Wizard 263

Chapter 263 Himeno’s Long Night・5

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 The sight of Himeno wearing a messy kimono was so sensual that it seemed a lie that she had been fighting so heroically in the daytime.

 The way her cheeks were flushed from her climax, the way her eyes were moistening, the way she had become quiet as if she was a sheltered cat, it all looked so s*xy.

 ”Before insertion, I’ll do a little more foreplay this time. The first time is painful if it is not well wetted, so, please spread your…… legs”

 ”L, let’s do it……♡”

 After experiencing a climax, Himeno, who was still in a daze, followed Shinji’s instructions and opened her legs. She was embarrassed by the sight of the stained of her white panties, but she was more excited by the anticipation of pleasure.

 ”I’m going to touch you to loosen you up. ……Just like before, please leave your body to your partner”

 ”Fahh…… ♡ Ah ♡ Uh…… ♡ Y, your fingers are touching my pussy…… ♡ Aah ♡”

 Being touched by a man for the first time, Himeno felt a sweet, numbing sensation of pleasure. Shinji could sense the strength of the s*xual desire that lurked in her as she wriggled her hips at the mere tracing of the top of her panties.

 ”It’s slippery……”

 ”Don’t say something embarrassing ♡ Nn……Ah……It’s coming ♡ Hyan ♡ Ah ♡”

 When he slid her white panties down to the side, her smooth, hairless private parts came into view.

 And when Shinji’s word came, she gave him a strong look, but when he inserted his finger shallowly and rubbed the shallow part, the corner of her eyes instantly lowered. Her body became so sensitive because she was unaccustomed to the pleasure she had never known before, and she was quickly swept away.

 As Shinji’s fingers loosened her unopened vagina, he continued to caress her, exploring the places that felt good to her.

 Before long, the room was filled with the sound of Himeno’s charming voice, and not only her charming voice, but also the nasty sound of water.

 ”That’s enough, isn’t it?”


 When Shinji pulled his finger from Himeno who was about to climax, she let out a disappointed sound. But the words “I want you to keep doing that” disappeared when she saw Shinji’s erect p*nis sliding between her legs.

 ”We’ll start practicing s*x then. I’m using contraceptive magic to help you practice, so don’t worry”

 ”It’s obvious, because it’s practice…… And I only conceive Mitono’s child…… ♡”

 If a third party were to listen, they would have no idea what she was talking about. Because Himeno is saying that she will pregnant with another man, not the one she is going to have s*x with. However, it is the right thing to say and do for Himeno, who takes the “practice” as a matter of course through hypnotic magic.

 And without questioning this strange situation, the s*xually awakened Himeno relaxed her body to accept Shinji’s p*nis.

 As Shinji’s p*nis was slowly inserted into her unopened vagina…….

 ”Ahh…… ♡ It, it’s weird…. ♡ Something slowly…… coming inside me…… ♡”

 Himeno was not only confused by the sensation of a p*nis entering her body for the first time, but also felt a sense of pleasure, thanks to Shinji’s careful caresses that loosened her vagina and made it secrete a lot of love juice, but she had no way of knowing that.

 Shinji’s p*nis penetrated through the vaginal walls and love juices, easily penetrating her virgin membrane. Then, he inserted his p*nis all the way in.

 ”I’ve inserted it all the way in. Does it hurt……?”

 ”No, it didn’t hurt…… ♡ Well, what are you going to do now……? ♡”

 Blood, which is a sign of virginity, is flowing from the secret area where the p*nis has been inserted fully into the vagina, but in Himeno’s mind, pleasure seems to outweigh the pain.

 (Her reaction without aphrodisiac magic…… And her body has a great quality for sensitivity…. She is such naughty girl…….)

 Even though he felt it was worthwhile to train Himeno’s body as it quickly adapted to s*x, but now was not the time yet. So, Shinji decided to proceed with the practice as planned.

 ”Then all I have to do is ejaculate and it’s over. I will move for that…….”

 ”Nnnnnnn ♡ I’m cumming ♡ Ahhhh ♡ Cumming againnnnn ♡”

 When Shinji began to slowly pull back his hips, the folds of her vagina became intertwined with his to the point that she could not resist. And when the p*nis is inserted deep into her vagina again, her hips bounce with even more pleasure than the first time.

