Wizard 260

Chapter 260 Himeno’s Long Night・2

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 ”Let’s go! <Magic Blade>!”

 The battle began when Himeno used a special magic that had been banned in the fighting tournament.

 That’s a sword made out of magic and it slashes at Flair, who then twists her body away from the attack and then rushes towards Himeno.

 After that, Flair strengthened her hands with magic power that made her hand is sharp and strong enough to cut through anything halfway decent, just like a real sword, and she catches Himeno’s blade with it. With the momentum, Flair stepped in and used her other hand to thrust at Himeno’s torso.


 Himeno tried to dodge, but Flair’s hand hits Himeno’s flank. Himeno, who can’t use her sword within striking distance of her fists, is trying to back away from Flair, but Flair is clinging to her.

 ”You can’t win if you keep running around! <Fire Spear>!”

 ”And you will not be able to hit me from afar! <Dragon Wings>!

 Himeno jumped to avoid the huge fire spear from Flair’s hand. Normally, when someone jumping, they will create a gap where they can be targeted, but her jump reaches the highest altitude, and float in the sky instead of falling.

 <Dragon Wings> is a flight magic that has been handed down from generation to generation by dragonmen.

 This magic can only be used successfully by dragonmen and winged races. And mysteriously, humans cannot fly even if they cast the same magic.

 The cause of this is still unknown, and it is said that it is because people do not have wings and do not instinctively know how to fly. Therefore, there is no magic to fly.

 So, flying magic was considered to be a race-specific magic and could not be used in the tournament.

 ”Muu~, it’s out of my range~noja……!”

 ”Look at the power of the Dragonman!”

 Even though Flair fires a series of fire spears, she is unable to target Himeno, who flies freely in the sky.

 But, Himeno who was flying freely in the sky, suddenly swooped down from the sky, passing by Flair at high speed and slashing her with a horizontal cut as she passed by. Although Flair blocked the sharp horizontal cut with her hand blade, Himeno’s flying speed was so fast that she moved out of Flair’s attack range while she was defending herself.

 Even if it’s Flair, it is impossible to catch up with her when she flies back and forth, left and right, all over the sky as she pleases.

 ”Gununu, you’re annoying…… like a small bird~noja!”

 It was a strange sight, just like in an arena.

 The role of Alvin, who was moving quickly, was played by Himeno, and the role of Himeno, who was being tossed around by his movements, was played by Flair and Flair intercepted her rush by spewing fire from her body, but Himeno who sensed the increase in her magic power, avoided it. The development that Shinji had seen before was unfolding before him.

 [Are you okay? Flair]

 [It’s no problem~noja. You just have to trust me~noja]

 Remembering how confident Flair had been in the previous conversation, Shinji felt uneasy and asked, but Flair’s answer was the same.

 The calmness of her thoughts made him realize that Flair was not as distraught as she seemed on the surface.

 [All right. I’ll leave it to you]


 Flair replied while avoiding Himeno’s attack and counterattacking with magic.

 It was a stalemate for a while after that.

 Flair continues to fire magic at Himeno, who continues to fly, and at first glance it appears as if Himeno is playing Flair for a fool.

 Each time when the magic shot toward her misses, it hits more and more on Marie and Sylphy’s defensive wall, but it shows no signs of breaking.

 Himeno who was flying, also increased the variety by shooting magic from the sky to attack, but she was only able to inflict small wounds on Flair.

 However, her forehead was beginning to sweat as a lot of her magic power decreasing.

 (So many magic shots, and still no fatigue…… High ranking spirits are amazing……)

 Himeno’s magic power reserves are steadily decreasing. And at this rate, Himeno may be the first to run out of magic power, as well as the overuse of magic has made her feel tired and impatient.

 Normally, Flair would run out of magic power first, or be exhausted from overusing her powerful magic, but Flair was still keeping a cool face.

 ”Did I make a fatal mistake?” Himeno’s expression clouded as she thought about it, and Flair smiled wryly.

 ”Your magic seems to be running low, right?”

 ”It’s…… weird. I’m sure you’re using a lot more magic than I am…….”

 Flair gave a confident answer to Himeno, who stayed in the air and stopped moving.

