Wizard 265

Chapter 265 Meeting with Smith and his Wife

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 ”Please tak’ care o’ us today!”

 ”Excuse me”

 The day after the tournament.

 The blacksmith Smith and his wife Durin had arrived at the <Running Wolves> party house in the morning. As promised, Alvin and the others were ready and waiting for Smith’s couple, and they all welcomed them.

 ”Pleased to meet you too!”

 Alvin’s cheerful greeting was followed by various greetings from Shinji and the others.

 ”Donnae be sae formal. I like Alvin an’ I want make him a weapon”

 Smith, who is embarrassed by the welcoming mood, laughs and waves his hand in embarrassment. As for Smith, it would be easier and more familiar to be more friendly.

 This was also true for Alvin, so Smith’s suggestion was a good one.

 ”All right! Then we’ll talk normally”

 ”Yeah. It’s easier fo’ me tae talk too”

 Smith and Alvin seemed to have something in common and shook hands firmly.

 ”….. it’s good if you’re getting along”

 Even though he was feeling a little uncomfortable, Shinji was glad that Alvin and the blacksmith were on the same wavelength. Because blacksmiths were often difficult people, and a bad match could affect the outcome of a job.

 If a blacksmith has pride, he will do the minimum amount of work even if he doesn’t like the person, but it is human nature to want to provide a better product to someone they like.

 ”Okay! Then let’s discuss it richt away!”


 ”I want tae see the weapon ye’re usin’ now. An’ I’d like tae see ye actually use it”

 ”Let’s go to the backyard first, where I can wield my weapons without a problem”

 Shinji watched as Alvin and Smith headed for the backyard, talking lively.

 On the meantime, Durin and Milis walked into the party house’s dining room. Durin’s job is to work behind the scenes, from planning the weapons Smith will create to calculating the actual costs and managing the schedule for delivery of materials and deadlines. Also, it is her job to get to know the members of the <Running Wolves> with whom they will be working.

 ”I’d like to get a bow, too, so I’ll let Smith-san and Al take a look”

 ”……Then I’ll go with you. It’s okay to leave Durin-san to Milis and Akane”

 Shinji, who did not feel the need to talk to Durin right now, decided to accompany Renka.

* * *

 ”Well, thanks for treatin’ me tae lunch, Alvin”

 ”No problem”

 The conversation between Alvin and Smith went on for quite a while, and when Smith saw Renka’s bow afterwards, it took him until almost noon. Therefore, Alvin decided to prepare lunch for Smith and Durin, and they decided to have a chat together.

 ”Al-kun, are you finished with the talk?”

 ”Yeah! It’s done. Right, Smith?”

 Alvin gave a thumbs-up to Milis’s question, and Smith nodded his head in agreement.

 ”Yeah, that’s right. I’ve got a pretty guid idea o what tae dae. Durin, here are the materials an’ time needit”

 Smith held out a handwritten note to Durin. She took the note and looked it over, but all the materials Smith had written down were high quality, and when she adds the cost of the production too, the price was quite high.

 ”Are ye aware o the budget? If ye use all this guid stuff, it’s goin’ to be pretty expensive”

 ”I have a budget for the tournament prize money. You know?”

 Durin thought of the amount of money Alvin had won in the tournament.

 ”Are ye sure ye want tae spend it all?”

 ”No problem! I’ve already discussed it with everyone!”

 All members of <Running Wolves> nodded in agreement with Alvin’s words.

 ”We’re going to climb <Hateyama>, so I want Alvin’s weapon to be one of the best”

 ”I want my bow to be on a separate budget”

 ”Okay, if ye do that, I don’t think ye’ll have a problem wi’ the budget”

 With Durin’s approval, which she calculated in her head, Smith sat up and clapped his hands vigorously.

 ”Okay! Then we have a deal! Alvin, ye wait fo’ me! A’ll make the best sword I can!”

 ”Yeah! Take care, Smith! We’ll come to your place as soon as it’s ready!”

 Aside from the two of them getting excited, Shinji took the time to look over the contract that Durin had prepared before signing it.

* * *

 ”Well then! A’ll be waiting for ye at the workshop!”

 ”Come on! The carriage will be leavin’ before we know it!”

 They all watched as Smith and his wife hurriedly left the <Running Wolves> party house.

 ”He was a stormy one, wasn’t he?”

 ”Smith-san especially. But how was Durin-san?”

 Milis smiled as she thought about the conversation she had with Durin.

 ”Well, she was kind person. And, she spoke well. If she’s going to support someone like Smith-san, she’s going to have to be able to say a lot of things”

 ”Because the energy is similar to Al’s…… if Mil isn’t firm, she will be pushed around by Al”

 ”D, don’t worry! I’ll talk to Mil about it”

 While the three of them were talking to each other, Shinji thought about his future plans.

 It was three days until the appointment. He was told by Durin to come back in about a week to check the stock of materials and replenish any shortages.

 (We’ll be leaving in four days…… so we should get everything done before then, right?)

 First, he’ll meet Flair and the others this evening.

 Shinji thought that he would make sure to reward them for their role in corrupting Himeno.


 The next destination was Este, for weapons.

 His relationship with Durin-chan continues.

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