Wizard 264

Chapter 264 Himeno’s Long Night is Over

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 After sweating it out in the bathroom, Shinji and Himeno immediately began their next “practice”.

 Himeno, who had gotten a taste of s*x, was very aggressive. The knowledge that she is doing it for Mitono encourages her and she is willing to serve Shinji’s p*nis.

 Slurp ♡ Slurp ♡ Slurrp ♡ Slurrrrp ♡

 While crouched at Shinji’s feet and sweat pouring down on her face, Himeno began to suck on his erect p*nis. Because it’s her second time, she didn’t hesitate to suck his cock again and she violently licked at the p*nis that had made her feel so good.

 As someone who likes to move her body, she approaches s*x practice with the same sense. In other words, she knows that she has to practice until she gets good at it.

 The way she sucks, the way she uses her tongue, the way she looks at her partner’s reaction, the way she uses her hands…… through trial and error, she rapidly improves.

 (She is great. This will make Mitono’s first night solely in the hands of Himeno)

 While thought so, Shinji poured his semen into Himeno’s mouth, who gave him a smooth blowjob with a face so debauched that a third person could not believe that she was a virgin and had no experience until just now.

 ”Please just drink it”

 ”Gulp ♡ Nnnn ♡ Ummm ♡”

 Himeno obediently obeyed the instruction as he stroked her pink hair. For her, the taste of the semen was strange and she couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows.

 ”I think it’s hard to get used to, but…… semen drinking is one of the most exciting things for men, so let’s learn it”

 Nodding to Shinji’s advice, which seemed to look right into her heart, Himeno slowly, but barely, drank the semen and then removed her mouth from the p*nis.

 ”……I have to get used to this……”

 ”Well then…… Next, please stand up and turn your hips to me. Let’s have s*x in a new position”

 For the first time, Himeno didn’t seem like the idea of drinking cum, but she changed her mind when Shinji told her it was for practice s*x. Therefore, she did as she was told. After drinking it, she places her hands on the wall and sticking her ass toward him. She was more excited about the prospect of s*x than her shame, and her desire for pleasure had grown.

 (It’s easy to get hooked when she has just learned. I’ll have to take my time today to teach her the benefits of s*x)

 With that, Shinji inserts his p*nis into the vagina, which is dripping with love juice.

 ”Ahhhhhh ♡ It’s inserted……. ♡ This is even…… deeper than the previous one ♡ Ahh ♡”

 While listening to Himeno’s moan of delight, Shinji thrusts his p*nis deep into her vagina, and after making sure she doesn’t feel any pain from the second penetration, Shinji begins his pistoning movement.

 Pound ♡ Pound ♡ Pound ♡ Pound ♡

 Her ass undulates as her hips collide with Shinji’s. Shinji also whispers to her as she moans with pleasure while he thrusting her.

 ”Himeno-san, you should try shaking your hips too. Because it’s practice”

 ”Like this? ♡ Nnn, uhh, Ohh ♡♡”

 Himeno’s awkwardly moving hips perfectly matched Shinji’s thrusts for the first time. And the pleasure felt so good that she couldn’t help but shout out.

 ”Ah ♡ Amazing ♡ This is too good ♡ Aahhhhhh ♡ Ahhhhh ♡ Cumming ♡ I’m cumming again ♡”

 Himeno was so engrossed in shaking her own hips. But in spite of this, the timing of Shinji and Himeno’s hips pulling and thrusting were perfectly in sync, and they were making the most pleasurable movements of their hips.

 In the bathroom, there was nothing more than a male and female seeking pleasure, with Shinji using his hips only to ejaculate into Himeno’s vagina, which had become accustomed to the shape of his p*nis, and Himeno shaking her hips only to receive ejaculation from this pleasure-giving partner.

 It’s not a practice session, it’s a serious mating session, and Shinji has finally reached his limit.

 ”I’m going to cum…….!”

 ”Put it out, put it outttt ♡ Give me a lot of cum ♡ Hnnnnnnn ♡ Ahhhhhhh ♡♡♡”

 Spurrttttt ♡

 With the glans and cervix touching at the deepest point, Shinji’s semen pours into her womb. And as he hugs her, she climaxes deeply more than her first time, which she thought was the best. After, feeling her vagina has squeezed out every last drop of semen, Shinji slowly pulled out his p*nis.

 ”It’s a perfect score. ……You’re really excellent”

 ”Haa~♡ Haa~♡ Haa~♡”

 Without having time to reply to Shinji’s praise, Himeno basked in the afterglow of her climax. Her mind is stained with pleasure, because she has been taught the benefits of s*x so perfectly.

 ”There are still other positions. Once you’ve recovered, we can continue……. It’s for Mitono-san, after all”

 ”Umu…… ♡ I’ll do my best…… ♡”

 In Shinji’s arms, Himeno could only mutter.

 After that, they went back to bed and Shinji fucked her in various positions, and their intense practice lasted all night until she returned to her room just before sunrise.

* * *

 ”Good morning, Hime”

 ”Good morning, Mitono…….”

 The next morning, Himeno couldn’t fall asleep due to the intense first time experience, and when she left the room to get breakfast, she bumped into Mitono.

 After, recognizing her affection for Mitono, her gaze turns to the side slightly, but she still returns the greeting.

 ”Hime, what’s wrong? Are you tired?”

 Concerned about her seeming lack of energy, Mitono tries to put his hand on her forehead. Normally she would say, “Don’t treat me like a child!” However, today, Himeno accepted Mitono’s hand without any resistance.

 ”Nn…… It’s not that I’m tired. It’s just that I’m aware of it…….”

 Expectations dwell in Mitono’s chest as her face slowly turns red. By all means, it looks as if Himeno is conscious of Mitono.

 ”Aware about what……?”

 ”I couldn’t feel more than make him as a rival when I fought a strong man in a tournament. And after a sometimes, when I thought about it…… I realized now that it was because of Mitono’s presence…… and I’m sorry about……. various things……”

 She had become aware her favor of Mitono through Shinji’s hypnotic magic. And it made Himeno couldn’t look straight at Mitono because of her past actions and words. But when Mitono saw her, he didn’t get angry, instead, he was happy to find out that they actually had feelings for each other.

 ”It’s okay, Hime. ……Because I love you, let’s think about being happy together in the future, not in the past, okay?”

 ”Mitono……. I love you too…….”

 Mitono’s hand squeezed her hand and Himeno’s hand squeezed him back.

 ”Could you call me like you used to?”


 As the two communicate with each other, Mitono and Himeno smiles happily at each other.

 But Mitono has no way of knowing that her vagina is filled with the semen of Shinji.

 ”From now on, I will only watch Mito. So, Mito is only for me, okay?”

 ”Yes. When we return to the village, we’ll get married. ……And I’ll always only love Hime”

 While talking about this, the two of them went to have breakfast together.


 Himeno-chan, this is the last.

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