Wizard 258

Chapter 258 End of the Tournament, Meeting the Blacksmith

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 After the treatment, Alvin and Himeno go on stage to receive their commemorative medals and prize money, and as the crowd praises them, the ring girl, Beast Man, attempts to interview Alvin.

 [Congratulations for winning, Alvin!]

 The ring girl points her hand at Alvin. She looks at him and asks him to speak, and he decides to answer right there.

 [Thank you very much!]

 Alvin’s voice echoes through the arena. The ring girl <Loudness> magic seemed to be able to pick up the voice of the person who she pointed at and send it throughout the venue.

 [He defeated last year’s winner, Knight Jim, who was a strong opponent to win the tournament. It was a very good match that was worth watching!]

 Alvin smiled shyly as the ring girl’s words were met with applause and the sound of whistles.

 [To be honest, I think it would have been either of us who would have won]

 [So, who would you like to share your joy of winning with?]

 Alvin looked at Milis, who had returned to the audience room reserved for his relatives. After that, while looking at Milis with a small wave, he proudly says.

 [To my girlfriend, Milis, and to my party friends who have been training with me!]

 Women in the audience screamed at his words. The ring girl also looked disappointed, but Alvin, who was looking at Milis, didn’t notice.

 [Thank you very much for your speak! And now for the runner-up, Himeno……]

 The same question was asked to Himeno as to Alvin.

 The tournament ended with Alvin as the winner and Himeno as the runner-up.

* * *

 ”I did it, everyone!!”

 After the interview, Alvin returned to the audience room with the medal on his chest, a sign of victory.

 ”Congratulations, Al-kun!”

 ”You did it! Alvin! As expected of my apprentice!”

 Milis and Emily are the first to greet Alvin, followed by Shinji and the others, who also send their congratulations.

 ”Hey, how is it, Shinji? isn’t it great?”

 ”Yeah, it couldn’t have gone any better. Now all we have to do is wait for the blacksmith to call out to us”

 Shinji lightly placed his fist on Alvin’s outstretched fist.

 ”I like the one-handed sword, but I think I prefer the great sword. So, how long do we have to wait?”

 ”I was thinking about a week for now, but it doesn’t look like we’ll need it, does it?”

 It was almost the same time that Shinji, who had his hand on his chin and made a thinking gesture, said something meaningful and Alvin and Renka noticed someone approaching.

 ”Alvin is here!!”

 Bang! a dwarf man in his thirties with gray hair and a nice beard opened the door to the audience room, looking around the room with a look of excitement on his face.

 And as soon as he spotted Alvin, the dwarf walked up to him, but Alvin was confused by the momentum.

 ”Alvin! Let me hit ye wi’ mah sword!”

 ”What the hell!?”

 The man-dwarf goes around looking at Alvin’s body with a passionate gaze, as if he is trying to value the confused Alvin.

 Shinji and the others were at a loss as to what to say about the man-dwarf’s strange behavior. Then, another person comes at them with great speed.

 ”Dumbass! I tellt ye to wait fur me to get in touch wi’ him, didnae I?”

 The person was Durin, a female dwarf.

 She was surprised to find Shinji in the group that her husband, a male dwarf, was bothering, but she knew she had to stop her relatives’ strange behavior first, so she grabbed the male dwarf by the neck and pulled him away.

 ”Excuse me! Mah husband haes caused ye trouble! Dumbass, ye shuid apologize too!”

 ”Y, yeah…… A’m sorry ……!”

 ”It’s okay. I was just being watched……”

 Durin grabbed the head of the dwarf from Alvin and made him bow down. Alvin looked a bit foolish, but then he regained his composure, smiled and forgave him.

 ”I’ve never seen you before. I don’t believe we’ve met before, have we?”

 To change the strange atmosphere, Shinji interrupted.

 Shinji spoke as if he was meeting Durin for the first time, and Durin understood his intention and decided to pretend that she was meeting him for the first time.

 ”It’s nice to meet ye. We’re fram Smith’s Workshop. This is Smith, mah husband ‘n’ owner o’ the workshop. A’m Durin, his wife”

 ”Smith’s Workshop!?”

 The name Smith’s Workshop is so well known that even Alvin knows it. Smith’s Workshop is one of the most prestigious workshops in the eastern city <Este>.

 ”Whoa! Ye know mah workshop?”

 ”I’m not sure if there’s anyone who’s been an adventurer for a while who hasn’t heard of Smith’s Workshop…….”

 It’s not surprising that Renka would say that.

 Because every adventurer wants good armor, and if they’re looking for high quality armor, the name Smith’s Workshop is bound to come up.

 Shinji was surprised to learn that the corrupted Durin was the wife of a very important man, but he didn’t show it on his face.

 ”So, you want to hit him with your sword?”

 ”Yes! A’m want to be able to hit Alvin wi’ mah sword!”

 Smith nodded in response to Shinji’s question.

 And Alvin immediately responded with what was arguably the best offer he could think of.

 ”I definitely like that! Right, Shinji?”

 ”Oh, yes. I’d love to have Smith’s Workshop. Can you also make armor for the party members?”

 ”Of coorse, I can. I’ll tak’ care o’ thaim all. Ye’ll have to talk to Durin aboot th’ cost”

 Shinji replied, “I understand,” and turned to face Durin.

 Even though they pretended to be meeting for the first time, Durin was in a state of panic inside. It’s not unreasonable to think that the person she’s been complaining about her husband to and from, and the person she’s had s*xual intercourse with twice, is right in front of her.

 ”Durin-san, do you mind if we have our meeting tomorrow?”

 ”W, well……I want to finalize some things afore I go back tae <Este>, and…….I’ll come back t’morrow wi’ mah husband. I’ll give ye a reasonable amount o’ time”

 ”Then I’ll ask you to come back in the morning”

 When Shinji laughed, Durin laughed back. From the outside…… it looks like an amicable meeting scene.

 [It looks like we’re going to be seeing each other again for a while]

 [Y, yeah, that’s richt……♡]

 Blacksmith Smith does not realize that his wife has given her body to the man in front of her, as the corrupted man and the corrupted woman are exchanging thoughts.


 Durin’s husband, Smith the Blacksmith.

 He is a very skilled blacksmith.

 The weapons he makes are top-notch, and he is one of the best blacksmiths in Este.

 He seems to have rediscovered the importance of his wife after she ran away from him after having an affair.

 Durin-chan didn’t expect to meet Shinji either.

 Of course, Shinji didn’t expect to be the wife of such a big name either.

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