Wizard 273

Chapter 273 Outdoor Play with Iris・1

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 Shinji and Iris sat side by side.

 While doing so, Shinji caresses Iris’ private parts with his fingers and kisses her repeatedly. Iris also accepts his kisses, and her thighs, which were tightly closed to reject his hands, open slightly to accept his caresses. Meanwhile, her hands are on Shinji’s chest and she squeezes his robe.

 ”Chu…… ♡ Senpai…… Why do you want to do this……? ♡”

 Shinji’s hands move inside her miniskirt. And with the pleasure his hand is giving her, it made Iris raises her eyebrow.

 Although, she accepts the idea of performing the magic ritual, but she asks Shinji the reason for it.

 ”I was hoping maybe I can perform it with Iris……”

 In response, Shinji says that it is an act within the scope of a master-apprentice relationship. Normally, s*x is supposed to be between a man and a woman who are in love. However, if it’s a wizard/witch, they should know a certain magic ritual that involve s*xual intercourse, and it can be done between partners, apprentices, or even friends and acquaintances. But it is rare because mostly, the ritual performed by wizard and witch couples who are in a relationship.

 ”……Muu~, I hope it too, but…… Umm~ ♡ It has been a while…… ♡ So…. ♡ Senpai…… ♡ Your finger……♡”

 ”I know. Do it gently……right?”

 Iris, who clearly understood Shinji’s intentions, made a frustrated expression, but when Shinji’s fingers slipped her pants to the side and inserted them into her slightly wet vagina, she let out a sweet voice.

 Her pointy hat has fallen to the ground, and her head rests on his chest as Shinji hugs her shoulders. Although they hug each other, Shinji’s hands are gentle, and he rubs the points that feel good while checking Iris’ reaction.

 ”Senpai is sly, desu…… ♡ Even though you know…… ♡ Ahh, Nnn ♡ I like you…… ♡

 Kuchu kuchu, while her private parts being blamed with his fingers, Iris looked at Shinji while criticize him. And she was trying to appeal to Shinji’s conscience by telling him that she knew he was taking advantage of her fondness, but Shinji’s heart was not guilty.

 ”I like you, too. But I can’t promise to marry you……”

 If Iris had known about Shinji’s other side, she might have had a different opinion of him, but she didn’t. Because all she knew was that he was a senpai who cared about Renka the most.

 And Iris had no idea that the purpose of their physical intercourse was to corrupt her, but she still accepted the act, thinking that it would nurture his feelings and gain his trust.

 ”Why…? ♡ Isn’t it after Senpai’s newlywed period is over ♡ ……Renka-san’s will…… ♡ Become your full-fledged…… first wife? ♡

 ”I can’t think about it right now, I guess. Hey, can you stand up and ……pull up your own skirt, Iris?”

 After answered her, Shinji pulled his finger out of her vagina and showed it to Iris, that his finger was wet with her love juice. Seeing so, Iris’s cheeks blushed and with his words, she was even more embarrassed.

 ”……Senpai is pervert, desu ♡ ……I won’t do this thing……unless I like you, you know…..♡”

 While he was inserting his fingers, he didn’t forget to cast it with aphrodisiac magic that will erode Iris’ body. And because of this, it made her embarrassment overwhelmed by her excitement, so she did as she was told and stood up in front of Shinji, pulling up the hem of her miniskirt.

 Then she pulled down her pale pink pants and she was able to expose her private parts to Shinji.

 ”I know it that I’m pervert……”

 ”Ah…. ♡ Senpai…… ♡ I can’t believe you licked me, desu…… ♡ Ah Ahhh ♡”

 Shinji crouched down and sucked on her private parts.

 His tongue which licked up her vagina, stimulated the clitoris, and it entered her vagina to suck and lick the overflowing love juice. And the sound of slurping water echoes in the quiet outdoors.

 Being stimulated, her hands, which had been pulling up her skirt, loosened, allowing the skirt to fall over Shinji’s head. If someone looking her from the side, they will think that she looked like a pervert with her skirts covered Shinji’s head.

 After a few moment, Iris’s knees trembled as Shinji’s tongue teased her vagina. And a climax was approaching Iris.

 ”Fuuhh ♡ Fuaahh ♡ Senpai…. Senpai…… ♡ Cumming…. ♡ I’m cumming…… ♡ Ah…… ♡ Please stop it ♡ I’m really cumming……♡ Aaaaaahhh……♡”

 Iris tapped Shinji’s shoulder to let him know that she was about to cum, but Shinji continued to caress her with his tongue. Iris also unable to hold back her voice as it became more intense and finally, she climaxed.

 Spurt ♡ Iris lightly squirted, but Shinji accepted it without hesitation and slowly withdrew his tongue.

 ”……Thanks for the food, Iris”

 ”……♡ Senpai is idiot……♡”

 Iris shyly blames Shinji for smiling at her. But Shinji apologizes to Iris, and Iris forgives him.

 The atmosphere is so sweet that Iris thinks that Shinji likes her and it’s not like a master and apprentice who are merely performing a magic ritual.

 Although this was true for him too, it was not the same as welcoming her as his second wife. But Iris who was calculating, believed that if they loved each other, they would be together in the future.

 ”I think that’s enough preparation. ……So, Iris, can you put your hands on that tree over there and……. turn your ass towards me?”

 ”……Okay, desu ♡”

 Iris puts her hands on the tree and turns her ass towards Shinji.

 Her thighs were peeking out from between her mini skirt and knee socks. And with the sun was shining on her figure while her twin tails of blue hair swayed in the wind, it made her look attractive and feminine.

 Shinji who was stood behind Iris, pulled down her pants. Then, he placed the glans at the entrance of her private part, without caring that his erect p*nis was exposed to the wind.

 Kuchu ♡ they feel the heat of each other’s s*x parts.

 ”I’m going put it inside…….”

 Shinji’s hips moved forward.

 His p*nis was slowly inserted into Iris’s vagina.


 Iris’s outdoor s*x.

 It’s been a while since Iris’s last chapter.

 But they’ve been doing it for a while now, though……

 The cuckolded girl’s turn is getting less frequent…… This is what happens when there are more sub heroines.

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