Wizard 261

Chapter 261 Himeno’s Long Night・3

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 After hypnotized and in a daze, Himeno remained lying on the ground with her head on the floor.

 ”Now, let’s sit down properly first”

 ”Oh yes…….”

 As Shinji urged, Himeno stood up and walked over to a reasonably sized stone and sat down. After the hypnotic spell was cast, Himeno’s true nature was still in its infancy, and it was easy to see her free-spirited nature when she walked to a stone some distance away without asking, instead of sitting there.

 ”So, what do you want to talk about……?”

 Shinji walked up to Himeno, who was tilting her head, and decided to start a conversation.

 ”I was wondering if you were able to find out about love during the fighting tournament. I believe that Alvin was the strong opponent that you wanted”

 Shinji’s question was met with a slow nod from Himeno.

 ”Yes……. He is close to my age…… has a good face, and has the strength to defeat me…… albeit with rule restrictions. So, I can’t complain if he was a good man……”

 ”But after the match, it looked more like you just had found a good rival than a love interest”

 Himeno nodded slowly again.

 ”To be honest, I didn’t feel any burning desire in my heart……. Because all I felt was a desire to fight him again……”

 Shinji looked into the eyes of Himeno, with a curious look on his face. While staring her with the eyes that glow mysteriously with hypnotic magic, Shinji asks her a series of questions to uncover the true feelings that lie dormant in her.

 ”Himeno-san, you already have something bigger than your interest. Isn’t that why you didn’t fall in love……?”

 ”Something bigger than my interest……?”

 Himeno vaguely repeated Shinji’s statement.

 ”It’s your love for Mitono-san. ……Don’t you think you already have enough love in your heart to accept the marriage……?”

 ”I love Mitono……?”

 Shinji did not miss the slight wavering in Himeno’s eyes. And he continued to speak as if he were folding.

 ”Will you even accept…… the marriage even though you are not convinced…… that you love him?”

 ”I’ve been with Mitono since he was …… a small boy. ……Mitono was the only person close to my age who accepted me……. He also understands me very well …… and he is like family to me…….”

 Shinji was convinced that Himeno was thinking about Mitono, as she was making a lot of excuses.

 ”If so, do you mind if Mitono-san doesn’t choose Himeno-san?”

 Shinji’s hypnotic magic worked its way into Himeno’s consciousness. This caused Himeno to have a vivid picture in her mind.

 The sight was so vivid that she saw Mitono take the hand of a woman who was not herself and leave her side.

 ”No, no, no. ……Mitono is my man……!”

 For the first time, Himeno felt a boiling emotion welling up deep in her chest. It was at this moment that Himeno first recognized her possessive desire for Mitono.

 ”Family love is also a great love. So, you love him, don’t you?”

 ”So……. I……. I loved Mitono and this is love…….”

 Himeno’s expression was very calm as she gently placed her hand on her chest when she thought about Mitono.

 An existence that she believed was natural for her to be with. Mitono, who was like air in a good sense, had finally come to the realization that he had become an indispensable part of Himeno’s life.

 Therefore, Shinji’s words pierced Himeno’s heart.

 ”I think Mitono-san also loves Himeno-san…… Now, did you tell Mitono-san that you would like to fall in love with someone else?”

 ”Ah, ah ……I am ………”

 She imagined it. If Himeno was in Mitono’s position. And just thinking that Mitono would say something like that to her, it makes her feel very sad.

 Even though she wasn’t aware of her own feelings, the regret of why she had said such a thing made her feel depressed.

 This mental turmoil creates an opening in her heart.

 And with this, Shinji’s whispers slipped into her mind, planting a false perception in her mind.

 ”Himeno-san, let’s make Mitono-san happy just as much as you’ve made him sad. As a man, I’ll tell you what will make Mitono happy……”

 ”……Mitono is happy……”

 The words “For the man I love” were reason enough for Himeno to accept Shinji’s words. And aware of love from the longing for love, Himeno goes astray for the sake of that love.

 ”A husband needs his wife to heal him. Let’s practice that healing…… method of pleasing a man with me”

 ”Okay, I’ll practice…… for Mitono”

 The hypnotic magic made Himeno believe that <Practicing Sex with Shinji for Mitono> was the right thing to do.

 ”Of course, this is a secret between the two of us. So, you can practice in peace and please Mitono-san”

 ”Yes…… I’ll do my best for Mitono…….”

 In addition to that, Shinji remember to reduce the risk of being exposed by hypnotizing the practice is a secret between the two of them.

 Clap! Shinji clapped his hands once, and Himeno, who had been in a daze, awoke with a start. Although she regained consciousness, the perception distorted by the hypnotic magic would not return to normal. Therefore.

 ”Then, let’s start practicing your s*x appeal right away”

 ”Oh, yes”

 With Shinji’s words, Himeno nodded in a natural way.


 Himeno-chan, you are aware of your feelings.

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