Wizard 270

Chapter 270 Surrounded by Spirits・5

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 Shinji, who was pushed down by Freri and the others, was made to lay on the bed. Although Shinji likes to be the one to blame, he can’t help but become passive when the three of them are pushing him.

 That’s how aggressively the three spirits wanted to have s*x with Shinji. The fact that he was able to captivate spirits whose magic power was stronger than his own was an accomplishment he could be proud of as the son of a succubus.

 ”Shinji, take a look at my breasts ♡”

 Flair, who was naked, pressed her big brown breasts against Shinji’s face from above and the warmth of her breasts which was pressed against his face made him feel very comfortable.

 ”Want to have a breast comparison~? ♡ Let me join in~ ♡”

 Marie, who want to join in, straddled Shinji’s chest. She sat on top of Shinji’s chest to prevent her from putting too much weight on him, then guided Shinji’s hands to her cold breasts and let him touch them.

 With both hands, Shinji squeezes Marie’s breasts. Her breasts which was so soft that it could sink into them, made him want to keep rubbing them forever, and naturally, his dick jumped with excitement.

 [Shinji, cast some magic on your dick ♡]

 Meanwhile, Freri tries to connect with Shinji in cowgirl position.

 Shinji also cast a function-granting magic on his dick after being asked by Freri. And then, Freri inserted Shinji’s dick deep into her vagina at once.

 The pleasure that the succubus’s vagina gave him was so great that it made him want to cum, but he managed to hold back. Fortunately, he had already ejaculated four times, so he was not forced to cum right away.

 ”Shinji ♡ Nnn ♡ You sucked them again…… ♡ Ah ♡ Haa~ ♡

 Because Shinji didn’t want to the only one being blamed.

 Therefore, while his face was pinned between Flair’s breasts, he sucked on her hardened nipples. And because the mother’s milk magic is still active, her milk overflows when Shinji sucks on her nipples.

 ”Haa~ ♡ Please~ squeeze them rougher~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Please pinch it with your finger~ ♡”

 As Shinji squeezes her breasts and pinches her nipples with his right hand, Marie’s hips begin to sway with pleasure. And with his left hand, he also inserted his finger into her vagina, which has been filled with her love juices, and it made her moaned with pleasure.

 [I found out during my blowjob……♡ Shinji’s magic power tastes even better than before……♡ But now, after he took in some from Sylphy, it’s even better…… ♡ So, quickly ♡ Give me more of your magic power ♡]

 Freri, who has tasted Shinji’s altered magic power after he took it from Himeno, can’t resist the urge for more of Shinji’s magic power, and she becomes more urge because he took it too from Sylphy, which has become even more delicious.

 Therefore, the way Freri uses her hips becomes very skillful, and she moves in all directions without hesitation. Not only her vagina was tightening, but her cervix was also sucking on the glans, and it was clear how much Freri’s body wanted Shinji’s semen.

 Zutchu ♡ Zutchu ♡ Guccu ♡ Guccu ♡

 The movement of her piston squeezed his dick was very serious.

 Furthermore, the cowgirl’s position, which she uses to make him cum, is so pleasurable for him that it melts his p*nis, causing him to cum inside the vagina in surrender.

 [Ah…… ♡ Ah…….. ♡ It’s delicious…… ♡ It feel so gooooood…… ♡ Ah ♡ I’m cumming too ♡]

 Shinji’s body was so tense and his hips were shaking. Both Flair and Marie, who see him like that, knew that Shinji had ejaculated. Freri also climaxed quietly, savoring the semen and magic that was poured into her vagina, and due to Freri’s milking vagina movements, Shinji was unable to maintain his function-granting magic because of the pleasure he was experiencing.

 [Hafuuuuuu……♡ It’s satisfying……♡]

 ”” Chu♡ Reroo……♡ Hamu ♡ Rero ♡””

 After climaxed, Freri stood up, and then Flair and Marie, who had been freed from Shinji’s helpless hands and mouth action, moved to lick his p*nis that had just ejaculated inside Freri’s vagina.

 Both of them don’t hesitate to put their lips on his p*nis, which is stained with semen and love juice, and their pouty lips and lascivious tongues crawl over his p*nis to clean it without allowing it to wither.

 ”Shinji-san ♡”

 ”Nn, Nnn, Nnnn……”

 [Today, you have no time to rest and you can’t attack ♡]

 Shinji wants to insert his p*nis into either of the two girls who are licking it, and he tries to sit up, but Sylphy, who has somehow recovered, holds Shinji’s shoulders and kisses his lips.

 And not being able to get up, Shinji gave up and kiss Sylphy deeply with his tongues intertwined, and then Freri’s thoughts reached Shinji as if to tell him that he should stop attacking.

 After that, Freri positioned her upper body on top of Shinji’s, and her soft breasts pressed against his chest, and he could feel her hardened nipples. Furthermore, Shinji could sense Freri’s smiling mood as she played with Shinji’s nipples with her fingertips.

 ”Next time is me~noja ♡”

 ”Hmm, I can’t help it~ ♡”

 Flair who wants the next one, inserted his p*nis into her vagina. Meanwhile, Marie who had given up her turn to Flair began to caress Shinji’s ballsack with her lips and tongue.

 Nmu ♡ Slurp ♡ Being gently caressed by Marie’s lips and tongue, Shinji involuntarily turns his back. Sylphy continued to kiss him deeply followed his back, and both of their mouths were sticky from the intense kissing.

 [Today we’re going to eat Shinji to his limits…… ♡ Five of us are going to make him feel even~~ better…… ♡ Okay? ♡]

 Shinji’s head was filled with the thoughts of Freri, who had successfully created this lust-filled space.

 There was no need for love on them, but Shinji’s home has become a crazy space where love is not necessary, just as long as both parties feel good.

 [It’s natural……!]

 After Freri’s words, Shinji regained his strength without feeling tired from all the ejaculation. And he began to move to suck off this spirit harem.

 He started with violently thrusts his hips on Flair, making her climax and then he ejaculates inside her vagina.

 Then, he forcibly raises his upper body and embraces Marie, who was licking his balls, in the missionary position. And while caressing Sylphy and Freri’s entwined bodies, he ejaculates in Marie’s vagina and making her cum with her skillful hips.

 After that, he connects with Freri in a face-to-face position and fondles Sylphy’s anus with his fingers. While enjoying the feel of Flair’s breasts on his back, he buries his face in Freri’s chest and ejaculates into her vagina while making Sylphy climax with his finger.

 Furthermore, he makes Freri get down on all fours after ejaculated into her and thrusts his dick into her vagina from behind, while he fingers Flair and Marie, who are also on all fours, on each side of Freri. His hips pounded vigorously and finally, he ejaculates into Freri’s vagina again.

 Each time he ejaculates into their vaginas, he changes. They take turns devouring each other’s pleasure, and he always ejaculate inside the vagina while keeping some part of his body in contact with the naked spirit.

 Shinji is almost at the end of his rope, and the three beautiful but horny spirits (except Freri) are almost at the end of theirs.


 It was a spirit harem ecchi episode.

 Flair (fire), Marie (water), Sylphy (wind), Freri (earth and dark)

 In addition, Freri seems to be the one who stands out the most when it comes to s*x. The blood of a succubus is very strong.

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Edited by Kanaa-senpai.

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