Wizard 266

Chapter 266 Surrounded by Spirits・1

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 On the night, after meeting with Smith’s couple.

 Shinji summoned Freri, Flair and Marie to his house.

 Sylphy’s reward had not been decided yet and was still pending. That was why she wasn’t there, and Shinji intended to make some kind of thank-you gift at a later date.

 ”Let me take care of you this evening~noja!”

 ”Take your time~ and enjoy it~♪”

 Flair and Marie seemed eager to get started, and hugged Shinji’s arms from both sides.

 Flair already addicted to having s*x with Shinji, and the way the brown-skinned girl rubs her large breasts against Shinji’s right arm, it looks like she’s completely willing to do it.

 The other woman, Marie, gently places her breasts too, which had the same size as Flair’s, on Shinji’s left arm. This is the second time she had s*x, but she liked it a lot better than the first time, and she’s also more aggressive with her white skin.

 ”Enjoy it……?”

 [We had a good meeting beforehand. I’ve planned what we’re going to do tonight, so enjoy it. And we’ll have fun, too]

 As Freri sat down at Shinji’s feet and began to remove his pants and underwear, Shinji knew immediately that things were going to go according to Freri’s plan.

 ”What exactly are you going to do?”

 [It wouldn’t be fun if I tell you, right?]

 (Oh, she will do this kind of thing when she didn’t want to tell me)

 Having known Freri for a long time, he knew that this was the pattern when she had no intention of teaching, so he decided to go along with it.

 And he’s also convinced because there is another factor in his thought. The factor was Flair and Marie were strangely well-coordinated in their efforts to remove Shinji’s clothes, as if they had heard a lot about him from Freri.

 As Shinji was quickly stripped of all his clothes, Freri made him lay down on the bed.

 [Today, Shinji is our reward, so be quiet]

 ”Yes, yes…….”

 However, even if Shinji can’t move his body, he can still move his hands, and when Shinji stroked Flair and Marie’s private parts over their dresses, sweet breaths escaped from both of their mouths.

 ”Kora~, Shinji, be quiet today…… Chu ♡”

 ”That’s right~. We’re going to make you cum~ ♡”

 Flair’s cheeks reddened as Shinji rubs her private parts with his fingers.

 But Freri had told Flair that she was the one who will responsible for kissing him, so, she responded Shinji’s action by kissing him. She slipped her tongue into Shinji’s mouth, entwined her lips with his affectionally. She also pressed her breasts against Shinji’s.

 Meanwhile, Marie was left in charge of Shinji’s upper body.

 She ran her tongue over Shinji’s left nipple, licking it carefully, and played with his right nipple with her finger. Shinji, who usually does the blames, gets his nipples blamed by someone.

 [Shinji, I’ll eat your cock…… ♡ And thanks for the food…… ♡ Nmu ♡ Slurpp ♡ Slurp ♡ Nfu ♡ Rero rero rero ♡]

 Freri, who was gazing at the erect p*nis with lecherous smile, didn’t hesitate to suck it deep into her throat at once.

 And unlike Himeno’s blowjob of the day before, Freri’s expert blowjob was a pleasure to Shinji.

 Furthermore, after having licked and sucked Shinji’s cock many times before, Freri knew the weak points of Shinji’s cock better than Shinji did.

 As her head started to move back and forth, her green hair was swaying. Her long tongue licks the underside of his cock and the glans, which Shinji can’t see because he’s kissing Flair so deeply.

 While they service him, the thought that crossed in Shinji’s mind was he might as well just let them do it to him. Because it would be the ultimate in luxury to let the spirits make him feel good and enjoy the passive harem s*x.

 However, Shinji also wanted to blame them.

 So, while he was being serviced by the three of them, he rolled up the hem of the Flair’s and Marie’s dress with the fingers that had been rubbing their private parts, slip his fingers into their panties, and inserted his middle finger into their moist private parts.

 ”Nmu ♡ Nmu ♡ Chu ♡ Chu ♡”

 ”Ah ♡ Shinji-san, it’s so good~ ♡ Ah ♡ Even, it just your fingers…. ♡”

 In Flair’s vagina, where he could feel the warmth of her body, Shinji repeatedly rubbed Flair’s G-spot, her weak spot.

 While he doing so, Flair responded with a deep kiss, but Shinji’s fingers felt so good that Flair’s face was becoming enraptured. Because of that, her tongue action became more violent.

 On the other side, perhaps Marie’s body was cool, his finger feels her vagina area was twitched, but not hot. He had s*x with her before, but never groped her, and when he rubbed her G-spot, like Flair, Marie’s hips twitched.

 Even with the foreplay, Shinji’s caresses were by far the best that Marie had ever experienced. With that, she rubbed her hips and licked Shinji’s hardening nipples relentlessly.

 [Nfu ♡ Shinji’s hates to lose…… ♡]

 [Well, you know how it is……Ugh, no…….]

 While giving a thought, Freri moves her legs and uses her fingers to press and rub the top of her dress. Freri’s panties, which are already aroused by blowjobs, are stained, and even she rubbing her vagina with her fingertips is not as good as with Shinji’s hands. ……So, Freri is not stimulated enough.

 Freri also tried to make Shinji lose his will to resist by sucking his cock harder and harder, even using her tongue to encourage him to cum.

 And with that, no matter how hard Shinji tried, it was impossible for him to endure Freri’s torture. Even so, he was not going to let himself be made to cum unilaterally, so he changed his fingers to fierce ones and stimulated the other two spirit’s clits as well.



 Shinji’s ejaculation was almost simultaneous with Flair and Marie’s climax.

 And with semen poured into Freri’s mouth, she sucked it deep into her throat. The amount of semen poured into her mouth was so much that she would normally have choked, but she drank it down with an ecstatic expression on her face.

 The pleasure of having his magic drained along with the semen is something that only a succubus could do it, but Shinji never forgets himself while immersed in the pleasure.

 On the other hand, Flair, who was soaking in the afterglow of her climax, continued to move her tongue slowly. The slow movement of her tongues entwined was indescribably pleasurable.

 And, Marie, who was leaned back, trying to catch her breath with an enraptured look on her face, and her cool body was become soothing as Shinji withdrew his fingers from her vagina and groped her breasts.

 Puha ♡

 Freri released her mouth from Shinji’s still quivering p*nis and licked her tongue around her mouth, smiling seductively.

 [Thank you for the food ……♡ Marie, now it’s your turn]


 After that, Freri moved away from Shinji’s legs and Flair pulled her lips away from his and Marie put her face close to Shinji’s ear.

 ”Next, I’ll wash you in the bathroom~♡”

 ”All right…….”

 ”Next time will be me~noja ♡”

 Marie led Shinji to the bathroom. Flair, who is second in line, is tempted to join them because of her light climax, but Freri urges her to get ready after Marie.

 The service of the spirits has only just begun.

 And, Freri knows that Sylphy is sneaking a peek at the scene, but she doesn’t say anything to her yet, and decides to let her keep peeking.


 The Spirits Harem Play begins.

 First of all, make the three of them feel good.

 After that, they move on to the next round of play.

 Flair-chan is completely fallen. She was so pissed off at first, but now she’s really into it……

 Marie likes to have s*x, so yeah, I guess she does.

 And Freri is overwhelmingly strong (only in s*x).

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