Wizard 259

Chapter 259 Himeno’s Long Night・1

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 ”Well, it’s about time”

 The night of the tournament.

 After celebrating her second place with Ichiro and Mitono over dinner, Himeno announced that she was tired and was going to bed! and locked herself in her room alone.

 But, in her hand, there was a seed of a plant that she had received from Shinji.

 The seeds were given to her by Shinji, who said it was necessary for her to sneak out of the room.

 He also told her to channel her magic when she was ready, so he would use teleport magic to transport her to a place where she could have a mock battle.

 (Alvin in the daytime, and high-ranking spirits…… in the night, it is lucky to be able to fight a strong opponent in succession ♪)

 With quick glance, Himeno disguised herself as being asleep in bed so that her absence would not be obvious, and nodded in satisfaction.

 Then, she channeled her magic power into the seed she was carrying.

 And the next moment, a light envelops her body, a sign that the teleport magic is about to take effect, and she disappears from her room.

 Thus, a long night that Himeno would never forget was about to begin.

* * *

 ”This is the site of the…… ruins of the temple, huh?”

 The place where the teleported Himeno appeared was the ruins of a temple.

 Himeno does not know it, but the temple was once a base for the succubus of the outside world, and after the investigation of the temple was completed, the entrance was blocked to prevent the people of the city from wandering in, and the place has been completely closed to people.

 ”It was a place where there had been a nomination quest a while ago. It’s well-lit and convenient for a mock battle, don’t you think?”

 Himeno spotted Shinji’s figure illuminated by the lights on the wall. However, the atmosphere was somewhat intimidating, unlike the gentle atmosphere of the previous times they had met.


 ”You are blessed with good surroundings, aren’t you, Himeno-san?”

 It wasn’t just Shinji’s fault that she felt intimidated.

 Because around him are Flair, a high-ranking spirit whom Himeno met, as well as Marie and Sylphy, who are equal to her.

 Three high-ranking spirits, an unbelievable sight that no human could possibly control, and the pressure of magic power that Himeno could feel on her skin.

 Seeing that scene, Himeno was unable to say a word in response to Shinji’s words without any preamble.

 ”I have a fiancé, Mitono-san, who is very patient, and Ichiro-san and the others who support me. Thanks to them, I can do whatever I want and they will follow me”


 Himeno doesn’t argue with Shinji’s words. This is because she knows it to be true.

 ”But there is a limit to how much they can follow up. In fact, you’re now alone and isolated like this. It’s unbelievably rash for an adventurer, isn’t it?”

 ”What are you trying to say, you……?”

 Shinji recognizes that it is thanks to the efforts of Ichiro and his team that Himeno was able to make it to the upper ranks of adventurers without incident.

 Because female adventurers have to protect themselves better than anyone else.

 So, if they were to be lured out alone by such an offer, they were bound to get into trouble.

 ”I’m just saying that you might want to rethink your actions a little more. That’s all I’m saying. You might be a drag on Mitono-san, who will be the village chief in the future”

 ”It’s none of your business. I know what you mean”

 Shinji couldn’t help but smile as Himeno replied to Shinji’s complaint with an annoyed expression.

 From Shinji’s point of view, Himeno’s rash behavior was an act of disregard for the dedication of Mitono, Ichiro and the others.

 Shinji is also a supporter of Alvin, but it is clear that Alvin understands Shinji’s support and tries not to act carelessly.

 So, from the perspective of a person who supports others, it was not pleasant to see Himeno’s complete lack of consideration for the people who support her, and even though Shinji had planned the situation, it was too easy for him to isolate her, which made him feel uncomfortable.

 ”If I had known, I wouldn’t have let myself get into this situation. ……Well, okay, Marie, Sylphy, get ready.”

 ”Yes, Shinji-san”

 Following Shinji’s signal, Marie and Sylphy worked together to create a dome-shaped, semi-transparent defense wall using magic inside the perimeter of the ruined temple.

 Now Himeno can no longer escape from the ruined temple, still she is standing there without any urgency at all.

 ”As promised, let’s have a mock battle. With this defensive wall, even if you fight with all your might, there is no chance of damage to the surroundings”

 ”Two high-ranking spirits forming a defensive wall, that’s very impressive”

 Shinji was somewhat distracted by the fact that Himeno was admiring him without a care in the world. It’s hard to tell if all she really cares about is fighting or whether she knows what she’s doing.

 Anyway, all Shinji could do was to proceed as planned.

 ”Flair, please?”

 ”Yes! Leave it to me~noja”

 At Shinji’s request, Flair stepped forward.

 ”You talk like Ichiro…… well, that’ s good. Let’s get started, shall we?”

 The only thing on Himeno’s mind was to fight Flair, and to Shinji’s confusion, the answer was the former.

 While in the village, Himeno’s strength prevented many of the opposite s*x from looking at her fondly, and while traveling with the adventurers, her appearance as a dragonmen with horn and the ironclad protection of Ichiro and the others prevented her from being looked at fondly.

 And yet, her high fighting spirit outweighed her s*xual desires, and because Mitono was a gentleman and did not have excessive contact with her before her marriage, Himeno had lived a life unrelated to the carnal desires of a woman.

 Therefore, she was not aware that she was being targeted for her body.

 And now, Himeno and Flair stand facing each other. The distance between them was four meters, the same distance as in the arena.

 ”I’m ready at any time~noja”

 ”I’m ready too”

 Himeno draws her sword from the scabbard on her hip. Flair, on the other hand, is unarmed, but she is ready to move at any moment.

 ”Then let’s begin, shall we? Well then, start the battle……!”

 At the same time Shinji announced, Himeno and Flair began to move at the same time.


 It’s time for Himeno-chan’s behind the scene part.

 First, let’s start with an all-out mock battle.

 Shinji-kun, even though it was as planned, but it was too easy to lure her out, and it made him complaining about it…….

 Himeno-chan has never been seen as a woman because of her strength, position and race.

 She is a brainless who is more interested in fighting than s*xual desire. However, she is the daughter of the village chief, so she knows how to make a baby (that’s about it).

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