Wizard 267

Chapter 267 Surrounded by Spirits・2

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 ”After discussing it with Freri~, we decided to make a time for each person~ ♡”

 While Marie talking, Shinji got into the bathtub and soaked in the hot water.

 It was not ordinary hot water, but what was called a bubble bath. The bubble bath had a nice scent and created a comfortable feeling for Shinji.

 In addition to that, Marie was hugging Shinji from the front and using her naked body to wash his body. As Marie rubbed her soft body against his, Shinji’s p*nis naturally was erect and waiting to insert into her.

 ”Well, the three of you at once can be a bit overwhelming. I prefer to do it one-on-one”

 ”Hyan~ ♡ You shouldn’t have done that~ ♡”

 As the bubbling water bubbled, Shinji touched Marie’s ass with both hands and began to rub them. But Marie’s hands still touched Shinji’s shoulders and continued to gently wash his body.

 ”But a bubble bath?….. I’ve never had s*x in a bubble bath before”

 ”Fufufu~, it doesn’t get in your eyes, right? I’m controlling the water in the tub, you know~ ♡”

 For Marie, a high-ranking spirit of water, controlling the water is as natural as breathing.

 Even if Shinji slapped the surface of the water with both hands, the splashing bubbles and hot water would never get into his eyes and cause him pain.

 ”So~, I can do this kind of thing to~♡”

 ”Oh…… That feels so good…….”

 When Marie applied some pressure to the hot water which Shinji was soaking in, Shinji felt as if he were being massaged. His expression relaxed as the hot water pressed precisely on his stiff muscles which was located on his shoulders, back and hips.

 In addition, the pressure of the hot water which was covering his p*nis made him feel as if it was being handled by hand and it made his p*nis jump.

 ”I will do it slowly~ ♡ and gently~ ♡ It feels so warm and good, right? ~♡”

 Marie makes a circle with her index finger and thumb on her right hand, and moves it back and forth gently, which causes Shinji’s p*nis jump by the pressure of the hot water. Her movement was just like giving a hand job with a lot of lotion on his p*nis.

 ”It’s a new sensation, different from hand or pussy. ……Not bad”

 ”Fufufu~ ♡ Pseudo-s*x with liquid can be done by most water spirits~ ♡”

 Shinji couldn’t help but relax as he felt the s*xual sensation of the p*nis being squeezed and the stiffness of the muscles being relaxed.

 ”However~, I don’t do this kind of thing~ unless I really like the people I contract with~ or have some other special reason~ ♡”

 Marie also whispered, “But Shinji-san is special because he is an excellent apostle~. However, that’s just the official reason. The real reason was it’s more personal that I want to feel good~ ♡”.

 With her words, Shinji wanted to let her cum, but the rule was that Shinji had to ejaculate once before her turns. And seeing Shinji’s p*nis was quivering and shaking, Marie stopped the liquid hand job just before his ejaculation.

 ”Shinji-san~, if you want to cum~, you must do it here~……♡”

 Marie stood up, then her back and ass with bubbles still on it, facing Shinji. She also put her hands on the wall to invite Shinji to come. Shinji liked Marie’s aggressive behavior as she wiggled her ass and opened the entrance to her secret region with her fingers. This was especially true when it was a high-ranking spirit with more magical power than him.

 After she do that, Shinji got up from the bathtub and inserted his p*nis.

 ”Ahhhhh~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ I knew it~ ♡ Shinji-san’s dick is great~……♡”

 ”Marie is really pervert despite her appearance……!”

 Due to her wavy black hair, her relaxed manner of speaking, and her calm atmosphere, Shinji had no idea that Marie was so eager to have s*x with him upon meeting her for the first time.

 And without hesitation, Shinji grabbed Marie’s hips as she moaned and began to pound her aggressively.

 The sound of flesh hitting flesh and the sound of water splashing through the overflowing love juices from her secret area echoed in the bathroom, and Marie’s voice became louder and louder.

 ”Ah~ ♡ Do you like such spirit ~? ♡ Ah~ ♡”

 ”It’s the best ……!”

 Shinji’s hands crawl over her body, which is soaked with bubbles. He grabbed her breasts, which swayed with each thrust, and pinched her hardened nipples, which made her vagina tighten with pleasure.

 For Marie, s*x was a way to release the frustration she had built up while working so hard, and it was fortunate that Shinji, an apostle with such excellent physical chemistry, had appeared.

 (It’s really great…… ♡ I’m going to enjoy it…… ♡ For now…… ♡)

 For Marie, it’s more convenient to have a sort of physical relationship that is based on work.

 Flair, his partner, is completely fallen to Shinji and it’s clear to Marie that this is the result of the constant torment with this p*nis.

 But even though Marie wanted to enjoy s*x, she didn’t want to be corrupted, and Shinji had no reason to corrupt her now. Because Marie is not a person that Shizuku can keep around as long as she continues to be an apostle.

 ”Haa~ ♡ Ah, ah, ahhh~ ♡ Please cum as much as you want~ ♡ Ah, I’m cumming~ ♡ Shinji-san is making me cum~ ♡”

 ”Ugh…… Cumming……!”

 Spurttt ♡

 In order to catch Shinji’s semen, Marie pressed her hips closely against his thrusts.

 And with the womb and glans kissed, the womb sucked on the glans as if begging for semen. At the same time, the vagina tightened up and Shinji poured his semen directly into her womb.

 Shinji also pushed himself up against her and pumped his semen into her. It was a serious seed ejaculation, done with the instinct of a male trying to impregnate a female as deep as possible. However, thanks to the magic of contraception, she will not get pregnant.

 ”Ah…… ♡ It’s tremendous strength~…… ♡ If you didn’t use the magic, I would be conceived~…… ♡”

 While shaking in Shinji’s arms, Marie’s legs could barely stand due to her deep climax.

 As the long ejaculation was over, Shinji finally let go of Marie’s body and pulled his p*nis out, causing her to collapse to her knees as she lost her support.

 ”It was amazing~……♡”

 ”Well, Marie, I’m leaving first”

 After rinsing off the foam, Shinji exits the bathroom while Marie leans back against the edge of the tub and catches her breath.

 Shinji, with a towel wrapped around his waist, was greeted by someone…….

 ”H, how is it? Freri gave it to me~noja”

 It was Flair, wearing a maid’s outfit.

 And it was no ordinary maid’s outfit. Rather, it was a very s*xy dress, with a boldly open chest, exposed belly and thighs, and a mini-skirt with a deep slit, so that he could see the strings of her pants.


 Marie-chan times.

 As a high-ranking spirit of water, she plays with liquid (magic) and has a fantasy s*x.

 Marie is very aggressive, as she has been since last time, and will only have s*x with Shinji-kun while he is active as an apostle.

 Next time, it’s Flair’s turn.

 The normal maid outfit is the one Charlotte is wearing on the cover of the first volume of the book.

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Edited by Kanaa-senpai.

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