Wizard 269

Chapter 269 Surrounded by Spirits・4

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 Spirits are a race that does not have a culture of marriage, and instead they only have s*x with the people they like. Even among them, each individual has his or her own personal preference.

 Although Flair is now addicted to having s*x with Shinji, before that she only had s*x with other spirits and with the person she chose as her partner. There was a time when she thought it was unthinkable to have s*x with a human being. ……But now all she sees is Shinji, a human and an apostle.

 On the other hand, Marie was the most typical spirit to not have a specific partner, but to have a partner that she liked. Despite her gentle appearance, she is a perverted spirit who likes to have s*x with humans and apostles. However, right now, Marie is a prisoner of Shinji’s cock.

 And what about Sylphy?

 She had s*x with other spirits and apostles, but she never liked s*x. Even though s*x with someone she liked filled her heart with joy, Sylphy had never climaxed during s*x because of her lack of sensitivity. Therefore, she avoided s*xual talk and activities, and spent her life immersed in the work that the Goddess entrusted her with.

 But, because of this, Sylphy was intrigued by Flair, Marie, and Freri, three spirits who were crazy about Shinji.

 And after Sylphy watched Shinji’s powerful s*x and the pleasure it gave them, she wondered if she could feel good too.

 Then, Freri suggested that she could join them now.

 Now Sylphy could join in because Freri offered to give up her turn so that Sylphy could have one-on-one s*x first.

 Sylphy accepted, and here she is.

 ”It’s been a while since I’ve had s*x……”

 ”Should I be gentle?”


 Sylphy took Shinji’s hand and sat on the bed while Shinji touched her breasts. Shinji, who was sitting next to her, put his arm around her and looked into her face, who was whispering quietly as he caressed her over her light green dress.

 Shinji, who had held many women in his arms, found Sylphy’s face uncomfortable as she reacted badly to his touch on her breasts and her expression clouded without embarrassment.


 ”U, um……Shinji-san?”

 Shinji didn’t say anything to her as he removed his hand from her breast over her dress and looked at her as if to ask her how she was feeling. Still, he continued to touched her arm, hand, belly, thigh, and leg with his fingertips as if to explore her reaction.

 As Sylphy was tickled and wriggled, she realized that Shinji’s touch was different from what he was doing to Marie and the others, and she decided to accept the action in silence.

 (……I wonder if she realized that it didn’t feel good?)

 Shinji’s hands continued to play with Sylphy’s body as they looked into each other’s eyes.

 Nape, cheeks, ears…… and even ass were all touched, but Sylphy’s body did not feel any s*xual pleasure. But just when Sylphy was about to become disappointed that Shinji couldn’t help her, a sweet, numbing sensation ran through her body, and a high-pitched voice came out of her mouth.

 ”S, Shinji-san! T, that’s……♡”

 ”I found it, Sylphy’s erogenous zones”

 With Shinji’s middle finger stroked Sylphy’s anus from the top of her underwear, and her cute reaction, it made Shinji convinced that Sylphy’s anus was her erogenous zone.

 Her cloudy expression that she had been showing until now turned red, and Sylphy, who seemed to be in a panic, was made to lie down on her back.

 ”T, the hole on my butt…… ♡ Uh, it’s lie…… ♡”

 ”Haha, it’s not a place for a serious Sylphy. But now, I’ll let you relax…….”

 Shinji with a smirk on his face dug his middle finger into her panties and pressed it against the entrance. Sylphy can’t resist because her legs are held by Shinji…… but she has no intention of resisting. She can’t believe it herself, but it’s true that when he played with her anus, she was able to get the pleasure she wanted, but only for a moment……

 Still, Sylphy’s eyes looked expectantly at Shinji while he inserted his middle finger into her anus. At same time, he also released a lotion-like slimy water from his finger with magic, and with that, it could pushed forward with little resistance.

 (It’s going to hurt without lubrication……)

 As he inserted his finger up to his second joint and stimulated the inside, Sylphy’s mouth let out a sweet voice for the first time.

 ”Ah ♡ Ah ♡ A, awesome ♡ I feel it in my butt ♡”

 Because it was her first taste of pleasure, she writhed and squirmed under Shinji’s fingering, with drool dripping from her mouth and an entranced expression on her face. Sylphy’s white skin also blushes as her body begins to feel the pleasure, and when Shinji removes his hand from her leg and squeezes her breast again, Sylphy lets out a gasp of pleasure.

