Wizard 268

Chapter 268 Surrounded by Spirits・3

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 After Shinji exits from the bathroom, Flair had changed her outfit into the outfit that Freri had handed to her. Although, she knew what she was going to wear, but when it came time to put it on, she felt strangely embarrassed to show it in front of him.

 As a high-ranking spirit, Flair’s job is to serve the Goddess. She often acts as a servant like serving tea to the Goddess, but this is for serving her.

 And before she had a relationship with Shinji, Flair has a pride that wouldn’t allowed herself to wear such a s*xy outfit.

 However, the current Flair had no problem to wear such outfit.

 [Shinji would definitely be pleased to see you in this outfit]

 And just with Freri’s words, Flair picked up this outfit.

 Their first encounter was bad, but now that Flair thinks about it again, it can be said that his ability to capture her was brilliant, and after he became an Apostle, he was able to fulfill the Goddess’s request, which can be said to be an example of an excellent Apostle. Though, his personal taste is not something to be praised.

 In any case, the Apostle who work for the Goddess should be rewarded, and today, in exchange for helping Shinji with his private life, they are laying their bodies on top of each other……

 Flair, who chose pleasure over her pride, chose to wear an erotic maid’s outfit, making several excuses to herself that if Shinji was happy, his play would be more intense and more pleasurable.

 And in fact, when Shinji came out of the bathroom, he was obviously looking at Flair’s entire body in a more lewd mood than usual.

 With his look alone, Flair, who was perfectly disciplined, having a sweet sensation of pleasure ran down on her spine.

 ”I never thought Flair would wear something like this”

 ”Well, I heard that Shinji like…… maids, and you like to have them serve you~noja……”

 Flair, as if to disguise her excitement at being looked, making an annoyed tone at Shinji. But Shinji didn’t get angry with such a little word and then nodded.

 ”Yes. Also, it’s especially nice to have it done by someone who has been corrupted. Flair, on the other hand, is the one I took from Minato too”

 ”My only reason why I’m with Shinji now is because Arian-sama asked me ~noja…… ♡ But there’s no doubt in my mind that I’ve been corrupted by Shinji~noja……♡”

 After a few words, Shinji, who was standing in front of her, moved next to Flair, who was touched her stomach. Then, his hand moved and slipped below the top of her maid’s outfit and fondled her large, plump breasts.

 Flair felt a burning sensation from deep within her body. The tingling in her body intensified, and it was impossible for her to resist.

 Feeling so, Flair removed the towel that was wrapped around Shinji’s waist, exposing his erect p*nis, and she reached the slit of her mini-skirt to pull the strings of her string panties, causing the crimson-colored panties to fall to the floor. Shinji could clearly see the stains on the panties, and he knew that Flair was in heat.

 ”Shinji ♡ I can’t stand just being touched~noja……♡ I can’t wait to serve you~noja……♡”

 Flair, who say a few words, quickly pulled up the top of her maid outfit.

 Her plump, hardened nipples were assertive, as they usually are. However, the nipples were overflowing with a white fluid that looked like mother’s milk.

 With a gasp, Flair pushed out her breast.

 ”Only now, Freri’s magic allows my breast flowing with milk~noja. With this, I want you to moisten your throat as much as you like~noja…… ♡”

 The mother’s milk which dripped from her brown-skinned breasts, swayed, and it was indescribably lewd. Shinji, who saw it, couldn’t help but suck on Flair’s nipples.

 Originally, this was a magic that the succubus used on her prisoner to weaken them by converting their magical power into breast milk and forcing it out from their bodies, but now it’s being used for pleasure.

 Flair who had never experienced such a pleasure before hugged Shinji’s head tightly. Her sweet voice also sounded on Shinji’s ears as he licked her nipples with his tongue while enjoying the feeling of her soft breasts filling his face.

 ”Aaah…… ♡ This is…. good…… ♡ It has different feeling from inserting~noja……♡”

 ”Puha……. Isn’t it nice to have your magic sucked out of you?”


 Shinji who had removed his mouth from the nipple at one point, pulled Flair’s hand and sat down on the chair while letting Flair, with an enraptured face, straddle him.