 ”It’s a simple matter~noja. High-ranking spirit recovery speed is unrivaled. It doesn’t matter if it’s a powerful spell that burns away every last speck of dust or a lot of ordinary magic released, I’ll never run out of magic power~noja. Because as spirits, the use of magic is the same as breathing, we do not become exhausted like humans~noja”

 ”……I see that…”

 With the explanation, Himeno realized that she had made a mistake.

 ”Now, what are you going to do with the power you have left~noja?”

 ”……We haven’t finished yet. I’m going to enjoy this until the end……!”

 Himeno thought that she would be overwhelmed if she had to fight a close battle with her exhausted condition, so she chose the last resort. That is Dragonmen’s most powerful attack, <Breath of Fire>.

 Sensing an unprecedented surge of magic power, Flair realized that Himeno was about to use <Breath of Fire>, so in order to counter it, Flair also gathered up her magic power.

 But it was Himeno who made the first move.

 ”<Breath of Fire>……!

 A magic circle appears in front of Himeno’s mouth. Himeno, who took a deep breath, unleashed the magic that she had gathered with her breath, and the magic circle shone even more brightly, and from it a crimson beam of light shot out onto Flair.

 Shinji could see that the beam of light was almost the same as Flair’s magic that had burned away the monsters which was jumped down from the valley that Shinji had visited to defeat the unique individual at the previous time.

 But, despite the fact that the magic was clearly too powerful to be used in a mock battle, Shinji trusted Flair and kept his eyes on her.

 ”<Heat Ray>……!”

 A crimson beam of light was released from Flair’s hand as well.

 The beam emitted by Himeno and the beam emitted by Flair collided head-on and pushed each other. The scene unfolded in front of Shinji, as they canceled each other out with violent sparks – and eventually, it came to an end.

* * *

 ”Hah…… Hah…… I give up……”

 The first to run out of breath was Himeno.

 She comes down to the ground, laying on her back and breathing hard, without the energy to use her <Dragon Wings>.

 ”It’s a pretty impressive feat, Dragonman”

 Flair, on the other hand, looked like she had plenty of time to spare.

 Flair’s skill is definitely able to completely cancel out Himeno’s <Breath of Fire> as she slipped back and finish the mock battle without causing any injuries.

 It’s not an exaggeration to say that it was a complete victory, showing the difference in ability.

 ”Hah…… I knew I couldn’t win, but this is the strength of high-ranking spirits……! Even so, it’s been a while since I’ve given it my all…… and it was fun…….”

 ”Well, it’s true that your power was terrible if you did it near the city…… So, the city is not a good idea”

 Shinji comes to the side of the Himeno with a satisfied expression and comfortable fatigue. And then, Shinji thank Flair for fighting for him.

 ”Flair, thank you for your hard work”

 ”No problem~noja. It was satisfactory work, wasn’t it?”

 Flair closed one eye and looked at Shinji. Shinji nodded and he understanding her intentions.

 The reason Flair chose to fight an endurance battle was for Shinji’s sake.

 Because she thought it would be best for Shinji to let Himeno use all her magic to the limit, and that’s why she chose this strategy.

 Why is it better to let her use all her magic? It was obvious that the reason was to reduce the power to resist Shinji’s actions.

 ”You’re really good, Flair. Thank you.”

 ”……Umu ♪”

 Flair smiled happily at the heartfelt praise.

 ”Well, Himeno-san ……shall we talk?”

 ”Nn? What do you want to talk about…………?”

 Shinji’s eyes glowed mysteriously. The light is a glow that indicates the activation of hypnotic magic.

 Himeno, who was exhausted from the mock battle, could easily be hypnotized if she unintentionally made eye contact with Shinji.

 And looking at Himeno’s vaguely drifting gaze, Shinji smiled.


 A mock battle between Himeno and Flair-chan (all-out)

 She flies and even has her own powerful magic.

 The dragonmen are probably the strongest of the human race.

 Well, they can’t win against high-ranking spirits, though. They are too different in age.

 Flying freely in the sky is a privilege of dragonmen and winged races. Spirits can hover and move sideways, but they can’t fly freely.

 Himeno-chan is exhausted.

 She can’t resist due to her lack of magic power, and is easily hypnotized.

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