 ”Himeno-san’s body reacts really well. I’m sure Mitono-san will be pleased”

 ”R, really? ♡ Ah, hah…. ♡ A, amazing…. ♡ It’s ♡ Nnnn ♡ It feels good ♡ I wonder if I can do it well ♡”

 Sensing Himeno was already getting pleasure, Shinji pulled down Himeno’s messy kimono and squeezed her exposed breasts with one hand.

 And as her vagina gets tighter and tighter, Shinji’s hips move more vigorously.

 Pound ♡ Pound ♡ Pound ♡ Pound ♡

 The pistons were too strong for her first time, but her body was already tightening up to pleasure Shinji’s p*nis, and her love juices were flowing fast.

 This made her feel more pleasure than ever from Shinji’s powerful penetration.

 ”Ah ah ah ♡ It’s so good ♡ I can’t take it ♡ Oh no ♡ I feel it again ♡”

 Every time Shinji poked her, her small but beautiful breasts swayed slightly. Himeno, whose naked body was exposed to Shinji, felt her climax coming on again and clutched the sheet as Shinji looked down at her and shook his hips.

 ”It’s just practice, so don’t worry, you can come first”

 ”Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh ♡♡♡”

 When Shinji thrusts hard into her vagina, Himeno leaned back and climaxes.

 The vagina tightens as if begging for semen, but Shinji doesn’t ejaculate. The fact that she was able to climax without any aphrodisiac magic for the first time made him realize that she was a real naughty girl.

 ”Let’s make sure you and Mitono climax together when having s*x, okay? Climax together will make both of you happy”

 ”Hah…… ♡ Hah…… ♡ Even now, it’s still …… ♡ so good, but …… ♡ Nnn ♡ Sorry, I’m… cumming first ♡”

 Himeno apologized, dazed in the aftermath of her climax, when Shinji pointed out that he hadn’t climaxed yet.

 ”The next time, when about to climax, you should say you’re going to cum. If you do, the other person will change their pace”

 ”Um…… ♡ We need to…… to cum together ♡”

 Seeing Himeno’s embarrassment at the word “cum” and her whispering, Shinji began to move his hips again.

 ”The next time, say it properly. It’s time to start practicing again”

 ”U, umu ♡ Fah ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ It feels better ♡ More than before ♡ Ohh ♡”

 Himeno’s body and vagina had started to learn about Shinji’s p*nis, and as she got used to his shape, she began to feel more pleasure.

 On the other hand, Shinji grabbed Himeno’s hips tightly and began to pump his hips back and forth in an effort to ejaculate, causing Himeno’s hips to float in pleasure.

 ”Cumming ♡ I’m cumming again ♡ I’m cumming ♡”

 ”I’m going to cum too”

 ”Ahhhhhhhhhhh ♡♡♡”

 Shinji ejaculated when Himeno was on the verge of climaxing.

 As Shinji’s ejaculated while pressing the glans and he were pouring directly into her uterus, Himeno attacked by a tremendous pleasure.

 And then, Himeno climaxed, while stretching her legs out, and her vagina tightened around the p*nis, greedily trying to suck up the semen that was being poured into her, trying to squeeze it out of him.

 It was undoubtedly the most pleasurable experience of the day for Himeno, and she was immersed in it with a happy, sloppy smile on her face.

 And after tasting every inch of the woman who was to become another man’s wife, Shinji slowly pulled his p*nis out, feeling extremely satisfied.


 The sight of Himeno shivering and cum dripping from the vagina where she had just sucked his cock into her vagina was s*xy.

 ”This is where it should end, but……”

 When Himeno turned her gaze from the ceiling to Shinji’s, she saw that Shinji’s p*nis had ejaculated, but it had not wilted.

 ”It’s not every day we get a chance to practice. Let’s practice as much as we can today”

 ”T, that’s right……♡”

 ”I could have the same pleasure again as now”, Himeno, who had come up with the idea, couldn’t possibly reject Shinji’s suggestion and was led out of bed and into the bathroom by Shinji.

 Still, Shinji had no intention of ending the practice with Himeno.


 It was time for the real thing, Himeno-chan.

 It was all Shinji’s from the first time he came inside her until the first time she cummed.

 Himeno-chan seems to have a sensitive constitution. ……Shinji-kun had a good time with her.

 She’s going to do her best to learn for Mitono-kun!

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