Wizard 271

Chapter 271 Talk to Iris Again

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 The next morning, after Shinji had exhausted himself, Freri and the other spirits were all very satisfied and looked very shiny, indicating that it was a worthwhile experience.

 However, Shinji felt that he had misjudged the s*xual appetites of the high-ranking spirits and decided to limit himself to two of each next time.

 Although Shinji had the energy of an incubus, he needed a day to recover and before he left to <Este> in two days, Shinji was able to talk to Iris.

 The place of this discussion was the same as the last time, at Shinji’s house.

 The atmosphere was not the serious one of practicing magic as a master and disciple in a party house, nor was it the one of chatting amicably, but rather a tense one filled the room.

 ”First of all, I’m really sorry about the other day”

 Shinji bowed his head to Iris. He took a deep breath and continued to speak.

 ”And, I want to say thank you to Iris, for speaking up, so I could hear what Renka had to say”

 ”Your welcome, desu……. But Senpai…… I want you to raise your head”

 Shinji raised his head as Iris spoke.

 ”I said it at the time, but it was also for my sake…… Because Senpai favor towards Renka-san and me was completely different…… So, I thought that even if I became your second wife through a sudden marriage, none of us could be happy”


 Iris’s face had a complex expression of regret and sadness as she spoke nonchalantly. Because She knew that Shinji didn’t love her as much as he loved Renka.

 And Shinji wouldn’t deny it, reaffirming to Iris that Renka was his undeniable number one.

 ”To be honest, I consider Iris to be my apprentice, and I don’t have the same feelings for you that I have for Renka. Of course, I value you as an apprentice”

 Iris nodded her head in understanding when Shinji told her that it was all about apprentice love.

 ”I know that, desu……. But in the future, I’m going to make an effort to become more attractive…… and become a full-fledged witch so that Senpai will fall in love with me, desu”

 Iris also understands that Shinji has no intention of marrying anyone at this point. That’s why she’s going to concentrate on improving herself right now. And at the same time, she will not interfere with Renka and Shinji’s newlywed period, which will help Renka to establish herself as a regular wife.

 Iris expected that it would take years for her inexperienced self to be promoted to an upper-upper rank and then join the <Tea Party>.

 In addition to her respect for Renka’s feelings and complaining that she had ruined her chance to become his second wife right away, her achievements as a witch also would make her worthy of becoming a second wife together with Shinji and Renka.

 That’s what Iris thought, and that’s what she was planning for the future.

 ”I can’t say anything about it because it’s up to Iris. But I can tell you that I have no intention of responding to your feelings”

 ”……I know, desu”

 Iris nodded, unfazed by Shinji’s reminder.

 Her core is really solid, and Shinji admires her for her determination and dedication to what she has decided to do, including her dreams…… as long as it’s for someone else.

 In any case, Shinji understood well enough that no more words would make a difference.

 But what was important was the fact that Shinji had made it clear that he had no intention of taking her as his second wife, and Iris had affirmed it.

 After Shinji had said what he needed to say, Iris’s face broke into a soft smile as she released her tension.

 ”I’d like to change the subject, but I’d like to do something to thank you. Do you have a wish?”

 ”I want an advanced spell book, desu…… Because next time, we’ll all go together to defeat the lesser dragon, desu…… It’s serving as a promotion celebration as well”

 Despite the fact that she pretended to think about it, Iris immediately told him what she wanted. Advanced spell book is quite expensive to ask for, but if it also serves as a celebration for being promoted, it is an appropriate gift for a master to give to an apprentice.

 Shinji smiled happily at the bold suggestion, knowing that Iris’s greed was something that Shinji, as a wizard himself, would like very much.

 ”I understand. I’ll give you a copy when you get promoted”

 ”I’ll do my best, desu…… Also, Senpai, please don’t forget to give the copy of the book afterwards, desu…….”

 Shinji nodded with a wry smile at Iris’s reminder.

 Iris was very pleased with the outcome of the discussion.

 It was the best possible outcome, and it was in Iris’ favor. How could she not be satisfied with this?

 But, the result was the trigger for Shinji to make up his mind to corrupt Iris.

 (I will turn Iris into a s*x friend. If I leave her like this, I’m going to have all my moats filled in years from now……)

 Shinji sensed Iris has similarity to himself in terms of her ability to talk, get around, and her wisdom to stay out of trouble. He could not help but think that a few years later, before Shinji knew it, the perfect arrangements would be made and Renka would recommend that Iris become his second wife.

 (Let’s make her give up the second wife as soon as possible. It couldn’t be helped because Freri called me a coward)

 Now that he has made up his mind.

 And the question, why didn’t he immediately corrupt Iris who wants become second wife? Is it because he doesn’t push her as hard as Emily and Lila? No, not that, it must be even more troublesome because it’s not direct.

 The real answer is that Freri’s words before, it is because of his human feelings that he has learned. But now, he knows how to solve the problem of the second wife and that was act like an incubus.

 But thanks to this mistake, he was able to learn how to be a husband and wife with Renka, which was a good thing.

 (Now, let’s settle this like incubus)

 If he wanted to live as the son of succubus, he had one option.

 Embrace Iris and corrupt her as a s*x friend.

 And to create a flow of pleasure that will make Iris think that become his s*x friend is better than become his second wife.


 Shinji was unusually exhausted because the spirits was so s*xually active.

 Then, he and Iris talked again.

 Although he was tempted to make her his second wife before, Shinji seems to have reconsidered.

 He decided to corrupt her and turn her into s*x friend, the same way he did with Lila, as expected of evil wizard!

 Iris is a smart girl and he’s afraid to leave her in the dark because she’s capable of doing something out of his plan. ……Although, it’s not possible for her to be his second wife, but he guesses he’ll take good care of her as a s*x friend.

 <Green Traveler> will become Shinji’s s*x friend party. Well, not much has changed.

 So, let’s teach Iris-chan how to enjoy her body, shall we?

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