Wizard 272

Chapter 272 Practicing Magic with Iris

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 ”Well, do you want to practice your magic today?”

 Shinji was determined to corrupt Iris, but since the topic had been so serious and sensitive, he decided to change the subject by talking about magic. Since it was right after spell books has been mentioned, Iris didn’t think it was suspicious and continued the conversation.

 ”……Senpai, do you have time?”

 ”Yes. Today, I can stay until the evening. Since it’s still early afternoon, I have plenty of time to practice…….”

 ”……then I’ll ask you again today, desu”

 As soon as she heard that Shinji was available, Iris immediately got up from her chair and put on the pointy hat that was hanging on the hat rack, the sign of a wizard/witch.

 ”You look very motivated”

 ”Practicing magic is fun, desu…… Senpai, do you not enjoy it……?”

 While looking at Iris with her favorite staff and shoulder bag, Shinji smiled vaguely.

 It’s true that practicing magic can be fun at times. But it’s not all fun. Like when things don’t go well, and when he doesn’t feel like to do it. Also, it’s good when the trial and error pays off, but it’s also discouraging when it doesn’t.

 Shinji never thought he had any magic talent. So, practicing is no fun for an ordinary person, but he does it because it is necessary for his goal.

 For Shinji, magic is just a means to a greater end.

 ”Well, honestly, it’s not all fun, though. I practice because I have to. If I don’t work hard, I can’t get good results”

 ”Yes, that’s right too, desu…… But when I think about magic…… the day will soon be over so I like to practice, desu”

 On the other hand, Iris loved magic from the bottom of her heart.

 Learning magic is fun. She enjoys learning it. Whether it was practice, research, or anything else related to magic, Iris was always curious.

 And whether the magic was successful or unsuccessful, for Iris it was all about the next step.

 That’s why Iris wants to join <Witches’ Tea Party>, a top 10 magic guild, where she can continue to study magic publicly.

 ”If you didn’t love it so much, you wouldn’t be dreaming of joining <Tea Party>”

 ”Even senpai who says so, crossing the world…… is not going to happen without joining…… <Tea Party> because it needs a lot of research, desu”

 Shinji cannot help but laugh bitterly at Iris, who is trying to show off her love of magic with her small breast. Seeing his reaction, Iris annoyed and she retorted.

 But Iris has a good point. Researching magic is expensive, and he can’t even imagine how much money and time it would take if he wanted to create magic that could cross the world like never before. So, the power of <Tea Party> is essential if he is going to do serious research to cross the world.

 However, Shinji was an apostle of the Goddess, and he intended to learn how to cross the world as a reward for his work. Therefore, there was no need to bother with research.

 When he first joined <Running Wolves>, there was an option in his mind to join <Tea Party>, but now, thanks to the fact that he accidentally became an apostle, he doesn’t have an option to join them.

 For Shinji, who wants to stay out of the magic guild as much as possible, becoming an apostle of the Goddess is the luckiest thing in the world.

 However, Shinji, who had no intention of telling her about this situation, nodded to Iris.

 ”Yes, there are limits to one’s power. But for now, it is more important to fight as an adventurer than to do research”

 ”Yes, desu…… If someone join <Tea Party>, they have to produce proper research results, so they can’t go out all over the place, desu……”

 If there are no results, the cost will be cut off. Naturally, there would be less time to explore as much as they wanted.

 ”That’s why you have to practice now. It’s better to be strong than weak”

 ”I understand, desu……. I’ll do my best to practice, desu…….”

 After Shinji said that, Iris followed him and the two of them left the house in search of a place outside of the city where they could practice their magic.

* * *

 Once they arrived at the place, Shinji and Iris began to practice.

 Freri, who had been summoned, was in charge of keeping an eye out for monsters. Although the monster near the city were weak, they were not to be taken lightly, so Freri would take care of them.

 And with the end of their practice, the two of them took a break. Shinji sat down next to Iris, quite naturally.

 While silently quenching his thirst with cold water, Shinji’s arm goes behind Iris’ waist and lightly hugs her waist. He does that because they were alone unlike when they practiced in the <Running Wolves> party house, where there was always someone around. Iris looked sideways at Shinji as he held her waist and she asked him.

 ”……Senpai? This…….”

 ”You know that Iris can train her magic capacity through s*xual activity?”

 ”……Well, that’s, yes…… That one is many kinds of magic ritual”

 Iris gave a small nod to Shinji’s question.

 Normally, the amount of magic power will increase with training. The most common way is to use a lot of magic and practice. However, there are many other methods that are not as common.

 In addition to the rituals that Shinji used with Shizuku where magic is passed on and received by the other person to make them learn magic, there are also rituals where magic is transferred to each other while they are still connected to increase the amount of magic they have.

 The fact is unlike training where magic power is released outside the body and pushed to each other. In this magic ritual, the loss of magic power is very small and efficient because the two are connected directly…… that is, they do it inside their body.

 The problem is that if there is a difference in the amount of magic power clashing with each other, it is not possible to train, and this is the main reason why it is not a common method.

 ”Why don’t we try it? Magic Ritual”

 ”……Senpai, this is outside, desu…… Ah ♡”

 ”Is Iris not interested?”

 Shinji’s hand was placed on Iris’ thigh while she sat down. She can’t help but be aware of the hand that is gently stroking her.

 “Are you sure not interested in magic rituals?” If he asks Iris about it, her answer is she interested. There is no way for her to try it out before because of the subject matter, but if she wants to perform it, it would have to be with Shinji, the man she loves.

 ”……I want it, desu. But, Nnn ♡”

 Shinji’s hand moved from her thighs to the top of her pant, lightly stroking it, causing Iris to let out a sweet moan.

 ”Nee~, Iris, let’s do it”

 ”……B, but, Ah ♡ Nmu ♡”

 It’s hard for Iris to say no to Shinji’s aggressive approach. Of course, she was interested in the magic ritual, but she also felt the pleasure of being desired by the man she loved.

 And Shinji’s aggressive approach didn’t stop at just stroking her private parts, he also kissed her lips.

 ”If you don’t like it, resist”

 ”……Nnn, it’s not fair, Senpai…… ♡ Chu ♡”

 With the repeated kisses, Iris’s choice of rejection disappeared from her mind. And her body wanted Shinji.

 (I can’t help but get excited when I lay my skin on top of someone I like, and I’ve made up my mind, desu……. I want to retain my place as the future second wife, and I want to do a magic ritual, desu……)

 Iris makes excuses for this and that, as if to say to herself. And as Iris began to relax and let herself be kissed repeatedly, Shinji began to press her even harder.


 Going to practice magic with Iris

 Instead of teaching her the magic that she had done with Shizuku, she was going to perform a different type of magic ritual.

 Unlike the other times, he seems to be a little more forceful since she is the one who likes him.

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