well, love isn’t something you can just fall in love with, is it?

 Alvin seems to be a good opponent.

 After the tournament, we continue to the mock battle with Himeno.

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