Wizard 262

Chapter 262 Himeno’s Long Night・4

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 Before intercourse, Shinji asks for Himeno’s consent to have Flair transfer her to his home. He knew that it would be painful for Himeno to have her first experience outdoors.

 ”Well, it’s time for you to learn. First, please sit in front of me. Make sure your eyes are at waist level……”

 ”I understand”

 Since it was only an instruction, Shinji led Himeno with polite words. She did not resist and sat down in front of him as he told her.

 ”Please take off my pants and underwear. Because men are always happy to be serviced by a woman they like”

 ”Um…… this is………”

 When Himeno put her hands on Shinji’s pants and underwear and pulled them down, his p*nis appeared in front of her and she gasped. As it was the first time Himeno had ever seen an adult p*nis, her cheeks flushed slightly.

 ”Let’s try to touch it gently with your hands”

 ”O, okay……”

 She touched Shinji’s p*nis fearfully. And with the sight of the wilting p*nis slowly beginning to erect, Himeno choked up.

 ”Oh, it’s gotten so big…… and it’s so warm, it feels so strange…….”

 ”A man would feel good when they are touched gently. Now, you will learn the most pleasurable foreplay…… that’s a blowjob. Do you know what it is?”

 Himeno shook her head at Shinji’s question. Although, she knows how to make a child, but she has little knowledge of the process. So, in her knowledge, on the first night of marriage, she should just let her husband do his thing.

 ”You must lick this male genital…… the cock”

 ”I, I’m going to lick this……?”

 Shinji’s fully erect p*nis was so big and grotesque in appearance, causing Himeno to hesitate. However, Shinji continued to explain further.

 ”Some women don’t like blowjobs. But because men…… like it, they find great pleasure in it, furthermore they find it more pleasure when their lovely wife serve them”

 ”Well, if it makes Mitono happy, then I’ll do it”

 The image that comes to Himeno’s mind is that of Mitono smiling. So, if Mitono is pleased with it, then she will practice it. First, she put her mouth close to Shinji’s p*nis…… stick out her tongue, and then put her tongue on the swollen glans.

 Rero, Rero, Pero…… Rero, Rero …

 With an awkward tongue, Himeno began to lick the glans with great effort, and Shinji watched the scene with indescribable pleasure and gave further instructions.

 ”Lick the whole thing more…… and keep working on it with your hand so that your hand is never absent. Move it back and forth then……. change the way you do it to see how it reacts and to keep it from getting boring”

 ”N, nnn…….”

 Like this? Is it good? Himeno looks up at Shinji as if to check if she is doing well. It seems that she is a good learner, and she has gotten better at licking, changing the position of the lick as she watches the reaction of the p*nis.

 So after sometimes, Himeno naturally takes the p*nis into her mouth without Shinji telling her to do so.

 ”Slurp…… ♡ Nnn ♡ Nmu ♡ Chu ♡”

 ”And as long as you don’t hit it with your teeth…… it’ll be fine”

 Shinji told Himeno what to look out for and decided to let her suck as she pleased. And with her eyesight, trained in combat, she can see exactly where…… Shinji’s p*nis reacts to caresses and where it feels good.

 His p*nis quivered with pleasure, and she instinctively knew that this reaction was proof that he was being pleasured.

 And as she began to wake up as a woman while serving him, she felt her vagina tingle for the first time.

 ””Nn…… ♡ U, uh…… I….. I’m starting to feel a little strange……”

 Himeno, who was wriggling her crotch, was becoming a woman’s face before long. Her face was flushed, her eyes moistened, her breath hot with excitement.

 Previously, Shinji thought about letting her suck him off until he ejaculated, but decided to teach her the pleasures to her body first.

 ”It means that you are getting ready to accept a man. Let’s go to the next practice…… Please stand up and turn around”

 ”Okay…… Hyaan ♡ This is…… ♡”

 He stood up and hugged Himeno from behind, who exposed her unprotected back. Then, he pulled down her hakama and inserted his erect p*nis between her soft thighs.

 The warmth of the p*nis pressed against her thighs and secret area makes Himeno cry out in surprise.

 ”A man wants to touch the person he loves……. So, at that time, if you are sensitive, he can enjoy his partner. Like this…….”

 ”Fahh ♡ T, that place…… ♡”

 Shinji’s hand slipped into the gap between the kimonos and grabbed Himeno’s small bulge. As she was not wearing a bra, Shinji’s hand was able to squeeze her breast directly.

 ”It’s important to accept the pleasure and surrender to it”

 ”I understand…… ♡ Ah, hah…… ♡ Nnn ♡”

 Shinji was playing with her body as much as he could, while she was holding her voice in shame. Her body seems to be very sensitive, and even when he touches her arms and waist, which are not her weak points, she lets out a pleasant breath.

 Seeing so, he smiled at the fact that her body was so worth touching. The pleasure of being the first to touch her body and make it his own color made him even more excited.

 ”Ah ♡ No, it has been taken off…… ♡ Hiii ♡ You…. you can’t do it with both hands ♡ Ah ♡ My nipples ♡ I can’t believe it feels this good ♡”

 The kimono that had been loosened by Shinji’s hands, making it impossible to cover her upper body, and when both of his hands grabbed her breasts and tortured her hardening nipples at the same time, she shook her head in frustration.

 Himeno was at the mercy of Shinji’s hands. She felt so good to have her nipples tortured for the first time that she felt like she was going crazy.

 And her crotch was naturally wet and she could hear the nasty sound when the p*nis between her legs moved back and forth.

 ”Ah ♡ S, something will come up ♡ I, I……. ♡ I don’t know this ♡ Ah ♡ No… ♡ It’s scary ♡”

 ”Don’t worry. Don’t be afraid. ……Let yourself be carried away by that feeling……”

 Shinji pinched her nipples and whispered in her ear.

 At that moment, Himeno experienced the first climax of her life. And it was not in the arms of her beloved fiancé, but in the arms of Shinji.

 ”Hah…… ♡ Ahh…… Is this climax…… ♡”

 Himeno muttered in a somewhat enraptured voice. She was terrified of climaxing for the first time, but when it was over, she felt it was no big deal. Rather, she felt comfortable with a sweet sensation that she had never felt before.

 ”Yes. A men will happy when their partner climaxes…… So, when you feel good, you can tell him that you’re happy”

 ”Nn……♡ I, I see……♡”

 after her breasts being played with, Himeno noticed that her crotch was completely soaked as she twisted around. And, then, she realizes what her body needs.

 (My body is aching for it…… My body wants to…… feel better……♡)

 And when she rubs her thighs together to stimulate the p*nis, which is still hard between her legs, she can feel it quivering with pleasure. There is now only one act to do next.

 ”Himeno-san, now it’s time for insertion……”

 Himeno nodded silently at Shinji’s words.

 She had been expecting it. If it felt this good just from foreplay, then s*x must feel even better, she thought.

 (Mitono…… ♡ I’m going to learn how to make us feel good together…… ♡)

 In order to learn how to have good s*x for her marriage to Mitono, Himeno is put to bed by Shinji.


 This is the beginning of the education for Himeno-chan.

 Shinji’s education begins, and all kinds of her first time become Shinji’s……

 Himeno-chan will do her best for her beloved Mitono-kun!

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