Wizard 275

Chapter 275 Outdoor Play with Iris・3

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 After cumming inside Iris’ vagina, Shinji continued to pound her again without pulling out his cock. Her vagina has become moister because of semen and love juices that mix in, and Shinji feels more comfortable with the pressure of the vagina clamping down on his cock, but even if Shinji’s movement become more intense, Iris’s magical power does not dissipate.

 Shinji can tell that Iris is captivated by the pleasure. Because her vagina is twitching several times that indicates that she is still climaxed, and her hips are swinging aggressively too, without trying to hide her sweet moans.

 Also, without any proper conversation, she was violently tortured by Shinji, who fucked her like a beast in order to bring her to her knees with pleasure, but even after Shinji cummed in her vagina for the second time, Iris did not let her magic dissipate.

 ”~~~~ ♡♡♡ Haa~…… ♡ Haa~…… ♡”

 The same goes when Shinji cummed inside her vagina for the third time.

 Iris, who is gasping for breath, is trembling her hands and legs on the tree, and despite the fact that she has no time to talk because of the pleasure, she is able to maintain her magic power.

 (It’s amazing…… Is it because her natural talent or the result of her own efforts?……)

 After thinking so and wiping away the sweat, Shinji pulled out his cock and a large amount of semen overflowed from her vagina and dripped onto the ground.

 Shinji, who saw Iris was not in state to be able to concentrate, but in fact she was able to, shocked. Thanks to this, Shinji’s magic power has been depleted to a certain extent.

 Normally, if warriors were unconsciousness, their body can still move because they had trained their body, but Iris’s unconscious act of maintaining and gathering magic power is a foundation of magic, so it is a sign that she has been training hard. Even Shinji was asked to do that, he would answer he could not do the same thing when he was in the same unconscious situation as Iris.

 ”Nn…… Haa…… ♡ Senpai…… ♡ Is it finished?”

 When Iris looks back at him with a sluggish expression as Shinji pulls out his cock, a sweat dripping down on her face, and because it was combined with her flushed cheeks, it created a huge gap from her normal calm face, making Shinji think she was even more s*xy.

 ”Nope…… I’m still going to continue…….”

 ”Kyaan?! T, this position….”

 Shinji whispered to Iris, who was still wrap her arms around his neck, and he held her thighs up with both hands. Iris also clung to him to prevent her from falling, and when she managed to stabilize her position, Shinji’s cock was inserted again.

 ”Nnnnnn ♡ Ah ♡ It’s too deeeeep…… ♡♡”

 Because the petite Iris was light so the reverse ekiben position was easy to do.

 If someone were to peek at her, she would be embarrassed by the position, because it would give them a full view of her important parts, but when Shinji thrusts up with all his might, her embarrassment is blown away at once.

 ”Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Senpai… ♡ Senpai…… ♡ It’s deep…. ♡ It’s too deep… ♡ Ah ♡ Nnnnn ♡”

 Shinji pounds Iris’ body violently. He also didn’t forget to cast function-granting spell on his cock to make it more comfortable for women and it made Iris lean back and climax.

 Usually, Iris was quieter and more intellectual, but now, her face was tainted with pleasure, and she was dazed and disheveled.

 ”Ah…… ♡ Faaaahh…… ♡ Ah…… ♡”

 Her body is already succumbing to the pleasure.

 The lewd crest which glowing with pink-colored also appeared on her vagina and it’s a sign that she has been corrupted from her repeated climaxes. With this, Shinji was able to achieve his minimum goal of corrupting her body.

 However, Iris has not yet admitted that it is okay to be a s*x friend. Although lewd crest has strong restrictions on hiding its existence and could force people to behave in a naughty way, but it has little power to bind normal behavior, such as manipulation of become a second wife.

 ”Ugh…. cumming… again….”

 ”Fuaaah ♡ Senpai ♡ Ah ♡ Me too ♡ Ah ♡ I’m cumming…… ♡”

 Shinji still continued to pound her, but Iris who has lost all strength in her body, can only enjoy the pleasure being given to her. Still, her vagina tightened vigorously and seemed to be waiting for Shinji’s semen.

 Spurt ♡ Spurt ♡ Spurrrttt……♡

 ”Ah…….Fuuuaaah…. this…. feel, so good……♡”

 Iris climaxed with an unvoiced voice. While basking in the sensation of semen filling her vagina, Iris loses consciousness because she can’t stand the too strong pleasure……

 ”Hey…. Iris?”

 Iris, who has been completely weakened by her loss of consciousness, is supported by Shinji to keep her from falling. Shinji also pull out his cock and slowly lowered his hips while holding her.

 Seeing such iris, whose mouth is loose and unconscious, Shinji could only smile bitterly.

 ”Even though she has lost her mind, she still hasn’t dissipated her magic power…… She’s really talented”

 Her body is completely defenseless, but her magic power is still strong. Even Shinji cast a hypnotic spell on her in this state, it may be resisted. And if he forced it, the worst thing that could happen was that he would be exposed as a user of hypnotic magic, so Shinji would be very careful when using it.

 And he wasn’t going to use it unless he was absolutely sure that it would work.

 (Well, I guess that’s it for today. I’d like to erase the lewd crests so that it can’t be seen…… Phew, it’s gradually move from magic rituals to just having s*x, isn’t it……?)

 Shinji, who had intended to brainwash her to think “Become my s*x friend” line today, didn’t make it. He knew Iris had a strong will, but he didn’t expect her to be able to handle magic at the level of unconsciousness.

 (It was no use, huh. Let’s try it out while slowly teaching her the benefits of s*x. I still got plenty of time)

 Thinking about this, Shinji slowly stroked Iris’ face.

 Thus, although Iris was bound with lewd crests, her mind could not be changed.

 And when she woke up, the first thing Iris did was complain to Shinji about how hard he had beaten her to the point of fainting, and he apologized to her.

 ”But it’s still felt so good, right?”

 ”Senpai is idiot, desu……”

 Her answer was that her cheeks were red and she turned away as if sulking, but Shinji smiled without saying another word.

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