 ”It seems that once you start to feel it, you react normally”

 ”Y, yes……♡ My breast feels good…. ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ B, but I feel the best in my butt…. ♡”

 ”Haha, it seems so”

 ”Ahhhhhhh ♡ It’s stirring inside meeee ♡♡”

 As Shinji rubbed the most sensitive area of her anus, Sylphy leaned back and climaxed and her body shaking and twitching.

 For the first time, Sylphy was able to climax during foreplay.

 (Is this what it feels like to cum….? ♡ It feels so good…… ♡)

 Seeing Sylphy climaxed, Shinji pulls his fingers out of her weak, ecstatic face and puts his hands on Sylphy’s dress. He unfastens her shoulder straps, turns her over, unfastens her back straps, and removes her dress. Finally, he pulled down her white pants and pushed his p*nis against her secret area from behind…….

 The love juice has been dripping from the secret area because of the climax. So, Shinji did not need to hesitate any longer to insert his p*nis into her vagina filled with love juice.

 ” Ah……♡ It’s inserted ♡ Ah ♡ It so big…. ♡ It feels so good ♡ Finally, I can feel so good even in my vagina ♡”

 Her vagina tightened up nicely as if to flatter the male who had given her first climax, and Shinji could feel Sylphy’s vagina quickly adjusting to Shinji’s shape, still he couldn’t help but chuckle at how quickly she fell.

 ”Sylphy, is it that good?”

 ”It so good ♡ Because ♡ I’ve never cum like this ♡ And it’s my first to feel this good ♡ Also, I’ve never been satisfied before ♡”

 At Sylphy’s words, Shinji understood why Sylphy had given in to pleasure so quickly. He thought it was because she didn’t want to go against the existence of someone who could finally satisfy her pent-up desire, but it’s not.

 With that, Shinji felt an immense amount of pleasure because he had been able to subdue such a powerful person as Sylphy.

 However, Sylphy is a being that the Goddess Arian has made a contract with Hayate. So, he can’t do anything like engrave a lewd crest on her. So, for now, he just concentrates on making her climax.

 ”Ah ♡ It’s inserted again ♡ My anus is getting chewed~ ♡”

 ”How about the two-hole torture?”

 ” Ahhhhhhh ♡ No way ♡ You will make me crazyyyyyy ♡”

 Sylphy started to cry and shake her head. She also presses her hips against Shinji’s waist as she tastes her second climax.

 And before she knew it, Marie had come out of the bathroom and Flair was sitting up on the desk watching her.

 But Sylphy didn’t notice their gazes, and was simply lost in her pleasure.

 ”Just become crazy. …..Come on, I’m about to cum”

 ”Ah ♡ If you do it again ♡ I’ll cum again ♡ Ah ♡ Cummmmming ♡”

 Pound ♡ Pound ♡ Pound ♡ Pound

 Sylphy was blamed violently for the vagina that had just been tortured and she climaxed for the third time, and for the first time in her life, she was able to cum continuously and vaginally.

 Spurrrrt ♡ Spurrrt ♡

 ”Huuuuh~ ♡♡♡ Nnnnnnn ♡ Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn~~~♡”

 Semen poured into Sylphy’s womb from the p*nis that was pushed deep inside her. Sylphy also climaxed, intoxicated by the sensation of hot semen pouring into her womb and the feeling of being truly filled as a female while being watched by Flair and Marie.

 ”Oh…… ♡ Aah…… ♡ Hnn…… ♡”

 Shinji pulled his p*nis and middle finger out of the breathless Sylphy. Then, Sylphy, who no longer had the support of Shinji, sank face down on the bed.

 Shinji finally breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that his semen was dripping out from her secret region……♡.

 (Sylphy’s magic power has also been taken…… She has a lot of it like Himeno)

 It’s not for nothing that Shinji was able to get magic power from a dragon man and a high-ranking spirit who had plenty of magic power.

 But now was not the time to be thinking about that.


 ”Shinji-san ♡”

 [Next time, we’ll all do together……♡]

 Flair, Marie, and Freri.

 Three of the spirits were looking at Shinji with lusty eyes as they sought his body.

 Then, Shinji is buried in the swarming bodies of Freri and the others.


 Sylphy-chan’s time

 She is a different type of girl from Flair and Marie.

 She’s a little insensitive, but she’s the kind of spirit that gets turned on when someone plays with her anus.

 The more serious a girl is, the more pervert…… she is!

 This is the image of three of them, Sylphy, the serious eldest sister, Marie, the lazy and lecherous second sister, and Flair, the energetic third sister.

 Now they’re rod sisters.

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