 Then, her hand moved to his erect p*nis. She also positioned her hips in a very leisurely movement toward his p*nis and press it against the entrance of her secret region.

 As she lowered her hips, the glans was inserted into the vagina, and then she continued again to lower her hips in order to welcomed the dick deep into her vagina.

 Now, Shinji and Flair connected in a face-to-face sitting position.

 Flair’s vagina, which had been penetrated, tightened happily around Shinji’s dick after being made to cum by deep sucking and groping.

 ”Faaahh……♡ It feels so good~noja ♡ Sex while being sucked ♡ Ah ……♡ Ah ♡ Nnnh…♡”

 Once again, Shinji sucks her nipple and sucks the mother’s milk.

 He sucks both of Flair’s breasts alternately and at the same time, giving the nipples a lot of squeeze.

 The relentless nipple tormenting and sucking of the mother’s milk made Flair’s vagina tighter, and even though the s*x was slow and not intense, it was more than enough to give her pleasure.

 In fact, Flair had already climaxed lightly several times, and her vagina was twitching frequently. But there was no way she could be satisfied with just a shallow come because she already knew what a mind-breaking climax would feel like.

 ”Nnnnnn…. ♡ Cumming again~noja…… ♡ Shinji ♡ You sucked my nipple too much and it’s getting soggy~noja ♡”

 ”Slurp…… Then, do you want to finish it?”

 Flair nodded again and again as Shinji licked her nipples, which were tingling from being sucked so much.

 ”I want you to cum~noja ♡ Please ♡ Poke me harder~noja ♡ I want you to cum deep inside me~noja ♡”

 ”……Flair has become a real pervert!”

 ”Ah ♡ Oh ♡ Ah ah ♡ Nnnnh ♡ Ah ♡ I’m going to cum~noja ♡ Nnnh ♡ It’s because of Shinji~noja ♡”

 Shinji and Flair get excited as they shake on the chair together. Flair’s momentum as she raised her hips and then lowered them back down coincided perfectly with Shinji’s thrusts.

 Shinji’s hands also gripped Flair’s waist tightly, and Flair’s hands also hugged around Shinji’s neck tightly.

 And with the last thrust ……Shinji’s glans pushed into her cervix at the back of Flair’s vagina and ejaculated in the deepest connected state.

 Spurt ♡ Spurt ♡ Spurttt ♡

 ”~~~ ♡♡ Ah…… ♡♡ Nnnnnnnnnnnn~~ ♡♡”

 Flair climaxed with an inexpressible moan. Flair’s twitching hips rubbed unconsciously, and she seemed very happy as she climaxed with a blank mind and ecstatic expression.

 Shinji, too, was immersed in the afterglow, feeling the sensation of his chest against her breast, thanks to her strong embrace.

 Unlike Marie, who had done it just before, Flair’s vagina had gotten used to his p*nis and remembered its shape, and it felt so good that he wanted to keep inserting it, but he was waiting for the next one.

 And because, there was no time to dwell on the aftermath.

 He lifted up Flair, who hadn’t regained consciousness, pulled out his p*nis, and laid Flair down on an empty table.

 ”Haa~, haa~ ♡ Ha~…… ♡ Haa~… ♡ Nn…… ♡”

 As he moved away from Flair, who was trying to catch her breath, someone tapped Shinji from behind on the shoulder.

 Shinji naturally thought it was Freri, the last one, and turned around.

 But it wasn’t Freri who tapped him.

 ”I, I will join too……”

 [Change of plans, Sylphy’s in, so it’s Fivesome]

 Freri was smiling behind her while Sylphy, wearing a light green dress, touched Shinji on the shoulder.

 Freri’s face seemed to say that she was on time, but Sylphy standing in front of him did not notice the expression of Freri.

 ”Then, Sylphy will be the next one”

 ”Y, yes…… ♡”

 After watching Flair and Marie having s*x, Sylphy finally couldn’t take it anymore and took Shinji’s hand.


 Flair’s breast service.

 What a pervy…….

 Using the magic to make mother’s milk come out.

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