Wizard 274

Chapter 274 Outdoor Play with Iris・2

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 Iris shuddered at the sensation of the p*nis entering her vagina, but managed to maintain her position with her ass sticking out. While exhaling slowly, she also grabbed the tree on which she was holding with her hand, trying to endure her first pleasure after a long time.

 Shinji, who also hadn’t had s*x with Iris for a long time, felt the tightness of her vagina as he slowly pushed his hips and finished inserting his p*nis deep into her. After doing so, he slowly stroked Iris’ ass and talked to her.

 ”Okay, Iris, do you know how to do it? You need to gather magic power in your body…… and the amount you gather should be about the same as your usual training”

 ”Nnn…… ♡ Nn…… ♡ Gathering…… Magic power, desu ♡”

 While her ass is being gently stroked and she is collecting magic power in her vagina, Iris making a sweet moan. Meanwhile, Shinji also collects magic power in his p*nis and starts moving his hips back and forth slowly.

 Nuchuuu ♡ Nuchuu ♡

 Shinji pulled hips back until his glans was just about to slip out and the folds of Iris’ vagina twisted around his cock as if to say, “Don’t pull out!”. Then he moves his hips forward again and lightly poke the back of her vagina.

 ”Fuuuh ♡ Fuuuahh ♡ Haaa~ ♡ I, it’s too slow, Senpai…… ♡ I can’t help but feel it, desu…… ♡”

 ”This is a magic ritual, so it’s taken time…… to clash your magic power with mine. Also, you must not dissipate your magic power, okay?”

 As if to teach Iris the sensation of Shinji’s p*nis that her vagina had forgotten, Shinji slowly and deliberately worked his way in and out of her.

 According to his prior information, the magic ritual was performed in such a way that every time the connected genitals rubbed against each other, the collected magic power collided with each other and because of so, the magic power consumption could be felt. Also, the magic power consumption was less than the normal training because the skin directly touched each other. He smiled inwardly because he thought he could train (have s*x) her for a long time.

 Because for Shinji, who is unequaled, it was possible to keep on torturing her for a long time.

 ”……I know it…. ♡ about that, desu…… ♡ Nnn ♡ Ah…… Ahhhh ♡ Haa~……♡ Haa~……♡”

 He was moving so slowly that made Iris could clearly feel the shape of Shinji’s p*nis. She also could feel that the man she loved was moving slowly back and forth at the same pace. Because of that, Iris want a little change in the stimulation so she began to sway her hips from side to side.

 Shinji who watches Iris moving her hips, exhaling with pleasure as the spot where she rubs changes with each movement.

 ”Your hips movement is so seductive…….”

 ”If I don’t change it…… ♡ a little bit…… ♡ Ahh…… ♡ Ahhhhhhh…. ♡ It’s not touched on the right spot ♡”

 In response to Iris’s desire for change, Shinji thrusts his p*nis further into her vagina and tortures her. Her vagina twitched as she lowered her head to give in to the pleasure.

 ”Did you come lightly? But your magic hasn’t dissipated… it seems you can still keep it up although you’re climaxed”

 ”Haa~…… ♡ Haa~…… ♡ It seems so, desu ♡”

 Shinji told the truth while smiling at the comfort of the tightening vaginal pressure. And with that fact, Iris has no problem to climax as long as she doesn’t dissipate her magic power.

 ”Haa~ ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡”

 After her mild climax subsided, Iris put all her strength into her hands on the tree and her legs on the ground. Shinji also stopped moving to enjoy the afterglow of Iris’ climax, but Iris started to move her hips herself.

 Her movements were different from Shinji’s, who was moving slowly and deliberately so that he wouldn’t cum, but rather she was moving to reach a climax and feel good, to enjoy s*x, not a magic ritual.

 ”You’re so nasty that you move on your own”

 ”Nn ♡ Ah…… ♡ Senpai…… Please don’t tease me, desu…… ♡”

 While Shinji tease her, Shinji’s hands went to Iris’s breast and unbuttoned the front of her clothes, revealing her pretty bra. It’s not that big of a bulge, but it has the softness of a woman’s breasts, so he still started to rub them and he also started to shake his hips to match Iris’ movements.

 Their actions were no longer for the sake of a magic ritual, but for the sake of feeling good during s*x. But Shinji didn’t blame her for that.

 Pound ♡ Pound ♡ Pound ♡ Pound ♡

 The sound of their hips and asses slapping against each other made an indecent sound that echoed outdoors.

 The pleasure that Shinji’s p*nis was giving her tried to turn Iris’ mind completely white, but Iris kept her sanity and didn’t let the pleasure drive her crazy. Naturally, the magic in her body did not dissipate and she was able to continue the magic ritual.

 ”Fuuh ♡ Fuuh ♡ Fuuh ♡ Fuuahh ♡ Senpai…. ♡ Senpai’s magic ritual ♡ Feels so good, desu ♡”

 ”Me too…… And it’s about time……”

 In order for Iris to be able to continue the magic ritual, Shinji had to make her cum. So, he moves his hips faster to ejaculate inside the vagina.

 ”Ah, Senpai…… ♡ I’m going to cum…. ♡ Ah ♡ It’s no good for me to cum, isn’t it…? ♡ But it’s felt so good, Senpai…. ♡”

 ”As long as you don’t dissipate the magic, it’s good…… Ugh, Iris, I’m going to cum…….!”

 Spurrrrtt ♡ Spurt ♡ Spurt ♡

 While holding onto Iris’s breasts and pushing his p*nis deep into her vagina, he ejaculates into her vagina. Shinji also didn’t forget to concentrates on maintain his magic power intact.

 ”Ahhhhh~~~~ ♡ Ahhh ♡ Ah ♡ Aaah…… ♡”

 Iris also climaxed at the same time as Shinji.

 And the pleasure of having hot semen poured into her womb makes her head go blank. Even so, thanks to her natural talent, she did not dissipate her magic power.

 (Iris’s vagina is so tight, it feels good……)

 (My vagina is so hot, desu ♡ Also, he’s still big…… ♡)

 The two of them catch their breaths while their bodies are still attached to each other.

 And as there’s still time.

 The hips of both of them started to move again.


 Iris-chan standing back position.

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